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  • wolfi_mdr 15w

    Through the darkness of pain and sadness...
    He didn't abandon her...
    He didn't make her feel like she was wrong...
    He didn't try to fix her...
    As in his eyes she was never broken.

    He reached out for her...
    He held her in his arms...
    Kept her safe and warm...
    He made sure she knew she wasn't alone.

    Together they danced in the rain...
    Their smiles appeared like rainbows...
    Through the light of their love.


  • wolfi_mdr 24w

    ♡My hero♡

    You make me laugh when all I can do is cry...
    You make my darkness turn into light...
    You warm me up when I feel stone cold...
    You make me feel safe when I'm afraid...
    You became my home even when I feel lost...
    You make me feel loved even when my demons make me hate myself...
    You make me happy in good and bad days...
    You are the love of my life!
    My hero!

  • wolfi_mdr 25w

    .*.This is love.*.

    I asked him: Aren't you disappointed or angry that I've been sick a few times in a row lately...?

    He answered: No of course not!
    I don't like that you think this, not because I consider it an insult, but because it gives me the impression that there have been people who thought this way/said this to you...
    And that is just fucked up!

    Everything will be fine! It might not be fine right now, but in the end it all will be fine!
    I have never felt so loved while being sick...
    He shows me what real love is in so many ways!
    And I love him more and more everyday!

  • wolfi_mdr 26w


    Air and Fire..
    If they let their love flow..
    Their connection becomes stronger..
    These elements will grow together..
    As the winds will blow into the blazing fire..
    They will become very powerful!


  • wolfi_mdr 27w

    We are a great team!

    We can laugh together,
    Cry together,
    Love together,
    Cuddle together,
    Fight together,
    Talk for hours together,
    Be weird together!
    Let's be each other's smile,
    Even in bad days!
    Life is like a game,
    And you are my favorite teammate!

  • wolfi_mdr 32w


    Sometimes you need to choose between people...
    Most difficult thing to do is choose between the one you love and yourself...
    But if you can't grow together....
    What else can you do than questioning yourself if you want to wait for the "maybe's" or choose for yourself?
    I lost my love...
    I lost the one I wanted a future with...
    I lost the dreams I had about what we could reach together...
    I lost the laughters and fun we had...

    But I gained self-respect.
    I gained the strenght to love myself more.
    I gained the will to follow my dreams and not let myself feel like I have to hold back and wait.

    I am sad... I feel lost...
    But I also feel hope and powerful.

    This is the end...
    But not my end!


  • wolfi_mdr 61w


    Silence like a small river through the forest.

    Silence like my favorite song playing over my headphones.

    Silence like waves reaching for the beach.

    Silence like cuddling up to my love and listen to his heartbeat.

    Silence like a autumn wind blowing through the trees.

    Silence like my cat spinning when she falls asleep with me at night.

    Silence like the rain of a summer storm.

    Silence like birds whistling by sunrise.

    My silence is not silence.

    My silence is sacred.


  • wolfi_mdr 76w

    My Love...

    Without you I feel incomplete.

    You make me smile through my tears.
    You make me laugh through my anger.
    You are my safehouse when I'm in fear.
    Your arms protect me from my demons.
    You are the one I run to when I breakdown.

    You are the one I want to be with.
    You are the one I can't live without.
    You make me happy.
    You are my future.
    My other half.
    My true love.


  • wolfi_mdr 88w

    For when you just feel like reminding your love he/she means the world to you���� #love #inlove #boyfriend #girlfriend #proud #iloveyou #quote #heart #mind #eyes #amazing

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    My love,

    You are amazing!
    You are sweet!
    You are loving!
    You are caring!
    You are a great friend!
    You are a amazing lover!
    You are smart!
    You are funny!
    You are handsome!
    You are important!
    You are needed!

    I wished you could see yourself through my eyes, mind and heart!
    I am proud to be yours!
    I love you!


  • wolfi_mdr 97w

    The nights sleeping with you next to me,
    The mornings waking up next to you,
    The kisses goodnight,
    The smiles when saying hi.

    The sudden hugs from behind,
    The random moments you stare at me,
    The cuddles on the couch after a long day,
    The smile you give me with kisses and 'I love you's'.

    When I miss you I think of the little things,
    Good memories,
    Our love.