I write the heart out��

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  • wordofsoul 9w

    People are not loyal to you.....they are loyal to their needs of you..!
    Once the needs get fulfilled, the loyalty ends...!!!

  • wordofsoul 11w

    Nobody cares if you say you would succeed....!!!
    They will only listen to the successful.....!!!
    If you want the world to listen to you...stop complaining and succeed....!!

  • wordofsoul 11w

    People only care about you when they are alone and need you...!!!
    They don't care how you felt when you needed them..!!

  • wordofsoul 11w

    I Love those who see me in the dark when others can't...!!

  • wordofsoul 11w

    Everyone has their own story and everyone is a hero in their damn fucking story

  • wordofsoul 12w

    Just because someone keeps a smile on their face doesn't mean they are happy....!!!
    They don't want to make everyone sad by sharing their problems with....!!

    It's the hardest of all the tasks and greatest of all achievements to keep a smiling face all the time..!


  • wordofsoul 13w

    Everyone may not be able to see your dream, until it becomes a reality...!!
    So stop worring and start working...!

  • wordofsoul 13w

    I don't care what others think of me..I enjoy my life on my own rules

  • wordofsoul 15w

    The world would be a better place if humans had some humanity

  • wordofsoul 16w

    Expectations are the primary reasons for disappointment..