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  • writer_by_soul_forever 2w

    End is the new beginning.

    You have to deattach yourself from everything that is holding you back.

    Be strong enough to take risks and make yourself intelligent enough to extract good out of everything.

    Discipline that you practice regularly will certainly give you life long benefits.

    It is one of the key to transform into a better version of oneself.

    Mental toughness is all that you need in order to take life changing decisions.

    Always remember you are already a patragonist of your story.

    Live a life that people that will make you alive in people's heart forever.


  • writer_by_soul_forever 4w

    Realization of self worth helps you to grow and go as per your desire.

    It's neither too late to start , nor too early to be excited.

    Your life is in your hands, you have to decide how it shall be.

    It's you who decides what comes your way, what stays, and what goes.

    It is one of the truth of life that everyone is in charge of oneself.

    This is the unique gift that humans have received from God, which other living beings don't posses.

    Make sure to live a life that makes you alive in people's thoughts forever.


  • writer_by_soul_forever 5w


    zindagi ke safar mein
    milte hain anek afsane

    Kabhi safalta hoti hain jholi mein
    Kabhi tor deti hain asafaltayein

    indono mein hi ulze rahte hain
    Aage badhne ki nahi sochte

    Wahin kuch log koshish
    Karna kabhi nahi chorte

    Har aur jeet ek payadan mein
    naki vayaktitava ki pehchan hain

    Har anubhavo se sikh lekar
    Purusarth karna hi atamsaman hain.


  • writer_by_soul_forever 5w

    Keep collection of good memories in mind and love in heart.


  • writer_by_soul_forever 6w

    You receive what you attract. Attract good vibes, people, thoughts, actions, desires.

    Focus on the things that adds happiness , goodness, calmness in life.

    Give emphasis to the things that helps you to become better than what you were yesterday.

    Recognize your strength and work to bring some reforms in society.

    Be grateful for everything.

    Let go the past and don't worry for the future.

    Take one step at a time, witness wider progress.


  • writer_by_soul_forever 6w

    Focus on those who support you, instead of applying all the energy on those who reject you.


  • writer_by_soul_forever 6w

    Past cannot be changed, but, future can always be built.


  • writer_by_soul_forever 7w

    A day to cheerish
    A girl to be wished

    Have a reason to smile
    With beautiful life

    Years before she came here
    To do something non has done ever

    To be part of our life
    And become her parent's delight

    May God give her all the happiness
    And she sets an example for others.


  • writer_by_soul_forever 7w

    Leave no stone unturned to do what you always wanted to do or become.

    Step out of your cococouns, take some risk, keep aside all your fears and never give them your sights.

    Try to be better than before, set some targets, celebrate every little achievements to boost your confidence.

    Don't loose your courage in case of failures, try to learn from them and use it as an opportunity for introspection.

    Life is a journey where every event and person is a teacher in disguise.


  • writer_by_soul_forever 7w

    Happy Father's Day

    F - Forever
    A - Aspiring
    T - Teacher
    H - Having
    E - Excellent
    R - Records

    Father is the best role model for a child.

    Along with mother, father's sacrifice, love and dedication is responsible for the all round development, success, happiness , safety and recognization of ward.

    He is the one who always keep their child as his topmost priority.

    He is the constant source of selfless encouragement and enlightenment.