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  • word_artistry 5d

    To my fellow mates,who lifted me and praised me for my write-ups I wholeheartedly glad.Berry berry thankyou everyone. #500followers (✷‿✷)
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    The intense blue sky meeting the sapphire ocean and carnelian sun ready to set down .Leftover sky is filled waves of yellow flowers of cloud I can see green lofty tree dancing with wind shedding the leaves of melancholy .The chirping of birds and susurration of waves. I sat on the soft sand and incarcerate the irresistible view via writing it in diary.The world is incorporate of myriad human, diverse feelings, umpteen ways of expressing it . The pulchritudinous way to articulate is writing .Just like string of guitar I play notes of words through my finger.

    From fathomless ground to elevated sky,
    From Nunavut to Antarctica,
    From birth to quiteus,
    From Felicity to Malaise,
    From snow of winters to sunlight of summers.

    Everything is confined in writings.No curb for verbalizing oneself.Every human is elegant in their own course of action likewise there way of expressing too.when human miscarry to puzzle out then destined a Trek from veins of your heart to ink of the pen.

    ~Shaik Maryan

  • word_artistry 2w

    Etymology in homo sapiens world ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Words are the most powerful criteria in human world.They have ability to destroy and to develop ones life.Words spread Faster than the Speed of light .words are combine in pessimistic and optimistic streams as follows: taunts, backbiting ,wise words, motivational speeches etc.But the most Crucial form is : when one criticise others decision in a negative way without understanding the situation of the person. We human share different life different situations different phobias but we all are well and good partners in criticism. What made me to write about this? Okay C'mon the trending issues in our society such as racism,suicides, murders, issues about rape victims, gender bias,egos , trust issues, depression etc aren't you think is the result of negative words evoke in peoples mind.It is at some point, But it is.We write long jottings and quotes about positivity and empowerment of human relations but we fail to contrive it in our lifes. In the world of Homo sapiens words are spells ,use it to maintain the peace not to arouse war of negativity in one's mind.we haste to explain ourselves to others but when likewise situation occurs with people We miscalculate them.Moonlight and sunlight are perpendicular Components of universe they never occur Contemperaneous, correspondingly the pessimism and wisdom too.

    ~Shaik Maryam
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #haste#moonlightc

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    we haste to explain ourselves to others but when likewise situation occurs with people We miscalculate them.Moonlight and sunlight are perpendicular Components of universe they never occur Contemperaneous,correspondingly the pessimism and wisdom too.

    ~Shaik Maryam

  • word_artistry 3w


    Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.
    ・۝・2 in 3 Yemen can't afford to buy food.
    ・۝・1 Million + cholera cases since 2018 and 25% ARE ASSOCIATED WITH CHILDREN.it is the largest Cholera epidemic in the world.
    ・۝・covid19 , war and hunger ; over 10 million are on brink of the famine and 40,000 CHILDREN ARE ON RISK OF DYING.
    ・۝・before COVID-19 ,due to war around 2 million children were out of school. Now, because of the pandemic, schools have been closed around the country, leaving some 7.8 million children unable to access education.
    ・۝・ This are crisis Yemen facing simultaneously while the whole world is amazed by covid19.
    ・۝・its heart wrenching , but all we can do is to pray and help by donating at suitable Yemen helping organisations.
    ・۝・Below is the link through which one can help people stuck in crisis there.

    This are the news notification pops on the screen of my phone everyday.
    If we put ourselves in the shoes of yemeni, we can understand the extreme level of their pain.
    I pen down this with no intention of getting shower of likes and comments , I penned it down to raise awareness about Yemen crisis in this huge platform. You can tag your fellow friends here.

    ~Shaik Maryam

  • word_artistry 4w

    scars .

    ~Shaik Maryam

    #fabric #ceesrepost #writersbay#pod
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

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    Fabrication from mind to heart.

