And i will rise like a break of dawn.....

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  • words_and_thoughts 21h

    #independenceday #India #independence_day

    And this is my city.....☺️

    P.C.--> to the rightful owner

    Happy independence day ����

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    Letter to the motherland.....

    Paying gratitude is not enough
    For how you've endured each trough....
    And none knows why so much u love
    Each me, brook ,green and dove....

    You ,the picture of love serene
    Only as a cause of bad I'm seen....
    And ocean of endurance u still love me
    Making child in me more carefree...

    Oh yes I turn things into a mess
    But believe me I love you no less.....
    And I'll never let your glory die,
    Until lying in your womb,I say goodbye......

  • words_and_thoughts 3d

    First journey..

    Furious storm and heavy rain,
    And its such a lonely lane.
    Now it's getting more thundery,
    This will mark my arrival's mystery

    My world, I'm here again,
    Again,only to release your strain.
    Once more you wait and see
    This one's just my first journey..............

    #krishnajanmashtami #krishna

    P.c. -- ISKCON INDIA

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    First journey......


  • words_and_thoughts 3w

    This is a bit off I know...but u see I don't care anymore ����

    Picture credits : rightful owner

    #thatsme #thoughts

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    Oceans are rising
    And birds ceased singing,
    Wake up, you, my heart!!
    I know you are listening....

    You really don't care?
    Or you think it's all fair?
    But neglecting these calls
    I know you won't dare...

    I understand your reluctance
    I understand your quiverannce
    But enough now, just stand up!!
    And believe again in your existence...

  • words_and_thoughts 4w

    Dum Spiro spero

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    Random thoughts #2


    I can hear the sound of river..
    I can hear It's water coming down the hills,
    But...I cannot see the water...
    And what I can see is only
    The dessicated land.....

  • words_and_thoughts 4w

    Random thoughts #1

    Have you ever wondered that truths and lies have a thing in common??

    I mean both can't be hidden for long.......

  • words_and_thoughts 6w

    #random #randomthoughts
    P.c. -- Pinterest

    When water comes down many may smile......

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    Confused cloud

    She indeed a cloud, confused,
    Passing through the labyrinth of life..
    Her hemispheres of mind,
    As usual, are in a strife..

    Watch her in the sky,
    Blue as sapphire...
    And now she is,
    Just moving with zephyr......

  • words_and_thoughts 7w

    Sick in the world's regard, wretched and low.

    -William Shakespeare

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    ''The thing about inspiration is that it takes your mind off everything else'',
    they say, but,
    I guess, in this case,
    despair outshines inspiration.....:-

  • words_and_thoughts 8w

    We are proud of our soldiers, but why now??
    #indo-china #indianarmy #India

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    Why now?

    This is a wide-known fact that Indo-china conflicts over the border are not newly developed . We can find its traces back to 1914 ,even before the independence. Although this is a major failure of both countries for not being able to resolve the conflicts, even after the span of a century, but the question this time varies greatly, as the situation this time varies greatly. The question arising is not 'why?' but 'why now?'. Disputes at the Indo China border were at a pause after the mutual treaty of the soldiers of both the countries. Today when not just , a country or continent but the 'whole world' is facing crisis due to the pandemic- corona virus disease, China is forecasted to be the only country whose economy would stand firm. Now breaking rules of mutual treaty, troubling another nation in time of crisis and attacking the unarmed soldiers over the border put the country like China behind the stockade over the unethical outbreaks but 'who to be questioned ?'and 'how to be answered?' Lives of 20 martyrs and the grief of the whole country is at stake. And moreover humanity is at stake. Our next step will determine whether the 'temporary peace' will be restored before or after the warfare.

    -Gouri Dixit

  • words_and_thoughts 9w

    Although I'm wordless,
    I can't go speechless!!
    Those eyes always gleaming,
    Left us all glooming......��

    #gonetoosoon #sushantsinghrajput

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  • words_and_thoughts 9w


    Hoping that one day you'll accept me with mine....
    And that, it might help you to get rid of yours....

    Hey! the outer world, today,
    I accept you with your 'flaws'.