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  • william_alan_poetry 9w

    In all the dark of the universe,
    you saw me not the slightest.
    In this galaxy of stars,
    even though I burned the brightest.


  • william_alan_poetry 9w

    The Road

    The road ahead is winding,
    like the belly of a snake.
    With every step it digests me,
    there’s not much more I can take.

    Broken trees form a canopy,
    for a path of dirt and mud.
    Trenches on each side,
    filled with tears and blood.

    Flowing memories beside me,
    like two crushing streams.
    Broken promises in whispers,
    I love you in the screams.

    All around me in the woods,
    hungry stalking eyes.
    Somewhere in the black ahead,
    I can hear the subtle cries.

    I must stay on the path,
    if I stray I may get lost.
    If I stay here any longer,
    my mind may pay the cost.

    If this is all in my head,
    then into madness I descend.
    My worst fear is realizing,
    this road may never end.


  • william_alan_poetry 10w


    I take a step toward the waves,
    One foot then two.
    I embrace the chilling cold,
    waters of you.

    As the water rises,
    lapping around my waist.
    I see the sand disappear,
    like it was erased.

    The water went grey,
    a reflection of the sky.
    How I ended up this deep,
    I may never know why.

    I know I can’t turn back,
    For that it’s too late.
    Water all around me,
    As I realize my fate.

    I’m sinking slowly,
    As the sunlight fades to blue.
    I never thought I’d die,
    Drowning in you.

  • william_alan_poetry 11w


    Your eyes dilate,
    Like tiny black holes.
    Your gravity seething,
    To devour my soul.

    Your lips steal air,
    From within my lungs.
    The taste of stardust,
    On the tip of our tongues.

    Your thoughts radiate,
    into the void.
    Of what’s left of my heart,
    That has been left destroyed.

    Time has no meaning,
    When you’ve been left alone
    Like a goddess you came,
    From the black unknown.

    Bathed in light,
    From millions of stars.
    Washing me clean,
    Leaving only my scars.


  • william_alan_poetry 11w

    The Wolf

    Walking through the woods,
    Surrounded by moss and vines.
    As the fog clears,
    I see a shadow through the pines.

    A wolf with blazing eyes,
    Stares at me with lust.
    With a forked tongue,
    Behind teeth of stain and rust.

    Crashing through the tree tops,
    And rooting in the ground,
    A light to guide me out,
    Of this misery I found.

    You swooped into my life,
    On black wings made of smoke.
    Stay and let me breath you in,
    Before the fresh air has me choke.

    Take my eyes and see through them,
    What I dream of come the night.
    Let go your insecurities,
    And then return my sight.

    I don’t know why you risked it,
    With your heart of gold.
    I will follow you,
    leaving the wolf in the cold.


  • william_alan_poetry 11w

    The Book

    On a scrap of paper,
    I composed all of myself.
    Ripped from a book,
    long fallen from shelf.

    I tucked it back into the pages,
    of this book with no name.
    I put back on the shelf,
    from which it came.

    You were into a book,
    that you had no business reading.
    To even stop and notice,
    what this letter was needing.

    It needed to sing,
    it’s words to your heart.
    You left it unread,
    as it fell apart.

    The book didn’t want,
    to go unread.
    The letter inside,
    filled with words unsaid.

    A book unfinished,
    thrown away and forgetting.
    For an exciting new character,
    with you as a setting.

    It took a reader with knowledge,
    Of the value of a book.
    To see past the tattered cover,
    and give it a look.

    The letter wasn’t meant
    for her to find.
    It was meant for you,
    but you left it behind.

    She knew right away,
    she couldn’t let this book diminish.
    So she picked up where you left off,
    this story was hers to finish.