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  • work2rise 3h

    #ALJ#Work2Rise#Mirakee#iRise2Laugh#SelfInspired When I laugh, I Am Inspired to feel good

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    I Rise With Laughter

    Life cant hold me back nor take my power, because when I am empowered, I laugh back!



    Get up to laugh back at life -ALJ #EncourageYourself

    Maxwell- Sumthin Sumthin

    Melky & Day Refugee Camp Allstars - I Got A Love Jones For You
    (Love Jones Movie Soundtrack)

  • work2rise 3h


    Is it a habit or a feeling
    growing between us
    inspiring the cloud of thickness
    In the air that we breathe
    Covering our hearts with lies [Denial]
    for a false sense of self protection [ preservation]
    while beating hearts are pacing
    moving to and fro
    keeping us from standing or staying
    [ too long]
    in this energy of being overtaken
    or consumed by the weight
    of this lustfully charged heaviness
    that doesn't take a blind person
    to see through this mud of confusion of being caught in the midst between
    wanting to fulfill this highly charged energy
    between us
    or needing to preserve [a little] of ourselves from each other by keeping the truth from taking anymore of our freedom .



    D' Angelo- Can't Hide Love ( original: Earth , Wind & Fire)

    Rufus & Chaka Khan- Stay

    Tina Broussard- Inside My Love
    (Love Jones Soundtrack)

    Me'Shell N'Degeocello -Rushing Over
    (Love Jones Soundtrack)

    "If you feel the same for me, the way I feel for you
    I'll rush over

    Your music is so very beautiful
    I want to feel you creep inside me
    The warmth of a kiss beneath my berry skin
    I want to experience
    The taste of dark berry nectar
    The seed of life, heaven everlasting

    The phone just won't suffice no more
    My imagination is filled and my cup runs over
    If you feel the same for me, yeah

    The way I feel for you, I'll rush over

    Mmm, there's no need, no
    To be alone, mmm
    My want for you is rushing over

    Patiently I wait for an invitation
    I often try to imagine, picture you
    For you're no more
    Than a voice on my telephone
    That I find myself rushing home to

    Your voice makes me wanna
    Do things
    I'm much too shy to say
    You leave me to question

    If you feel the same for me, yeah
    The way I feel for you, I'll rush over
    Tell me, there's no reason to be alone, no

    My want for you is rushing over

    Won't you play for me?

    If you feel the same for me
    The way I feel for you, I'll rush over
    There's no reason to be alone, no
    My want for you is rushing over

    My sweet Marcus
    Won't you play for me?
    I'm rushing over"

  • work2rise 8h

    ALJ: Affirmation: I Am Humorously Joyful

    ALJ: Whenever I Am inspired by Joy and humor to feel good, I Laugh.

    ©Work2Rise Affirmation #122 Day 122

    I feel good when I am inspired by humor and joy , to laugh. Because when I'm laughing , I'm living.- Andrea L. Johnson

    #SelfInspired #SelfEmpowered


    Maxwell- Ascension( Don't Ever Wonder)


    Whoa uh ah--
    uuuu wah- uhh wahhh
    -uh wahhh-uhhhh wahhhh

    It happened the moment, when you were revealed
    'Cause you were a dream that you should not have been
    A fantasy real
    You gave me this beating baby
    This rhythm inside
    And you made me feel good and feel nice and feel loved
    Gave me paradise

    So shouldn't I realize
    You're the highest of the high
    If you don't know, then I'll say it
    So don't ever wonder (don't ever wonder)...."

    D' Angelo - Send It On
    Send it up
    Send it through
    Send it right back 2 U
    Send it up
    Send it through
    Send it right back 2 U

    You can't disguise your emotions
    You know that I see in your eyes
    Your soul's in ME, your soul's somethin' that I feel inside..."

    D'Angelo- Untitled (How Does It Feel)

  • work2rise 17h


    "Careful because you will only end up feeling more of what you hold back."


    Robert Kelly - Honey Love

    " There's something in your eyes baby , its telling me you want me baby, Tonight is your night..See you don't have to ask for nothin'
    I'll give you everything you need."

