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  • wildheartscribe 12w

    It's the Law

    I didn't lose you...
    The universe just
    made more room for me.

  • wildheartscribe 12w


    Find satisfaction in the journey...
    the destination is ever-changing.

  • wildheartscribe 13w

    Can I Walk With You?

    Everybody's good
    when the sun is shining,
    but how do you handle the rain?
    I don't need you to
    shield me from the onslaught
    with an oversized umbrella.
    I can do that for myself.
    I want to know if
    you'll stand there and
    get wet with me.
    I want to know if
    you'll share a towel
    with me once it's over.
    Only then will I know
    if I can walk with you.

  • wildheartscribe 13w

    A Good Goodbye

    Her: We were really close to having something really good, weren't we?

    Him: Yes, we were.

  • wildheartscribe 13w

    Fertile Playground

    On the upper branches
    of this distinct
    tree of life,
    the surge and release of my
    are purely fertile playgrounds
    where my artistry
    until deciding between
    the rocket slide
    the monkey bars.
    And I'm good with that.

  • wildheartscribe 13w

    Read Me

    I don't want you to read my mind
    Yes, yes I do
    Then you'd know
    never mind means
    yes, yes do it please
    Don't come means
    why aren't you here yet
    It's okay means
    yes, yes you did just smash my
    heart into a million pieces
    I understand means
    I do, but I don't, and it hurts either way
    Read me
    yes, yes read me please
    cause I can't tell you
    what's on my mind.

  • wildheartscribe 13w


    I close my eyes.
    I see...
    I feel
    light against my eyelids.
    The room is dark.
    There is no sun.
    It is night.
    I am the light.

  • wildheartscribe 13w

    Just Another Morning Talk

    Just enjoy it.

    If it doesn't feel good, then don't do it.

    Open yourself up to possibilities.

    Just be open.

    Be open...anything can happen.

    Just a few of the things I told myself this morning.
    Am I listening?
    Yeah, I'm listening.

  • wildheartscribe 13w

    Push and Pull

    Pushing against
    what you
    don't want
    pulls more of it
    toward you.
    every little single thing...
    is about our
    point of attraction.

  • wildheartscribe 13w


    Yes...those are feelings
    worthy of my focus.