Craving to grow more is eternal.

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  • write_express8 13w

    The most awesome thing about mirakee is that I can spill whatever I carry in my head. Because here I am not afraid if anybody knows this and that.��
    Read it once and once you do that dont forget to comment down��.

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    A guy who was almost deleted in her mind once again striked in her life. Obviously they were of same age group and  at that time they were teen 16 -17 yrs old. Girl had joined high school while boy was still in school as he dropped out a year before. They were together as mates in 6th standard for a year when the unknown and undefined story began.

                 A new student got enrolled in her class. Vividly remember the boy was shy and very simple at initial days ,  later as he became familiar with everyone his whole gesture was replaced with a enchanting, chattering, Gleeful  boy . He always wore a hertmelting smile on his perfect lips and black mole above his upper lip added smell on gold to his smile. Glittering eyes always searching for somthing , he always moved place to place , had sombody to lean on and talk . So he was given a petname "jhilkey ".

                Days were passing also months flew away and even they started talking not as proper friends but only side talks. She was being aware about the weird and strange feeling getting out of somwhere. They were children, so innocent, carefree and almighty chose them to flourish LOVE❤. Slowely she loved being around him. Her eyes would drive recklessly in search of him if they didn find him. May be similar was in his life too. At that stage of life when nobody takes you seriously, its confusing for you to decide. But, the aura those days was not similar to other days.

                  Jhilkey always dressed perfectly and those rolled sleeves enhanced his attitude. That black half sweater, hanky hairstyle, fair complexion even the black coloured bag - everything suited him. He was more friendly with the big boys and girls of school than his own mates.

                There were times their eyes stucked together as the traffic jam and she would quickly turn her head. In classroom they had rounding table rule. As both sat on the 1st benches this rule made her so happy inside her bones because she would be close to him for like whole day. When she was on the front bench he'd never get rid of his naughty habits. He'd sit straight to her and always pushed his bag so that she would do somthing in response. And one day she pushed the pen on his back and didn expect that to happen -"he really got hurt as the pen tip came out of its cap and bumped into his back". He turned head with a disdainful look with vicious eyes which shaken her heart. Deep inside she was frowned and was being sorry but didn utter a word.

  • write_express8 14w

    Embrace Your Love

    What a beautiful sensation it is when somebody's single text makes your face lightened. A single caring sentence grabs all of your senses. Isnt it wonderful or lets say weird ? How an unknown person becomes so attached to your life that their happiness is already counted by your mind ? When they are low you prefer to be by their side to make them okay. When they are happy you are enchanted with the inexplicable felicity. Yes, I am talking about the special bond which we have for only one person in the lifetime.
    Yes, our beloved people are there with us(family, friends) but, when your mind doesnt get rid of thinking about someone constantly ,you should accept it. Not really everybody is blessed with this enormously pleasing beautiful feeling. Rejoice and live when life offers you the bliss.

  • write_express8 14w

    Examination in winters hurt more than breakups.

  • write_express8 16w

    World would be so, beautiful place if everybody's mind was as clean and clear as this room including me too.
    Nobody would strangle themselves and quit their life because of the failure they receive from them and others too.☹

  • write_express8 16w

    There is something common in both of you.
    Yes, the zephyr and your imbue.
    Both makes me feel that I am alive.
    Both are pleasingly pleading that I must live this life.

  • write_express8 16w


    Life gets finished before we know it

  • write_express8 17w

    Yes I'hv Waited

    Till the eyes were exhausted, i'hv waited.

    Before my thoughts were puzzled, i'hv waited.

    Those deep nights witnessed my merciful fettle .

    I left tallying hours, weeks, months only my sleepless nights reminds I'hv waited.

    My smile obliviated its way towards my face.

    My eyes passed over and stayed motionless.

    And , again you ask me _ Did I wait ?

    I have waited for the day when this pandemic gets over.

  • write_express8 18w

    Whoelse is just like me ?

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    Self observation

    Such a spoiler, I have been as long as I can recall. Not a single work performed by me is perfect. I always spill milk while boiling also while handling the dishes they always get dropped out off my hands. Whenever I walk, I get something to be thrashed and yet again get the rewards for that. All that happens because I cant get rid of my hasty behaves.

  • write_express8 18w


    I have been the witness of your journey where paths were full of thrones.
    Yourself left were zero but, beweilded my crown.
    Perhaps, you engulfed those sleepless nights you woke up for my accommodation.
    You strangled own desires and accomplished mine.
    Obviously, you had options various yet clasped me into life and lettedst me to shine.
    How do i express the mercy of almighty i received .
    I acquaint its not a human in you. Its a divinity you aquire and disseminated the bliss in my life.
    My existence is void without you.

  • write_express8 18w

    Tough Goodbye

    There was a tinge of sadness in her voice when she uttered,"I dont want you to leave". She had drowned her head on his bosom and clasped those palpable palms. Unceasingly he convinced her since last night that he had to descend for the sake of life they had dreamed to live. "I cant stand your gloom face, you know right? Come on give me a smile", he whispered in a pleasing tone. Both were terribly suffering the abstention though he had not left the place yet. After struggling for awhile she gave a forced smile ,stood abruptly and headed towards kitchen. She returned holding a tray where two coffee mugs were placed. And, that was their everyday routine to sit in the couche near window and enjoy the sip watching the nature outside.
    "I already miss the coffee you make", he broke the silence and caught her hand tugging towards. Entire atmosphere was filled with dim emotions or lets say a farewell. Then, he had his bagpack and dressed. Holding her hand he projected his numb feet towards the door. Tears making its way through the eyes, at thousand refuse she broke hardly into weep. Her hands had tightly encircled his neck asif they were coherent. Eventually, passing a goodbye kiss on her forehead he left his hand and moved his feets ahead.