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  • why_so_dark 1w

    It felt like a daydream to me,when I met him. I was laying in this vicious world with my countable days,when he happened to me. I have always counted my days. With or without people I don't know. But I keep on counting. But after meeting him , I lost my usual count of days. Infact, I dropped counting days after him. It seems surreal with him. He ignited that lost fire in my heart that I've abandoned ages back. He made me a newer version of me. No,he didn't made me perfect, but restored the sadism with charm and pragmatism.
    It all happened after meeting him , knowing him ,or more precisely speaking , loving him. His presence made me euphoric and I began to live the moments with him.
    He is a fireball of different emotions and agony. Both in appropriate composition, making him beautiful and more beautiful.He settled in my life like he was the only one meant for it. No efforts were made and he got into my montage life breaking all monotony.
    He calms every qualms of mine by one generous smile. It was all magical for me , loving him, kissing him , hugging him, holding him. It was all serene and solemn.
    But as you all say, the existence of things make you happy and realise that precious things end someday. Maybe, he will not as his love has crept somewhere deep in my heart's crevices. It will just inhale with me and die oneday with me. We connect somewhere parallely to hear each other's helplessness and mediocrity of our love life. Despite, we both have different methods to connect. Mine is writing and his - the arrogance and rudeness.

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    He is a fireball of different emotions and agony. Both in appropriate composition, making him beautiful and more beautiful.He settled in my life like he was the only one meant for it. No efforts were made and he got into my montage life breaking all monotony.

  • why_so_dark 2w

    To the one who has stopped talking to me ...

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    हा चाहिये साथ सफर में तुम्हारा,
    सिर्फ अच्छे पलो में नही,
    बुरे हालात में भी।
    फिसल गई तोह ,
    तुम सम्भाल लेना,
    अपनी बाहें फैला कर।
    कभी खो गई तोह,
    ढूंड कर सीने से लगा लेना।

    सफर लम्बा रहेगा ,
    आराम के भी पल ढूँढने होंगे।
    कभी जो तुम सो जाओ ,
    तोह मैं जगा करूंगी।
    भटको तोह रस्ता दिखा
    दिया करूंगी।

    खैर, सफर तोह लम्बा है,
    पर श्याद मंज़िल नही मिलगी हमे,
    फिर भी साथ चाहिये तुम्हारा ।
    हर पल, हर समय
    थामुंगी तेरा हाथ ,
    साथ चलने को हमेशा।
    तू थामे या ना थामे,
    साथ मेरा रहेगा इस सफर मे !

  • why_so_dark 3w

    To dedicated to my love♥️

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    किताबों के सहारे कई
    रातें गुज़ारी,
    आज तेरी तस्वीर सीने से लगा
    के देखा,
    रात कब बीत गई पता ही नही चला।

    पहर पर पहर बीते,
    तेरी मदमाती मुस्कान पर ।
    चांद की चांदनी बीती ,
    तुझे आखों मे भरने मे।
    मैनें खयालो का छंद उकेरा,
    तेरी सभी अदाओ पर।

    वो रात बस यू ही बीती,
    तेरी तस्वीर से नज़र मिलाने मे।

  • why_so_dark 3w

    I feel this letter to the core!

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    Dear parents,
    I may not say a word about my sadistic life versions. I keep it to me. Just me. But I've known yours. I have observed it all from my observable eyes and shrouded silence. I have known it all, since I was a secondary student.
    Being born to the house of siblings, I lay their middle in position, mostly like a abandoned kingdom. I am no older, nor younger, I am the middle man. I am the lost stanza of a monotonous poem.
    I don't remember when I grew this old, because from childhood I adjusted in what my siblings left for me, especially the elder one.
    No, I am not complaining. Not at all. I am content in what I have.
    No, I am not full of agony, but a calm and depressed soul. In school, I didn't had much freinds.(precisely no one).
    The absence of freinds from my life became the new topic for my siblings to make fun of me. But I didn't get mad at them. It was the reality after all. Taking the absence of freinds and other people, I dissolved myself in books. All sorts ranging from academic to non-academic. I became that nerd and more calmer, with more turmoils of ignorance,and tragedy. Dad , mom , I never got those birthday cakes with candles to blow, because it was all reserved for younger ones. I have to adjust. But still, the pleasure of birthday gifts make me ecstatic. Now, birthdays is all about date for me( it will come and go).No complains still!
    Its just in some chaotic time, I lose my all control and composure to the situation. I don't know how to express verbally. I falter in that process. But I show sometimes, but get misinterpreted every time by both of you!
    Yes, I am afraid to tell my problems to anyone. And I am afraid to tell you both also. I am good mom dad, still. I don't have any complains for you both. As I have seen your struggles and sacrifices. Don't worry I'll never question. Just smile like I always do.
    I don't know when this letter will find you. But if it does, please just embrace me hard in your arms instead of explaining. Hug me for the longest of time.
    Please be patient with me. I am not good at most of the worldly works and I don't understand easily anything like your other children. But yet, I'll make you proud!
    Middle child

