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  • wrinkled_stories 7w

    Help me please!!!!
    There you were with those puppy eyes, and in that moment I knew you will be an apocalypse to my stagnant life.
    Hi. Prarthana here. And I’ll tell you a story. Because people love to hear one. Especially those stories where a boy and a girl meet and fall in love.
    I have always been this child in school who would sit on the first bench. And something’s never change. So I am in college and I’m still on the first bench. Or as millennial call it, I have always been a nerd but I never felt any different about it. I was content in my own happy world consisting books, family, coffee and me.
    12th September. How precisely I remember this date. I sat there. And then you entered through that gate. A chiseled body with a smile that can make a hardest metal (tungsten btw) melt. Violins in my head suddenly went hoarse. I came back to my reality. You are a nerd. But then you approached me that evening because you had difficulty with a topic because nerd are a rarity in a college. And people tend to have a radar for them.
    Help me please. You said. And violins went mellifluous again. Days went by. Our chats shifted from studies to cinema, politics and everything under the sun. And then 3rd October came. You asked me to be your girlfriend. And I went numb.
    Maa always said Purse yours happiness. So I did. I said yes. And then this nerd in the college was in a relationship with the boy who had let girls all drilling over him!
    You know if you’ll remove those specs you’ll look more beautiful. You said days later. So I did. Got those contacts after pleading in front of parents for days. Because beauty is all about your looks right?
    I see how treat your girlfriends. Girl friends who probably smell food. Beachside their waists is just like a middle of an hour glass. And as I look into the mirror, I see a big pear staring back. So I start dieting. Only for you. I try to avoid all those fat foods which used to be my only companion during my hard days because I never had friends. Because when in love, you need to look like you deserve that hot boy?
    Then you gifted me the skimpy dress on my birthday. To the one who has lived her whole life in jeans and t-shirt. But I wore them. Only for you.
    You know I have a surprise, you whispered in the class. Me a hopeless romantic, expecting chocolates and teddies. But you here we are standing in front of a shady hotel. And I know in my heart of hearts what this means. But people in relationship have to get physical? Right? That’s what they show in movies. When two bodies entwined in love and passion, dipped with a tinge of sighs, symbolize how epic the story gets. But what they don’t show or underline is the fact that, it demands consent. And I never remember you asking for it. The first time you took me in that room locking my hands amidst the cushions and licking my face off, inching towards the waistline and sleeping over the unbuttoned skirt I was putting on all that was running through my mind were the awkward fingers pressing my edges and my skin reluctant to surrender. But I gave in. you smiled at me and whispered with a smooch.
    You said talking to any other friend of mine, keeps you concerned .i left every single one who were there on my life. You said the girl that the girl who left her earing in the car was just another stranger you gave lift to. I agreed without a do. The marks on my skin grew darker, but the love eventually started fading. From my side.
    I spent nights asking to talk to you once and you slept keeping me on wait. I called you at times I needed help and you denied getting into my problems. I could see a paradox blooming in front and I had no way to escape. But yes you read it right I wanted to escape. Your love felt like a choking cage now. And me a mere claustrophobic.
    So then the last night you dragged me in to your room and kissed me saying I LOVE YOU I gathered all my courage to utter those words I DON’T. because the trauma I was facing ever single day the toxicity that now shattered my living the innocent girl that once fell for you was exhausted. And beyond all limits. Taken for granted. Abuses. And molested.
    I was done chasing you on my emotional hiccups. I was done giving myself to you for your adrenaline rush and sexual pleasures. I found solace on days we didn’t meet . I was afraid to see you the other day and refuse you for another date. I felt like this relationship is turning out to be a mistake instead of the most perfect decision I thought it to be. I looked at maa saw the way she teaches me to stand for what’s right. No matter if that involves breaking my heart. And then I met myself for the first time, while leaving you for an eternity of questions.
    Questions that how could this timid girl gain courage to leave a man like me?
    How does a girl decide to refuse when I ask her to get into her clothes?
    Sending this letter and an answer to those.
    YES a girl can choose herself over you when you stop deserving her!!

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  • wrinkled_stories 7w

    He was trying to get rid of what we had. I was pacing closer to make it even stronger than what exists. But then tunes of his silences and my questions, slowly started to make noises. In our comfortable chats worth hours, somewhere, awkwardness creeped in, the moment i choose to speak less. I was so into 'US' that, I hardly noticed,that on days when i talked less, we talked less. On the days when i wanted to listen more of him ,the call durations shortened gradually. It was as if,we had love, we cared,but something kept bothering amidst all our moments.One thing does remain constant. The calls before we fell asleep. Regardless of how busy we both were, we never let anything affect that one beautiful habit we had. Or I should say,the one habit that perhaps,bonds us together.