    ~Shaik Maryam

  • word_artistry 6w

    *******Drop by drop water limping from tap. *******
    Tik tik tik seconds turning into minutes. The eyes
    blinking 10 times per minute , the heart beating
    60 to 100's of time by a minute, Every minutes
    succumbed equivalent to droplets of water from
    the tap.Now,minutes turned into days ,the leaves
    Moulting, 36500 nuovo human beings advent on
    the earth, The one who readin' this will laugh
    15 times to each day.The days clenching
    in calendars is glided away.Days turned
    into months,moon revamp its four
    phases , seasons altering ,seed
    weaking as trees and so on ,
    the cessation of 365 days
    turns different years with
    every hope of earth
    revolving around
    the sun.
    What did
    you do ? in every
    Second, every single
    minute, each day that
    was wheeled out,every year
    that dragged you closer to death?
    sand in hand tumbling down per minute,
    sunrise and sunset airing it's glamours per
    day ,The song of tranquility sung every year yet
    blood of forlorn plummet on land of time. Time is
    stalwart and beyond human control. Once you lose
    it,you losed it.Take a trip down memory lane of day
    when you Hatched on this Earth, from that day,from
    that breathe of you to now, how many opportunities
    you got to ameliorate your self, to lend a helping hand,
    to procure peace with your little actions, to love your dearest? Life is a clepsydra,it flows, you have no control over it,on the flip side the only control you got is to make *********the worth count single second of life.***********

    ~Shaik Maryam
    Image credits to the rightful owner.
    #forlorn #ceesreposts#pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    ~Shaik Maryam

  • word_artistry 7w

    Altitudanarian(adj)-aspiring to great heights, a person who has lofty ambitions
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Image credits to the rightful owner.

    Sowed me underneath the soil,
    " Ah! It's unlighted , I feel
    someone is Smothering me ". ( Sobbing)
    Rain drops cascading down
    On the ground , and travels to me
    Through minuscule particles
    Of soil and left me feeble
    In the dark .
    Occasionally , sunrays hike
    From the layers of soil and
    Made me wilt . "I need to (tensed)
    Reorient myself , I must
    Survive , but how?
    A L A T E ?
    To fly high and tear
    Apart everything
    Whelved me ".
    I burst out my
    Roots deep
    And D
    It took me long period
    Of time and then a shoot ,
    Sprout out of the soil ,
    " Oh , this is the WORLD,
    Am I noticable here?" (Frightened)
    On and off people
    Take note of me
    Considered me frail
    And withered .
    Zephrs tries to
    plug me out of the soil .
    As days passes, inchmeal I
    Turned out to be a flower ,
    A flower that every eye here
    "Rainfalls sunrays gales ? (Excited)
    You made me vigorous,
    You strengthen my roots,
    I was a seed whelve by them
    beneath their foot , and now they
    Cleped me after the lofty sun "
    I gaze sun everyday and
    Leaves silhouette behind.
    I'm a sunflower,
    An A l t i t u d a n a r i a n

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    I was a seed
    whelve by them
    beneath their foot,
    and now they
    Cleped me after
    the lofty sun.
    I'm a sunflower,
    An Altitudanarian

    ~Shaik Maryam

  • word_artistry 8w


    I was Standin' on a mountain peak, Gazing pinkish-blue sky, Zephyr adjoining with me.

    I was deserted , couldn't discover anything besides my memories.I Slam my eyes , and vivid evacation Was floating in my mind. Alike string I wore ,

    I was Sewing akoya and aloha in a thread. Some times flash of remorse stab my heart, Nonetheless remembrance of my loved one's divine brings alate to my heart.One Behind the other, analogous to pearls in the string ,

    I was recollecting bewitching days of my life,

    I was Smiling from ear to ear.Concurrently , beam of forlorn crossing my mind, but yet I wasn't woeful. Cause , the most delightful Edge of been a human is Flair of holding Memories ,

    Memories of that grining faces, Memories of Songs, sung in Melancholy.I ajar my eyes and perceive Reminiscence is the Colossal string,a human can Put on.

    ~Shaik Maryam

    Image credits to the rightful owner.

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    I was Sewing akoya and aloha in
    a thread. Some times flash of
    remorse stab my heart,
    Nonetheless remembrance
    of my loved one's divine
    brings alate to my heart.
    ~Shaik Maryam


  • word_artistry 9w

    Eccedentesiast-one who fakes a smile
    Orenda-a mystical force present in every people that empowers them to effect the world.
    Tacenda-things better Left unsaid.
    Selcouth-unfamiliar rare yet marvelous.
    Occhiolism-the awareness of smallness of your perspective.
    Sonder-realization of every human has their own complex life.
    Apanthropinization-resignation from human concern, withdrawal from the World and it's problem.//
    A short tale of one's life as tale of a Train
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Image credits to the rightful owner.

