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  • writers_ink 17w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Nature

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    A cloak of lush green grass embroidered with delicate flowers.

  • writers_ink 17w

    Music heals broken shits

  • writers_ink 79w

    A Letter to a NewBorn

    You who lies,
    Deep within my void.
    Shall not be distinguished,
    By Race, Caste or Creed.

    You who sees not,
    Yet to watch the scenes,
    Unfolding into the thick layers
    Of deception and lies.

    You who feels not,
    Of sorrow and of woe,
    Let you sense the tears
    Of joy and of love.

    Eyes never shed
    Of tears of pain.
    Mouth never screamed,
    In agony or vain.

    Ears never heard
    Of curses or names.
    Tongue never spoke
    Of fame or blames.

    Body never felt
    Any scar or abuse.
    Heart never sensed,
    A break or a bruise.

    A soul unveiled
    From its mother's womb,
    Awaiting its moment
    To bloom.

  • writers_ink 81w

    Poem: Maiden OF The Night (Pt.1)

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    Maiden Of The Night

    Let me tell you a tale,
    Of legends old as time.
    Where looking at the moon,
    Was a forbidden crime.

    Once there lived a maiden,
    Who had hairs that shone.
    Under the light of The moon,
    With the sun gone.

    She sung beautiful melodies,
    And lost lullabies,
    Of the seas and of the stars,
    Where the Ocean reunites.

    In the darkness of night,
    She found her peace.
    But in the brilliant sun,
    She found her leash.

  • writers_ink 81w


    From a Police officer to a Professor,
    A Chef to an Artist, to a Curator.
    Different professions, single dream.
    To be someone who is never forgotten.

  • writers_ink 81w

    A Night in The City

    The city sleeps.
    When the darkness engulfs it into an endless night,
    Forsaken shadows creep under the bed,
    In the alleys where her scream bleeds,
    In his closet, a revolver dried of blood.
    Howling winds clams them down,
    Whisking away from reality.
    Into a fathomless slumber
    Where they lay, quietly.


  • writers_ink 81w

    "Every book has a passage, which leads to a never-ending adventure"


  • writers_ink 98w

    By unknown writer

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    Everyone wants happiness,
    No body wants pain.
    But you can't have a Rainbow,
    Without a little Rain.

  • writers_ink 98w

    Sometimes it's better to speak out
    Than bottling it up.


  • writers_ink 118w

    Don't be like Sun
    Nor the Moon
    Who rise up and set low.
    Be like the stars
    Who embrace the daylight
    And illuminates the night.