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  • writesm 3w

    Work hard till
    You have no more insecurities

  • writesm 5w

    I love you ❤
    But gotta stay
    Away from you

    But bae
    I miss you
    Every Time i think about you


  • writesm 7w


  • writesm 8w

    My problem probably i read too much romance book that is it.

  • writesm 10w


    Are you happy

  • writesm 11w

    Breaking my heart

  • writesm 11w

    Gemini ♊♊

  • writesm 11w

    He have long lashes that would make the female generation go mad !

  • writesm 11w

    My boo is lovely

  • writesm 11w

    We all have a story that we never talk about. A story that hunt us . It's ,a secret in our heart a secret that make us bleed a secret that create a black whole inside us, a hole inside our heart.
    A hole that gets bigger every time a whole that always make is bleed more.
    A hole that break us a little by little.
    A hole that gets bigger every time we cry.
    A hole that hold secrets
    A hole that holds tears
    A hole that will make us sick
    A hole
    That we always find our insecurities
    A hole because we don't open up
    A hole because we think people will judge us
    A hole because sometimes we get hurt of things we didn't do
    A hole because we expect the same love we give
    The same caring we give
    A hole because we want love

    I have that hole

    and it gets bigger