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  • wildlylost 6w

    Dealing with insecure people made me feel that how empty someone can be. Some people try to project their insecurities on you. No matter how perfect you are, they will always try point out the flaws in you. Not everyone can see good in others, but if you can you are truly blessed. Remember strong people never try to bring others down because it takes a lot to be strong. It's never easy to deal with your insecurities, but once you overcome those no, one can ever let you down.

  • wildlylost 6w

    Sometimes it's not the situation that hurts us so much. It's the thought which hurts us more. If we try to understand we can see that everything gets better with time, not because the situation has improved but we have stopped focusing on it. Our priorities change with time and so do we. Every situation demands a new you. Most of us deal with same kind of situations but what matters the most is our attitude.

  • wildlylost 7w


    This is for the people who think suicide is for coward people. Just imagine the pain when you accidentally cut yourself or prick yourself with a needle or thorn. You feel the pain, Right, so would you do it consciously? Would you try to burn your hand or would you harm yourself in any way which you know would lead to a lot of pain. I am sure no one would ever do that.
    So just imagine what would be the state of mind of a person who committed suicide, or even thinking about it. Taking your own life needs lot of energy, that energy which is being generated from all the things going on in someone's life and leading to mental health issues.
    Whenever someone tries to talk about their problems, most of the time they face denial or sometimes they don't even have someone to talk to.
    Everyone's different and everyone reacts towards the same thing differently. So we never know how the other person could perceive it. How one negative thing can affect someone's life. It's not always easy to deal with the problems.
    Be gentle towards people around you, may be your one lil help could save someone taking from their life.

  • wildlylost 8w

    Face it

    Fake it until you make it. But I say FACE IT AND THEN MAKE IT. Often in the process of doing something big we ignore our feelings. There are times we don't feel so good about ourselves, trying to bring a change in our lives, we forget to take care of ourselves. Trying to solve all our problems we ignore the fact that we need a break too. We need time to heal, don't try to cure your pain, but instead embrace it, feel it, understand it. Understand that it's okay not to feel okay, don't fake your emotions, cry loud if you want to, spend time with yourself, give yourself all the love and care you need. Before being available for others, be available for yourself.

  • wildlylost 8w


    And sometimes there are few things left unsaid,
    In the end of the race called life no one's gonna through alive. But still in this journey we might need someone or someone might need us too.
    Sometimes our dear ones suffer in silence,and we are too busy to notice it.Look at the people around you, may be someone is silently crying for help.
    People need people. Depression isn't something that kills us, it kills our happiness leading to a decision to end your life. It's not always possible to stay Happy, accept your defeats in order to heal, no one's born perfect, take your time. Every problem takes birth with it's solution.

  • wildlylost 10w


    It's not about misunderstanding,
    Sometimes there's no understanding at all.
    Sometimes you end up loosing your understanding while trying to understand others.
    Trying to make others comfortable,
    You end up making yourself uncomfortable.

  • wildlylost 14w


    The day you start being yourself, you stop chasing pepole, you start loving yourself more, you start analyzing what's good for you, you will understand that the pepole you are after, are just normal. They seemed to be magical because it your feelings making them special. You will notice how normally they treated you despite of the fact that they were your priority. You won't feel like pleasing them anymore. It won't happen in a day or a week or a month. It will happen when you start shifting your energy towards your goals.

  • wildlylost 30w

    The best thing you can do for yourself is realizing your worth. And never ever let someone make you feel down. Remember you are the best thing you can work upon. So wear your crown. Keep your head high. And love yourself. That's the best you can do for yourself

  • wildlylost 69w


    Between "isse dusre ghar jaana hai" and "yeh dusre ghar se aai hai" she gave one more statement "I bought a new house"

  • wildlylost 162w

    Despite of being called beta by her father, society made her realize she is a girl.