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  • wordoutloud 1w

    Since I've met you, my world has become decorated
    My earth has found the sky and together we make each other complete
    These are the true praises
    Which I've said from my heart
    O my beloved, I've written my life in your name


  • wordoutloud 2w

    I wonder when she's gonna share about her own feelings.

    I wonder when she's gonna share all the love she's been hiding.

    I wonder when she's gonna bloom her all the colours out to be the best version of herself.


  • wordoutloud 10w

    Let me get lost in the maze of my mind,
    Where dreams and memories are all i find
    Where i don't know the place I'm heading to,
    Where i don't know people can be true;
    Whether they can be trusted upon or not,
    And i will be rescued by my thoughts

    © wordoutloud

  • wordoutloud 11w

    In my world of black and white
    Your came like Rainbow
    Shining in the moonlight
    Your sweet words played with my heart
    Your touch kept the demons away
    I wonder why.


  • wordoutloud 12w

    When the dark gets dense,
    I watch you shine brighter,
    Almost like telling me,
    That the harder it gets,
    The stronger your support will be.


  • wordoutloud 12w

    You were the light in the dark.
    A glow in my faded heart.


  • wordoutloud 13w

    You are the support for my life,
    You are my light.
    Every star says,
    That you are my moonlight.


  • wordoutloud 14w

    Every 20 minutes a woman is raped in India. What drives a man or a group of men somewhere in India every 20 minutes to this heinous crime? Is it the pleasure? Power? Revenge? The reason varies but it is the rape victim who time and again has to bear both the shame and pain brought upon by the gruesome incident.

    Not every woman that every woman in the world is born to satisfy your sadist pleasure. It is because of people like you women have to sit, walk, talk, act, dress, behave or breathe in a so called decent way. And now also asked to not use the public transport bus or a cab. But I wonder why nobody is telling you how to keep you junk in your pants

    Holding a candle march and protesting is definitely not going to solve the problem, the problem has to be sorted at grass root levels; mentality of people.

    The immediate punishment to any accused should be to castrate the convicted on rape charges. Although castration would be the most logical punishment, it may not seem practical. But we would rather say setting a right example would not be harmful. There needs to be stringent rules for any sexual assault against women.

    Women suffer excruciatingly in every given scenario be it public transport, workplace sexual harassment and even marital rape. Men bite the hand that has fed them and nourished them. Although they care and worry about the safety of their sister and mother but when it comes to a sister from another mother, no one thinks twice. The pests treat women as moving , walking, living and breathing sex objects.

    They have objectified women, since ages a woman has been portrayed as a sex object, time and again women in films and other such mediums are demeaned and termed them as item’.

    The rape culture is increasingly going haywire. Assuming that the clothing itself screams out that the women is asking for it is totally insane, imagine if we would all be judged and responded for our wants and needs on the basis of our clothing!

    The excuses given by the society that a woman deserves to be raped or she is asking for it is when people assume when a woman wears revealing clothes, hangs out with guys, drinks in public and goes out partying at night is nothing but atrocious.
    It is as appalling as saying that a curfew should be made on women to roam late in the night outside, since it is the men who rape women, it should be the other way round.

    We wonder when this apocalypse will be over and humankind will start giving women their due respect.

    It's A shame on our humanity that still women are not independent .

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    An Open Letter to Society
    On Rape,Harrasment Against Women.

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  • wordoutloud 15w

    Eyes never lie is the biggest lie,
    I have heard
    Yours ever showed me
    was love yet you left.