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  • witmistress 5w

    In the absence of noise
    In the dearth of light
    In the thirst for life
    When the only sparkle lies in our eyes
    When the only sound is that of our breaths
    When the only hope is us
    I'll make you feel full again...

  • witmistress 6w

    The inherent nature of each one of us is to love and feel that need to be loved . I see so much hate around on social media , news channels , people of different religions and communities badmouthing each other . In all the varnas , the races , the religion , our roots , our belonging , our humane side , our happiness and our idea of love is lost .

    Communties represented us and we reprensented the community , being the best version of ourselves because we represent a clan . Its just the opposite now. Everyday we wake and go through news papers and social media , there is so much hate , it leaves you full of negativity at the end of day , and we have actually become so immune to it that what is negativityy at par , feels natural to us .

    We dont realise just like our home where each one of us have our own importance , our own need to do things , that if one pillar falls down , the family suffers the brunt , sometimes it becomes defunct ; this earth is home to all of us , one killing , one riot is affecting all of us , and we dont realise it because we have stopped feeling things inside , we are conditioned that only the mind functions , while the heart lies dormant .
    Someday , for maybe 10 days give a rest to the external factors , close your doors and try to understand what your body , what your heart is telling you .
    One person dies , someone in a family has a bad mood , it affects all of us . This only makes sense that what about our home earth , we are all inhabitants of it and we have become so impervious to the sufferings of others .
    When mother nature gave us this home , when she created us , there were no communities , there was humanity and there was love .
    Someday just sit and ponder , where does the darkness inside us come from and has our ability to love gotten lost in there?
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • witmistress 8w

    A hail landed past my home
    Slowly contouring my haven
    My fingers turned numb
    White and blue and red
    Before they froze on the dead
    The filters had disappeared
    There was the raging bluntness of today
    And a gallant kick for tomorrow
    Would I be left to die
    Or will my legs wade through the shallows
    I'll decide tomorrow
    let me live today
    and enjoy the sweet pain of uncertainty
    Let me be a little number
    Let me enjoy this slumber
    A little more
    A little cold
    Let it get harder..
    before it mellows down
    and tomorrow shall be the eye..

  • witmistress 8w

    We all make mistakes
    Some in the habitat of stupidity
    Some in the darkness of the moment
    Some in a quagmire of anger
    Some in the romance of pride

    But we all do , we all make our choices, we have all chosen to be selfish at one point or the other ,
    So why does it become so difficult when someone in your present mirrors an action out of your past ?

    It seems like a unsettling symmetry merging the actions you had once dispensed to a movie you watch from distance now .

    And in the end you understand that what had transpired from your side had loopholes of its own , because now you are just an observer , your ego is at peace and now you can look at the things under your jurisdiction of vision with impartial eyes.

    Wouldn't it be clever to recognise the ones you created at the right time? Or is it fair to judge someone harshly in the same light that you hold your head so high in ? I guess we all have an answer to that but the irony is we need to be pointed about it time and again.

    We need to be nagged down, be gnawed at our senses and filter through our pride to reinforce this thinking every time we go back to the preawareness stage.
    Well that's pretty human I reckon;)

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  • witmistress 14w

    My quest had to die a peaceful death.
    So life took me through all the doors one by one.
    Through some,I came across the ghosts of my unknown fears.
    Through some,I could feel the blaze of my anguishes from life.
    Through some,I heard the melancholic tones of some forgotten desires.
    But there was one,which very few chose.
    They said,this may well take you through endless agonies and painful ventures..but you will be a happy man when you will finally embrace your sleep..
    It was then I knocked on the heaven's door..

  • witmistress 15w

    We are months away from our last touch and i am still holding onto that emotion of lacing my fingers with yours.
    It seems like yesterday when you sat holding me in your lap , fondling with my hair and pampering me with kisses . And i came back home to write in all down into poems and stories till we would meet again .
    But where did it all go , far away from our sack i sit here clouded in the intensity of your eyes , my eyes moist and my voice dense as i give you a call .
    The poems lie in dust somewhere and i feel sad about it . I think about all those kisses you would plant on my forehead before flying away every morning . It hurts me to think about those curtains , those fairy lights and the wine bottle that lies unopened at the floor of your cupboard .
    A thousand miles from you and it seemed yesterday , until i got into the reminiscent mode . All i wish now is for all this to end , for the evening to come back , when you can fly back to our nest.

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  • witmistress 15w

    Time was running out they said and here I sat in my own tiny coccoon , wondering how this fast paced lapse would match up to the most beautiful and meaningful things in life.
    And then I knew my answer , it was compromise . You can't have it all , so you should know what you actually wanna have and that is the real struggle .
    The more you know yourself the clearer it gets and until then we lose time .
    Thereafter it's a golden play .....
    there will be time to sing songs
    there will be time to play along
    there will be time to paint my fence
    there will be time for all the nonsense.
    there will be time to laugh
    there will be time to hold on and cry
    there will be time to walk over miles.
    there will be time to watch the sun come up again
    there will be time to recite stories
    there will be time to observe the stars.
    there will be less of managing
    there will be more of skills
    there will be more of grease
    there will be less of bills.
    there will be hardships
    and life will set its lows
    but in all the darkness above
    there will be time to love.

  • witmistress 15w

    Every time she peeked a glance at those handsome black orbs smoked by the tufts of black rays around them she melted.
    There was something about the intensity of his gaze that seeped right through her body to her soul, that she found hard to meet , that she shyed away from , that broke through the blunt upfront she kept , that touched the unkempt vulnerable parts of her and reminded her she was still a woman somewhere.

  • witmistress 15w

    Take me back to the kinetic corners of childhood
    back to the age of lush green playgrounds
    back to the age of enlit stars
    back to the age of vibrant rhymes
    when everything was carefree
    and innocence stood gleaming in my eyes..

  • witmistress 15w


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    The Might of Nature

    The sun kissed beaches, the resplendent skies
    Rises from the mountains breaking all the ties
    The trees groove on their own accord
    The breeze hums a song of praise, as if accolades to Lord.

    The rain droplets do not snarl to this forbidden land,
    But takes its beauty to a gamut of intoxicating stand.
    Splashing a heavenly aura lies an envelope of mist
    Of the innumerable treasures there is no list.

    The earth was blessed with a gateway to the natures might,
    Bestowed liberally with gifts mesmerizing to sight.
    A welcome transmutation it had undergone
    A kaleidoscope of splendors and glamour was borne.

    The droplets hum a song of nature,
    Invoking this land with trumpet thunder.
    Lightening like the spry light of war,
    Penetrated her, impregnated her with the seeds of tomorrow.
    Relieving our mother nature from her solitary sorrow.

    Humans command her singing hymns of gratefulness,
    Backbiting her, destroying her beautifulness,
    Maligning we are this precious gift
    Lets endeavor to make our intentions shift.

    Silhouetted against the corner of my heart
    Lies this pain on a building cart,
    Leaving it is a luxurious future behind
    Letting the heart be ruled by the mind.

    Let this nature hold you in thrall for hours
    Entrusting your fresh promises in every raindrop
    Let a new day for this wonderland dawn
    Lets join to subdue the cold of twilight
    Let the wind whistle of your feat
    As you wrestle the upcoming darkness to an unknown meet
    Let the earth bask in the hues of natural delight
    Its ambience untouched by the darkness of night.

    You may say I am a dreamer
    But I am not her only son,
    I hope someday youll join me
    And the world will live as one.