    Okay its getting late. Lets sleep. Goodnight. Love you. "He said"
    Sure? I interrupted as he was about to cut the call.
    I didnt get you, What?
    Sure? that you love me? I gathered courage.
    You need to ask this!Obviously yes. He laughed
    Or is it that you already had enough. That your heart is now not willing to hold on to me anymore? I had kept things in mind, noticing. And i wanted to ask it all clearly.

    Mark your words. This is going too much now, isn't it? You now what you are to me. He was distubed.
    Then why do you try pushing me away these dys? why does the person who waited for my phone calls every 2 hours now forgets to check if I texted?
    There is something thats bothering you and I need to know. I kept talking , because , the only thing between i was confident about was understanding.
    We could talk about anything and get it sorted over a long phone call. We would fight. We would argue. We would even shed tears. But then always end up laughing... ALWAYS??????

    Yes sometimes there. But its okay if i didnt share it to you. why is it a big deal? i would have told you once i would figure it out how to deal with it myself! He was a bit annoyed , restless.
    Its important. if its about us you cant keep it to yourself and exploit upon your own peace. Because in the end its affecting us

    I will be leaving mumbai next week . He said and a pause followed .
    I always knew that it would move out of my city, he wanted to shift to his hometown. And i also knew that it would happen soon. But you see even if you know the truth no matter how many times you have rehearsed that moment when reality sets in finally, it hits you harder than you ever imagined.

    And you know things wouldnt remain the same. We would never know when we meet next. So I cant figure out what to do. About us. About you . He kept talking.
    We will try. We will manage and stay the same ant the wait to meet after months or perhaps , years, would be worth it . Trust me I tried

    See we will never get this certainity. Nevermind, we have a week to decide .
    Lets sleep now. Goodnight
    He said and disconnected the call..
    I was just holding on to a fluttering butterfly knowing that if i close my fist it would choke to death.And if i set it free it would never come back, maybe.
    Our relationship on verge of breakinng up, was becoming the fragile butterfly .
    Terrified on the idea of long distance. Does distance actually breaks us apart. Or do some fairytales , really come true???

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  • wrinkled_stories 8w

    I feel like a child's favorite toy.
    The one thrown against a wall pretending it can fly.
    The one whose button is pushed over and over to hear it's sound,
    Until it can't talk anymore, hardly able to make a sound.
    The toy cuddled and smashed under their small body every night.
    "Protecting" them from the monsters under the bed.
    The favorite toy they hold by the arm,
    They drag it behind them wearing it out until the arm may fall off.
    The one that is *****, but you can tell it was loved.
    The toy that sits alone on a shelf for years on end.
    Who collects dust untouched because the child has grown.
    The one who has no purpose but to make people smile.
    The toy that is so used and abused they say it has "character".
    The toy no new child wants because it to worn.
    They don't want it for it can't last much longer.
    It needs new batteries, and a trip through the wash.
    It needs to be stitched up in more places than one.
    The toy that no longer has a purpose,
    But that only makes it need more love.
    Someone to love itself.
    But who could love something so worn and mangled.
    So it sits alone on that shelf.
    Collecting dust, unseen, unrecognized.
    I am that toy.
    The one with no purpose.
    The one on the shelf.
    Unseen, unrecognized, unloved.

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    Toy on the shelf

  • wrinkled_stories 17w


    teri kadar naa hoti to aaj yun naa hoti
    tujhko paane ki zidd me khud  ko naa khoti ...
    maanti hun thodi naadan hu main
    tujhko smjhne ki rah me thodi anjan hu main
    har rishte ko nibhana aata nhi mjhe
    mgr ees anjaan rishte ko nibhane ki zidd me pareshan hu main..
    jaanti hu teri nazro ne meri koi kadar nhi
    mere dil k darvaze per teri nazar nhi ..
    per ye dil tere lie he sapne sanjota hai
    tere pass akar teri baahon me aane k lie rota  hai ...
    naa jaane kab mere dil pe teri dasthak hogi...
    buss isi intjaar me ... ye dil kehta hai ki teri kadar naa hoti toh aaj yun naa hoti tujko paane ki zidd me khud ko naa khoti.....

