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  • writeweird 1d

    ghosts of ruins

    the sky has bled
    into the river

    mixed in atmosphere

    broken pieces of a lie

    and there's nothing
    left for us to be

    spiral into the sphere

    between the layers

    keep standing still until
    they reach for you

    don't you cry


  • writeweird 2w

    i wish for the moon and the sun, the sea and the forest, for the river and spring. i wish autumn never left my shores, and the winds forever sang about the winter, comforting the warm afternoons. i wish for the sky to stretch forever into the night, caressing the sweet summer dreams, in arms of someone close enough to breathe. i wish for nothing else, i wish for the sweet nothings.
    #poetry #sad #broken #heart
    #love #pain #hurt #down
    #depression #dark #other
    #mirakee #india #abstract
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld #mirakee @readwriteunite #readwriteunite

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    where bodies disappear

    voices in the background
    making me sick

    there's a void in my heart
    and pain that won't fit

    a loud noise in my head
    so much dread and conflict

    an empty chair beside me
    where no one ever sits

    so take me to that place
    that forever glows and shines

    i am ready for an escape
    nothing here has ever been mine

    running away from the world
    and i've ran out of time

    take me where it won't hurt
    to that palace beyond the pines

    to a place that is blind
    where no one would compare

    when i leave it all behind
    i hope i never come back here

    that nothing remains of me
    everything disappears

    a place they'll never find,
    where the bodies disappears.


  • writeweird 3w

    dimmer than moonlight

    take away my eyes
    give me a sign

    tell me i'll be fine
    but i won't fall asleep

    feed me the lies,
    come here sit next to me

    i have a doubt
    it's more than just a
    bad dream

    even now when i
    see you clear

    as if you're not
    really here,

    where ghosts disappear

    and they never leave
    without you.


  • writeweird 3w

    faded petrichor

    fight me inside my mind
    take away my breath

    puncture my lungs
    and hang my soul

    i don't want to die
    but i am dying,

    crying myself to sleep
    every night

    haunted by a ghost.

    bad thoughts are breeding

    i'm so bored now
    that i am still breathing

    fell in love with the walls

    behind closed doors
    an old man is grieving

    find me inside my head
    pretend i was never there

    they're everywhere

    i know they're here
    even when i'm sleeping

    and i will never confess
    a broken word nor a whisper

    i'll wither before you
    find me

    and you'll find me
    beyond the pines

    where i can't stop screaming

    betrayed by the contrasts
    and they don't last

    there's a man in the mirror
    with daisies and blues

    and he's still speaking.


  • writeweird 6w

    i wish you were pretty

    hurry along
    do not wait

    don't hide
    don't you contemplate

    thoughts running wild
    i know memories complicate

    in my head where
    people die

    death doesn't

    with all these
    weapons and barricades
    that no man can escape

    in my head where
    people cry

    tears delicate

    for them who they
    cannot replicate

    a river of filth
    unfiltered and bleak
    going to waste

    searching for an ocean
    to crash and die

    i cannot sleep
    the world is still out in the open
    and if not for the sky

    i'd never guess
    how far i am from

    how broken
    and shy

    kissed by an omen
    stuck in my own mind

    staring at the dark
    searching for a design

    holding my breath
    longing for what is mine

    praying in cold
    where the old whispers
    take a hold and blind

    i don't remember the
    summer's sunshine

    i don't remember
    growing old

    who ate away my time ?

    the clock ticks
    and minutes unfold

    this box it tricks
    locked in walls and lost

    i watch the world grow old

    the words grow
    and be sold

    in smoke and vapours
    burnt lines and paper

    in scratched lines
    with no taker

    the math is dying
    and yet i wait for her
    somebody wake her

    from the memories
    of a small town
    before the sky falls
    down on the clown

    where nothing
    ever happens

    and the sounds
    they never change

    i hate that place
    and i hate her

    i hate that face
    and i forsake her

    only to fall back
    in love again

    and we'll all die the same
    within these walls and
    with no names

    waiting to be freed

    for the barren skies
    to be filled by the rains

    waiting for the greed
    to take over

    but these walls
    they won't let you leave
    as you grieve

    for it to be over

    there's nothing out there
    but a small town and
    an ocean

    there's nothing else
    out there but your heart
    that is too broken

    storms you cannot

    a river of filth
    unfiltered and bleak
    going to waste

    searching for an ocean
    to crash and die

    i cannot sleep
    the world is still out in the open
    and if not for the sky

    i'd never guess
    how far i am from


  • writeweird 7w

    a compilation set in dim mood and melancholic paranoia//fed by the ghosts those haunt our heads and hearts.
    #mirakee #poem #poetry #concept #other #broken #collection #long #read #dark #pain #hurt #love #heart

    @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @mirakee

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    spirits of xviisevii ( collections catharsis vol: 1)

    -catharsis 1: bad journey

    tomorrow is here

    yesterdays rain
    bleeds into another
    and together it falls

    these walls don't
    talk anymore
    it's fine
    i don't need them to

    i have you
    running riot in my mind
    in my sleep when i'm blind

    these demons
    don't let me sleep
    the venom inside
    won't let me breathe

    tears have dried
    and now the coldness eats
    me in my ways,

    i cannot describe.

    -catharsis 2: my name is sun

    drops of pain
    in a box of flames

    a new day is born
    old night is dead

    someone in my head
    keeps forgetting the dates

    i am going to waste
    and nothing will change
    for the next billion years or so
    until the world dies,

    a horrible death.

