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  • words_of_srijasree 4w

    Dear SidNaazians,

    Yeah this letter is just for you guys. I am not a BB lover honestly and I made it clear before many times. I started watching BB after watching some #SidNaaz clips on IG. I never believed in these things, investing time in making fanpages or posting something about your favorite celebs untill I saw these two lovely souls. Like you guys I also laughed with them, cried with them. When I came here with 0 followers I didn't know anyone but today I have a family of 400+ people. From that day till now I got many friends. Rubi di, Vaishu, Harmeen (Har har meen meen ), Katha, Harshu, Vinni, Pratik, Sharry, Badshah, @SIDNAAZLICIOUS, Humera, Gautami di and this list is endless. Even during fights I also met with some lovely people. Specially Rubi di and Vaishu, I even can't imagine my day here without these two. I thought this is a happy place where I could hype my idols the way I want but I was wrong. This fandom war is getting on my nerves now. This defamation game, picture morphing are affecting me so much. Sid and Sana both are my idols. I stan them. I ship them together but I also support them individually too. It hurts when I saw people from both sides are defaming them, targeting them, morphing their pictures without any reason. Honestly they don't deserve these at all! Just because of some morons they are receiving so much of hatred. It's piercing my heart. It's now affecting me badly. This negativity is now affecting my mental health! I can't understand what's the reason behind these! Why they are doing these? I thought someday they'll stop but now it seems impossible! Anyways! I have a life beyond Twitter and I have a life beyond this negativity. So I need a break for myself otherwise it's impossible for me to concentrate on my own things.
    I just wanna say that pls don't stoop this low! We all are already facing a though time and life is beyond BB. It's over. Move on pls. Stop this negativity and fandom wars! And for my #SidNaaz family, pls maintain this positivity. Hype my #SidNaaz the way you guys are hyping them now. Keep loving them. I'll miss you guys.
    For now I need some time. I'll come back soon. Till then miss me!
    I love my #SidNaaz family. ❤️✨


  • words_of_srijasree 5w

    Dear Shehnaaz,

    So finally... Shehnaaz Gill aka Punjab ki Katrina Kaif, wait... what? Only Punjab ki Katrina?  No! India ki Shehnaaz Kaur Gill!
    Shehnaaz aap kabhi soch vi nahi sakti ho ki hum sab aapse kitna pyaar krte hai.
    Maene kabhi BiggBoss nahi dekhi thi but pehli baar aapki aur Sidharth ki wajase dekhi maene. Aap dono ka bond bohot precious hai hum #sidnaazians ke liye. Sirf aapdono ki khushi matter krti hai humare liye.
    You are like a little baby to me. Mae jab vi aapko dekhti thi mujhe lagta tha khudko dekh rahi hu. Jab vi aap roti thi mae vi roi aapke sath... Jab jab aap hasti thi tab tab mae vi hassi aapke saath. Sirf mae nahi, poori India hassi hai aapke sath. Khushi ho aap humari... Pyaari laadli dulhari ho hum sabki aap... Aise hi khush raho!
    Bhagwaan duniya ki saari khushiyon se bhar de aapko! Sab saapna sach ho jaae aapki...
    Waheguru ki meher hamesha bana rahe aap pe aur aapke aapno pe!
    Aap inspiration ho lakho logo ki... Khayal rakhna hamesha khud ka! Kbhi akela feel kro toh yaad rakhna hum, aapke fans hai aapke sath!
    Sending lots of love my baby girl...
    A big hug and lots of kisses...
    Sending lots of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    More power to you. Fly high. Shine brightly darling. You're a beautiful soul. We love you so much.


  • words_of_srijasree 10w

    You are a true inspiration Sidharth. A true idol, a genuine person and an ideal human being. Keep inspiring us like this.

    May Almighty bless you and give you all the happiness, all the success you deserve. More power to you.

    I'm proud of you my idol.

    I'm proud that I stan a King.
    I stan a real human being.

    Stay safe. Stay healthy and most important stay happy. We all are with you always.

    You haven't only won the trophy, you've won thousands hearts.

    Lots of love.

    A proud fan who believes in EQUALITY


  • words_of_srijasree 10w

    Thank you for encouraging thousands of girls like me. Yes, we're strong enough to fight our own battles. We're strong enough to voice our opinion in front of the world.We can conquer the whole world alone and we don't need someone to speak on behalf of us.We're enough for us.
    Thank you for teaching us that don't back off from your words which you believe. If the world goes against you then let it be.


  • words_of_srijasree 10w

    Thank you for teaching us that women can take stand for herself. A girl can fight her own battle.
    Thank you for appreciating that girls can bear more pain than men.Thank you for make people understand that 'Feminism', 'Me too' aren't weapons which we can use as per our convenience.Thanks for teaching us that one shouldn't respect a particular gender but a person.
    You're the one who make us understand that not gender discrimination but gender equality is the path we should follow.You taught us that it's a high time we all should see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.


  • words_of_srijasree 10w

    By unknown writer

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    Dear Sidharth,

    I don't know if you gonna read this or not but I just want to say a big Thank You to you.
    Being a girl I know how it feels when people judge you, when they think that women are weaker than men, so they need someone to speak for themselves. It hurts when people think that we couldn't take stand for ourselves.
    Pain, sorrow, disrespect - we face everything daily. People just find opportunities to mock us, to judge us and to point fingers towards us but still we put up a big smile on our faces and move forward bravely.


  • words_of_srijasree 142w

    "Broken crayons"

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    Yeah I'm broken inside,
    But the last time I checked-
    That broken crayons still colour the same...


  • words_of_srijasree 143w

    "Bhul jane ka paigaam de diya" :")

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    Jo kabhi kaha karte the

    #Bhula mat dena hume, Unhone hi #bhul jaane ka #Paigaam de diya..


  • words_of_srijasree 143w


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    Lagta hai teri yaadon ko bewafai nahi aati
    Picha hi nahi chodte meri...


  • words_of_srijasree 144w

    Paake v kho di usse :")

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    Jane kiski nazar lag gaai thi mujhe
    Aapne kareeb paane ke baad bhi
    Kho di usse!