  • wrinkled_stories 21w

    Ek Pahal Rishtey Ki Ore
    Suno…. Suno na!
    Kuch tum badlo, kuch hum badle..
    Aur badalke is rishte ko dher sara pyar dete hain… !
    Chalo na, waqt rehte iss rishtey ko sawaar lete hain
    Jo galtiya tumne ki hain, jo galtiya maine ki hain!
    Sath baithke aaj unhe sudhar lete hain..
    Chalo na, waqt rehte iss rishtey ko sawaar lete hain..
    Pyar tumko bhi hai, pyar humko bhi hai !
    Aao iss baat ko mann se sweekar lete hain!
    Chalo na waqt rehte Iss rishte ko sawaar lete hain..
    Thoda tum mujhe samajh lo, thoda main tumhe samjh lu!
    Aur kaaran is takraar ka jaan lete hain!
    Chalo na, waqt rehte iss rishtey ko sawaar lete hain..
    Yun to tum bhi kuch vaayede krte ho, or main bhi krti hu!
    Aao aaj us wayede ka dil se aitbar krte hain..
    Chalo na waqt rehte iss rishtey ko sawaar hain….
    Please chalo na……
    Waqt rehte iss rishtey ko sawaar lete hain!��♥️

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  • wrinkled_stories 29w

    All I want is to disappear!

    sit in class
    watch the clock tick
    as the moments pass me by
    all i want to do is disappear
    into a void where i no longer have to feel
    sit at home
    watch the closed door
    as the shouts echo just outside
    all i want to do is disappear
    into a void where i no longer have to feel
    sit in hell
    watch the flames burn
    as my sanity hangs on a thin thread
    all i want to do is disappear
    into a void where i no longer have to feel
    sit in life
    watch everything go wrong
    as my fingers reach out for the blade
    all i want to do is disappear
    into a void where i no longer have to feel
    all i want to do is disappear
    is that too much to ask?

  • wrinkled_stories 29w

    There's a flower in my heart
    That wants to grow
    In a tender blossom
    In soil of rage
    The seed planted
    In a caged heart
    Of a raging flower bed
    Where no flowers grow
    Only to hide from
    The sternum fire
    Put out the fires
    The seed will break
    Breathing serenity
    Let the flower grow
    From wasteful anguish
    To a warm side
    The fire burns
    Then lingers down
    The flower breaks the head
    Of its hot soil
    Feels the air in bliss
    Time elapses
    Into flames
    The flower to ashes
    And the hot winds
    Of my tomorrows
    Like winds in a sauna
    Blow the flames
    Making them infinite

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  • wrinkled_stories 31w

    It seems in this day and age everybody expects so much of everything, and it all seems to be a disappointment. They are either too afraid of being disappointed, or expect the disappointment. Its like nothing is good enough. Its like entitlement to the best lies within our veins.

    But maybe the best isn't what we need, or honestly in the end what we really want.

    Every young person is expected to go to college, to be educated, to get a degree and then get large amounts of money and get the acceptance of those who expected so much of them. Maybe if we stop expecting so much we wouldn't have such hard burns from falling down the steep ice hill that is the "American Dream". And who says you need to want that anyway?

    Expectations are an unfathomable dream in itself. I dream of a world of peace and everyone getting to do what they wish and all people mind their own business and hurt no one else. But some people wish to be better than others, to win, even to hurt others. There is no such thing as perfect, and no expectation will be perfectly met.

    What if we just dreamed but took life as it was and be thankful for every left turn to happiness that rights all the wrongs? The light in the world, the dreams, are not real without the darkness. We try to shun it, to put the bad part of the world in a constructed part, name it the shadowy place we must never go. But the shadows are everywhere, and they tend to cut deeper when you refuse to see them.

    Expect nothing, but hope. Hope things will get better. Expectations can be ruined. Hope can be everlasting if you keep your heart just that; hopeful. Expectations are specific and are therefore begging to be broken. But hope? Hope is a broad mist in a dark world, that can endure all the disappointments because it can change with time.

    Hope is the greatest thing one can do to combat those expectations they may not fulfill; it is the one thing keeping ships afloat and religions alive and life from death.

    Hope is a superpower not even expectations can take from you.

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  • wrinkled_stories 33w

    I saw the branches shadow
    the branches that was blocking the harsh sun
    I look down
    people surrounding me seem to ignore the shadows
    but I didn't
    I kneel down to look closely
    It shadow branches starts to move, i'm startled
    It was only the breeze of the wind
    There were less people now on the sidewalk
    I sat down
    A scene began to play on the floor
    I seen a bird that was perching on the tree
    I saw squirrels fighting for nuts
    I saw a butterfly land on one of the branches
    I even saw a lion

    I immediately look up
    It wasn't there, i was intensely relax
    I started to feel the cold in the air
    I pull my jacket closely around me
    I finally look down at the sidewalk
    the branches were gone
    the show was over
    it was night time
    I got up from my spot
    and placed a dollar on one of the branches
    and as I began to leave I anticipated what the next show was going to be.

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