  • why_so_dark 4w

    It can be anyone

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    Laying on the bed,
    I thought about various people
    whom I met in my whole life.
    Everyone distinct with their
    own choices,own mindset,and
    own actions.
    Yes, I am breathing that same
    forsaken air that have imprints
    of those people in my
    not so worthy life,
    all pathetic and monotonous.
    I keep on thinking about them
    while inhaling that same air,
    how they change so perfectly,
    so easily without any trace of past
    just perfect !
    I lay thier astonished,surprised,
    and incredulity hit me hard.
    I began to feel numbness
    in my whole body that gave rise to
    an unusual pain of my poignant life.
    A boomrang of all poor decisions
    I have executed, started flashing
    in my conscience screen.
    I became terrified and anxious
    But, still inhaling that same air.
    I reprimand my decisions for sure
    of giving those people control of my life.
    And today, I can feel the brio still
    instilled in me , all naive and fresh.
    I will recuperate some day, but today
    I am just a concoct of meat pieces with
    blood flowing throughout.

  • why_so_dark 7w

    कभी इन लहरो को देखता हूँ,
    तो यही सोचता हूँ ,
    की इन लहरो को भी तोह अपनी
    जिन्दगीं से मोह हुआ होगा,
    जैसे मैं मोह कर बैठा हूँ जिन्दगीं से।

  • why_so_dark 7w

    "कभी ठीक से देखी भी हो उसे?" - एक सवाल आया।
    "आज फिर नज़र आ गया वो,
    नीले कमीज़ मे, अपने भिंगे बाल सुलझताा हुआ,
    अपने मुंडेर पर।
    बादलो की गति जैसे थम ही गयी थी,
    हवाओं का रूख भी तेज़ था,
    ठीक मेरी साँसों की तरह।
    धीमे-धीमे वो अपने बालो पर उंगलियां फेरता,
    ओर एक एक कर सुलझा लेता।
    मैं वही उसके सामने वाली मुंडेर पर उसे तकती रही,
    ओर उसकी खुबसूरती को सरहाती रही।
    हाँ! वो ना देखता कभी मेरी तरफ,
    पर मुझे तोह दोपहर मे चाँद खिला दिखा!" - उसने मदमती स्वर मे उत्तर दे दिया।

  • why_so_dark 8w

    You are beautiful...♥️♥️ @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Whenever I find anything serene,
    I associate with you.

    You're like the rays of glooming sun
    in a winter morning.
    You're like drops of mist trailing
    in my window glass in a misty night.
    You're like whispers through my lips.

    You're like interim breaths between
    the kisses.
    You're like the flips of my book.
    You're like rays of the setting solar star.
    You're like the sound of a breezy rain.

    You're like the enterwining hands
    in a busy lane.
    You're like the warm hug imparted by
    souls in love.
    You're like every damn heartbeat.
    You're like symphony of untenable
    hues of nature.

    You're quiet.
    You're melodious.
    You're existing notion of this world.

    All sincere and serene.
    All tranquil and beautiful.

  • why_so_dark 10w

    मेरी औकात मेरे सपनो से
    इतनी बार हारी है ,
    की अब उसने बीच मे बोलना
    ही बन्द कर दिया है ।

  • why_so_dark 10w

    आज बरखा फिर पैगाम लाई है ।
    कुछ पहचाने से तरंग के साथ,
    तेरी खुसबू लाई है ।
    बंधी हई हवाओं के साथ,
    तेरा स्पर्श लाई है ।

    मैं तोह अंजान जी रही थी,
    सोचा ना था, की प्यार
    बरसेगा भी ,मुझ पर कभी टुट कर।
    तुझसे दिल की डोर बांध ली,
    हर खुशी बाँट ली,
    सच यही प्यार है, इकरार है,
    बादलो से छलक है गया आज।