    Robert Kelly- Homie Lover Friend

    Robert Kelly - Vibe

  • work2rise 19h

    Humor Inspires

    What's so attractive and inspiring about a person with humor is that they're unselfishly willing to inspire good feelings and have enough confidence to turn your bad day into a perfect one.


    Janelle Monáe - I Like That

    Janelle Monáe feat Pharrell Williams- I Got The Juice

    Rebecca Ferguson- Good Days Bad Days


    "Right through your good days and bad days
    Sad days and dark days
    I'll be here for ya
    And when you feel like you can't get off the ground
    I'll be here for ya

    When you're alone by yourself
    And you feel like nobody here is yours
    I'll be there
    When you feel like nobody's around to help
    I'll be there
    And every tear that you cry
    I will pour out to dry
    I'll be there...."

  • work2rise 19h

    More of this?

    While somethings go back and forth (with uncertainty)
    and longer than anticipated

    You feel what you feel
    and you think what you think

    As to feel anything at all
    doesn't always feel good

    And when what you feel and think is out of your control
    Your belief
    takes a hold of your power to feel nothing at all or something at once,
    so you block out your
    to fall deeper into yourself
    to keep from feeling the
    reality of the truth
    Of what you hold back
    only comes back (to you)
    to make you feel more of it

    Or did you come back to feel
    more of it?


    Aaliyah - Back & Forth

    Alabama Shakes- This Feeling

    Alabama Shakes - Hold On

    Bless my heart, bless my soul
    Didn't think I'd make it to [32] years old
    There must be someone up above
    Sayin', "Come on, [Dré!], you got to come on up

    You got to hoooooooooold on
    Hey, you got to hoooooooold on"

    [Verse 2]
    So, bless my heart and bless yours, too
    I don't know where I'm gonna go
    Don't know what I'm gonna do
    There must be somebody up above
    Sayin', "Come on, [Dré!], you got to come on up

    You got to hooooooooold on
    Hey, you gotta hold on"

    "Yeah, you gotta WAIT
    Yeah, you gotta WAIT"
    But I don't wanna WAIT
    No, I don't wanna WAIT

    [Verse 3]
    So, bless my heart and bless my mind
    I got so much I wanna do, I ain't got much time
    So, must be someone up above
    Saying "Come on, baby girl
    Yeah, you got to get back up

    You got to hold on
    Hey, you got to hold on"

    "Yeah, you gotta wait"
    I don't wanna wait
    But I don't wanna wait
    No, I don't wanna wait

    You gotta hold on
    You gotta hold on
    You gotta hold on
    You gotta hold on

  • work2rise 21h

    Humorously Attracted to Humor

    "When we laugh, we're inspired to feel good.": Andrea L. Johnson


    Before I can tell any joke it has to be funny to me first. But what makes me so charismatic and socially outgoing is that I am talented at being humorous and what makes me confident is that I have the ability to be silly enough to laugh at myself.

    Even as a child , I have always been funny. And would often hear from other people that I have a talent for being funny, and that it should be put to use professionally.

    However, being funny is not a professional pursuit for me, its more like a lifestyle. To live and share the joy of being inspired by (laughing) living, thriving, and loving, with common people whose only intentions is to feel good, have good, promote good and share good feelings of joy or good actions with each other.

    Robert Kelly & Aaliyah- Homie Lover Friend (Remix)

    Robert Kelly - Speaking My Language

  • work2rise 1d

    ALJ: Affirmation: Joyful Results.

    ALJ: My Intentions Is Placed On Prosperity, but my results is placed on Joy.
    ©work2rise Affirmation #121 Day 121

  • work2rise 2d

    ALJ: Affirmation: Joyous Miracles

    ALJ: My Joy creates miracles of abundance in my life.

    ©work2rise #120 Day 120

    Con Funk Shun - Chase Me

    Its pay day, and singing & dancing to the lyrics of Con Funk Shun to the bill collectors, to work for my $ like I do:

    "You can chase me, chase me through the night, come on and chase me, chase me honey--alright."lol

    Ro James- Promise

    John Legend ft Andre 1000 - Green Light

  • work2rise 2d

    Happy Feelings

    "Happiness Must Be Lived Not Bought."


    Joi- Lick

    Toni Braxton- You're Making Me High