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  • wordsofapoem 18h


    One second I was walking,
    Destination in mind,Walking
    To the steady rhythm of my pulse
    As my mind wandered ahead to the dreams cascading out and so close,
    So close within-

    Falling,the abyss swallowed me up
    No way to fight,I was gone,
    The fragments of hopes scratching my palms
    And the bitter scent of loss burning my nose
    And heart stuttering to a halt
    As everything was just spiraling
    Spiraling and then the light flickered


    Until I met Faith

    Faith grappled me as I sunk,
    The misery shrouding me blown away
    As I held tight,my legs shook but then
    Then I took my first step


  • wordsofapoem 1w

    Day of girls

    He can
    She can’t
    He will
    She won’t
    He will fly
    She will drown
    It’s not about dragging us down
    But letting us soar high above

  • wordsofapoem 1w

    The walls

    Trying to tear down the walls isn’t easy when everyone else is stacking
    Brick by brick

  • wordsofapoem 1w

    Roses and violets

    The rose in her hand was red,
    Petals torn from the fury brewing,
    Inside her and leeching the color away,

    The violet he held was blue,
    Pouring sadness and begging for forgiveness,
    The petals quivered in the breeze.

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Her hate blossomed,
    From the ashes of his sorrow.

  • wordsofapoem 1w


    The tarnished blade chipped away at the wood,
    A blunt and heavy tool,
    Achieving nothing but chunks of oak,
    splinters sprinkling the air
    Raw hands trying to piece back
    The cleaved heart that was leaking out
    Of his raw chest
    His hand moved automatically,
    Slicing again and again,
    Until finally a crack,
    A minute blemish.

  • wordsofapoem 1w


    The arrogance wrapped around him,
    Enthralled the blind admirers,
    Who saw riches and jewels and
    decided it equalled happiness,
    But of course she saw through the fabricated mess,
    of lies and deceit all tangled up in a frenzy
    As the pride that he desperately clung to
    A shield not a sword,
    was shrivelling away slowly and then he would be no more.


  • wordsofapoem 18w


    The plants are chocking
    As the smoke engulfs them
    The ice caps bid farewell
    As they melt to no return
    The trees are knocked down
    One by one
    And the habitats can do nothing
    As there homes are beaten down
    The sky weeps bitter tears
    That scald the fish in lakes and streams
    The earth groans as it it’s temperature rises
    And shudders and quakes as it coughs
    And spews out lava as it tries to expel the sickness
    And yet man wonders how to make the piles of cash grow
    As they poison the place they once called home


  • wordsofapoem 20w

    Sorry for a long break life has been keeping me pretty busy but I’m hoping to have more time now to spend writing on Mirakee.Thank you all for the supports with every comment,like and repost.♥️

    #mirakee #writer

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    A writer

    For a writer,life is a thousand colors
    And noises and sounds and
    smells and tastes and
    touches and thoughts.
    All blended and mixed up in a delightful mess
    The writer untangles and pull out a string of words,
    And puts the pen to paper.


  • wordsofapoem 26w


    They can try to own my body
    But they will never own my soul

  • wordsofapoem 27w


    With the stars at her back
    The darkness wrapping tighter
    Light drifting like a wispy trail
    The soft hues of mystery in wake
    Her hand reached,fingers scraping horizons.