: Kal pe sawaal hai, Jeena filhaal hai : ����������

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  • words_2_souls 7w

    The essence of persistence
    reflects through the WAVES
    No matter how many times they fall,
    They would never give up on rising....

  • words_2_souls 20w

    Her tears were the first one;
    to sleep before her, on her pillow....
    While she was in the mid of "HER" story..

  • words_2_souls 22w

    Maybe the togetherness
    of night and dawn is just momentarily;
    But it is their love,
    which made them to meet daily....

  • words_2_souls 26w

    She was a cute bud
    Living in a small hut..
    She was always in tatters
    It was all which matters..
    One day she asked,
    Why my life has such path?!
    She was told in a real quick;
    That she was miserably sick..
    That dreadful disease has its way to prick..
    She wondered about that disease..
    And was answered with ease,
    It was none other than POVERTY!!
    Which snatched her life's liberty..
    Which never allowed her to have such grit,
    To lift a PEN as sword and make her destiny lit!
    With each step of life,
    She feebly try to survive..
    Her life made a customary move
    Where she was contracted and TIED with someone's hook!
    She was dressed in red;
    As if without her war she bled..!
    She thought her new life as a rosy dream..
    Which soon turned into a painful scream!
    Her parents were paying price for her tears
    For them GIFTS become a dreadful fear..
    Now she is juggling between life and death
    As DOWRY has an infinite length.......!

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  • words_2_souls 28w

    I want to swim with the birds,
    As they swim fluttering their wings
    On those cottony waves of clouds....
    And hunt for the gems like,
    Stars,Sun and Moon;
    Which are hidden,
    In an indefinite depth......

  • words_2_souls 30w

    Those pages from the book of my life,
    Which has been painted by the
    fragrance of his PRESENCE;
    Are bookmarked in my Heart


  • words_2_souls 31w

    The music of WIND is so contagious;
    That it leads everything,
    To dance with its flow.......


  • words_2_souls 34w

    She no more miss rains;
    Her eyes are enough to give her feel of it..!!


  • words_2_souls 34w

    Our soul may not get suffocated
    by the PRISONS of reality;
    God blessed us with the
    power of IMAGINATION.!!


  • words_2_souls 34w

    Life is like a SEE-SAW
    To get somewhere UP in life;
    We need to put our comfort, fears, doubts DOWN on the other end of it..