    Tale of a Train
    It was a halcyon morning,
    Sunlight tumbling from
    one window to another
    Window of the train.
    The glass of the train
    Flatter into lozenge
    The berth of tain
    Fluctuate with every
    flow of day.
    Each undefined face
    Here, grin when eyes
    Glitches .
    Was it art of
    Eccedentesiast ?
    Want to assist
    Want to babble
    But resisted with
    I feel orenda
    in each and every
    Person in the train.
    But yet, I could discern
    No one is equanimous.
    Was it art of tacenda?
    And when train
    Pause at terminus
    We all woke up
    From hallucinations
    For a while,
    Some vacate and
    Some conjoin.
    Anew faces with
    Clashing stories.
    Was it art of selcouth?
    With clashing stories,
    With contrary psyche,
    And Afresh journey.
    Escastic ,tedious
    Travelling Parallel
    Journey. Accompanying
    Ruptured pieces of them.
    I don't know the grinning
    Faces and wretched
    Stories behind them.
    Yet, we yoked .
    Was it art of occhiolism?
    Kicking the heels for
    And reverie About
    Cravings, we
    All travelled the
    Same alley.
    Was it art of sonder?
    And train halt
    At the Terminus.
    I scoot with my
    Traps. The grinning
    Faces peek at me,
    in turn I smiled.
    And flit the journey
    Was it art of

    ~Shaik Maryam


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    Tale of a Train

    ~Shaik Maryam

  • word_artistry 10w

    And when the clock overturned
    The nelipot foot walks the
    trail of every lost,
    Loss of dignity ,
    Loss of entity.
    The souls abditories into
    a hallow noosphere.
    The noosphere is
    a point to point variation
    of beings on the earth.
    Commencing from
    skin coloring ,
    the black people and the white;
    dress length,
    rapes of underaged ;
    gender bias ;
    moneyed and beggarly ;
    vernacular bias ;
    redundant and recurit
    and on and on undeniably
    there isn't end to it.
    The soul abandoned
    into Mulligrub.
    When the world
    clamouring for peace,
    the abandoned-souls
    will howling of
    prejudice in their sepulchre.
    Amass of voice hitting together:
    "I can't breathe"
    "please! Let me go to my home"
    "I'm capable of it please don't dumb me"
    "I work for my family please don't take my job away"
    "I can't speak your tongue but I know my tongue very well" .
    When zoilist of earth shut
    their murky mind
    And eunoia is raised
    all over in minds .
    Biases trampled and
    plummet on the ground.
    Haply the aboandoned soul
    perceive the peace.

    ~Shaik Maryam


    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    Image credits to the rightful owner.

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    And eunoia is raised
    all over in minds .
    Biases trampled and
    plummet on the ground.
    Haply the abondoned soul
    perceive the peace.


  • word_artistry 11w

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    2am , one of Winter night
    in her 15 year of life .
    She woke up from fascination
    Azure walls of rooms
    A bedsheet of dotted scars
    And a pillowcase of devastation
    Moon peeping From the balcony
    Lighting the room till dome
    Curtains swaying on the melody of winds
    Red and yellow curtains of the society
    Silver dream catcher tingling around
    A tree of saucer magnolia
    Leaning towards the balcony
    Leaving the whole room odourize with it.
    Shadow of tree set foot in the room,
    Biasing the room Black and white
    She put her amber feet on ground
    Everyone was in deep sleep of hallucination
    Hush descended over the room
    She can only hear melody of winds
    She trudge herself towards balcony.
    As she came closer
    Moved the muzzled curtains slowly

    N O U V E A U

    Moved the muzzled curtains slowly
    Her beady eyes contemplate
    It was mesmerizing view.
    An angel from the moon appeared
    Showering bloom and barb all over the houses
    She can hear howl and shriek simultaneously
    She Bolt from the blue when angel came to her ,
    And handed her a letter, without uttering a word
    She took it , and read out loud :

    " Granted you 15 years of life
    To Learn and teach
    To love and peace
    For chortle and sob
    For triumph and defeat
    From day to night
    From land to water
    From non human species
    To trees, stars , sun and the moon
    But greater of all is the time,
    But the time collapsed.
    No time for ciao And
    au revoir to your dearest
    No time for apols and assists."

    She saw the angel and the colourful ship with him,
    She sat without reluctance
    Her hands was trembling
    But she was ready to taste the fruit
    Of the seed she bowed in her room.

    ~Shaik Maryam


    Room: world
    Balcony:final moment of one's Life
    Bloom and Barb:good and bad deeds
    Curtains: memories
    Red and yellow: symbolize fire and peace
    Saucer magnolia flowers: Stars
    Odour of Flowers: Stars light
    Death have no reason no time no age .It doesn't spare a single second to give farewell to our loved ones.
    All we can do is to live for the moments we have now.
    Image credits to the rightful owner.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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