Mujh mein hi toh woh khushboo thi jisse tu ne milwaya ��

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  • wingedwriter33 14w

    Sometimes we speak,
    And sometimes our silences do,
    Our hearts beat in rhythm,
    Saying love is between me and you.

    Kisses fill the void,
    Which the words fail to,
    Lips like the taste,
    Of the sweet summer blue.

    Yes our love is like magic,
    Where you and I meet,
    Singing songs together,
    Playing them in never ending repeat.

    Eyes dance in mischief,
    When they reconcile,
    Sweeping across your sweet face,
    After a long day's exile.

    I surrender to you,
    what's mine,
    As your lips make love,
    Your eyes shine.

    Sighs after sighs,
    Through the lows and highs,
    We make what's ours,
    As our hearts fly.

    To the endless sky,
    Where our love and the universe unite,
    Where nothings wrong,
    Neither is it right.

    Freed I feel,
    Bound in your arms,
    Such is your glory,
    Such is your charm.

    As I lean over your shoulder,
    Your bare fingers,
    Touch my back and
    Your scent faintly lingers.

    My eyes rest low,
    Your arms cover me with an embrace,
    Your smile curls,
    Through your lips with grace.

    Tempting as it seems,
    I lean to it,
    Bringing my lips,
    Making a perfect fit.


    Picture credits: Pinterest

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    "The Love I will remember..."

  • wingedwriter33 16w

    It's important to communicate how and what you feel to your loved ones, so that you dont carry the guilt or the regret of not having revealed your true feelings.
    In the later period, this might lead to penting up of emotions and hence will eventually lead to an emotional outburst which might be ugly to handle.

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  • wingedwriter33 19w

    Think of spending your life to find your other half, just to make you complete. But what about being a part of what makes you, truly you.
    No one will have the same bond with me, like you do, mom. Forget about soul mate, I am part of your soul.

  • wingedwriter33 22w

    It's never too late to love again. ��

    P.c. Pinterest

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    You know not how much love you have within, to give, until and unless there is someone holds you close to their heart and you can't help but pour all the love you have.


  • wingedwriter33 23w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Journey

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    Can't choose who to walk with, but learn

  • wingedwriter33 23w

    You smell like the sweet lavender in the fields,
    Your lips curl up like sunshine,
    Your body moves like a rhyme,
    Strung together with essence and standstill pace of time.
    Each time you close in, I want to hold you and not let go.. you are mesmerizing, ever so intoxicating.

  • wingedwriter33 23w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Peace

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    Pray Love Preach

  • wingedwriter33 23w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Aroma

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    Mom's biryani smells of heavenly aroma

  • wingedwriter33 23w

    8/6th/20 ��

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    Dear self

    At times it becomes hard to cope up with fast paced world, and so we must learn to forgive ourselves and not be harsh on ourselves for not being able to do our best.

    Because sometimes, doing your best doesn't matter but what does matter you survived and you didn't give up. As much as we forgive others for their mistakes, we must learn to see past our incapabilities sometimes, that we are more than what we couldn't achieve that one day. And that's Self gratitude.

    An art which takes a lot of effort and it's likely, that once you begin doing that you will not compare your progress with someone else's and feel bad about yourself.

    Look past that one failure and realise how much potential you still have within you and be your own cheer leader in the race of Life. Celebrate small achievements but at the same time, make sure you work hard to make a better version of yourself without giving up on yourself.

  • wingedwriter33 23w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short tale on Flexible

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    Learn, Inculcate, Implement