    -catharsis 3: decay but only

    paint me in sorrow
    cross away my eyes

    my mind is hollow
    and the colours are dark

    pills i swallow
    swallows the sharks
    and kills

    the blood it spills
    cold as ice
    swimming dead in my eyes

    old and wise
    the truth and sly lies

    memories mixed in dye
    the days that don't die

    summer to winter
    those linger
    well into the future.

    -catharsis 4: they leave

    wait before my eyes
    a moment more
    than you have to,


    -catharsis 5: mathematic skull

    aliens in my veins
    supplying my brain
    with chemicals

    a robotic noise
    humming mechanical

    an arctic voice
    whispering something

    my head is buzzing
    since i've stepped
    on a void,

    it's winter outside
    and the sun is dead,

    destroyed mathematically.

    -catharsis 6: tears of the moon

    feed me
    like you feed him

    swallowed in madness
    yet you never die

    bleed into me
    and speak my sin

    i need your throne
    so that i can live in the sky

    breathe into me
    breed thy ink

    and wear my skin
    for your crown

    you are a melancholic king
    of a ruined kingdom,

    passing by a small town.

    -catharsis 7: end of neptune

    water in my eyes
    makes an ocean

    with open doors
    and broken walls

    seperate portions
    desperate and hungry
    stuck in a small room

    where i hide
    under my bed

    waiting to fall asleep,


  • writeweird 8w

    Am i drifting across the milkyway ? or just through the roads in the mountains, i see you crystal clear. #mirakee #poem #poetry #concept #other #broken @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    leave my fucking head

    come and gone
    there's a song
    behind the moon
    where the ruins
    do not sleep

    an empty corner
    filled with rust and scars

    a dark sky that breathes
    bleeds into the skin
    and breeds, sparks and sharks

    as i drift far
    further away in the dark
    swimming blind
    by a forest of stars

    my sleepy eyes
    not yet ready to weep

    ailing inside the
    lonely, a head too far
    into the silence

    through the cold
    across the void

    far away from the cold
    and melancholic violence

    that far and i
    still hear your fucking voice


  • writeweird 9w

    what do i say ? why do you ask ? what's the point in not knowing a little, don't you see yourself anywhere ? #mirakee #poem #poetry #concept #other #broken @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    i'm only ugly because you're looking at me

    to you,

    i'm only ugly because
    you're looking at me

    and i wish i wasn't true

    and the vast universe
    was nothing more
    or less
    than nothing

    i wish i was dark
    so cold that you would
    hardly notice

    so fucking apart and old
    no paint could coat it

    if i have a soul
    i think it isn't mine

    i'm not keeping scores
    but this isn't the first time
    i have lost my mind

    to them,

    and my heart is sinking
    beyond the layers
    of bygone yesterdays

    filled with summer days
    and winter nights

    autumn roadways
    and the air of spring
    cindered lights
    scattered oddways

    to me,

    and here i am sinking
    down the rabbit hole
    of vapid thinking

    not in a state
    to fathom my own

    i'm not keeping scores
    but this isn't the first time
    i have lost my mind

    to us,

    so come and stay
    take away my intestines

    hollow my day
    i don't know how to pray
    wish i was the frankenstein

    i don't know who to pay
    give me this porcupine

    i'm only ugly because
    you're looking at me.


  • writeweird 10w

    something i wrote some time ago never more in need than today, to everyone out there, keep fighting, keep marching on.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeapp #writersnetwork #mirakee #readwriteunite #mirakeeapp #hindi #india #cab #caa #nrc #indian

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    Kya gunha hai ? ( for india )

    Jo wahan hai wo yahan hai 
    Jo yahan hai wo wahan hai 

    Par-e-dil gumshuda 
    Na Jane kahan hai 

    Ek chota sa to ye jahan hai 
    Hum to isse bhi bant chale 
    Dil to ek chota sa makam hai 

    A us kafir ko bhi sath le chalein 
    Jispe uska kudha mehrban hai 
    Ye to ek aeine ki zaban hai 

    Jane teri ankhein kahan hai 
    apne ko hi kyu karta hai khafa 
    Tujse zada insan to asman hai

    Koi lakeer jisko na bant sake 
    Usse bant diya tune jahan hai 

    ab to diwaron me hi tu fanaa hai 
    agar ek dusre ke liye hi marna hai 
    to pyar me marne me kya gunha hai ?

    rok na sake koi usse 
    jisko khaboien ki panaa hai 
    Jo pyar me bana hai 

    lakeer par bhi to ek sapna hai 
    udhar bhi to koi shayad apna hai ?

    agar ek dusre ke liye hi marna hai 
    to pyar me marne me kya gunha hai ?

    ye jo rasta tumne chuna hai 
    akele pad jaoge tum beete kal 
    ye jo hai tumhari addat
    ki ab to ibadat bhi gunha hai 

    dekh le us fakeer ki nazakat
    jo tere mere khoon ki milawat 
    us lakeer ki ahat pe kurban hai 

    agar ek dusre ke liye hi marna hai 
    to pyar me marne me kya gunha hai ?


  • writeweird 11w

    kill me before i die

    walking amongst the shadows
    i can't tell you how it feels

    they don't know my colours
    they don't know how i feel

    walking among the shadows
    trying to catch the violent rain
    it's so violet, they can hardly see

    and they're all the same
    they don't know about my pain
    the hurt i sustain

    and there's so much on my mind
    but i was taught not to complain

    it's all the same
    and i know they won't change
    and nor would i

    so i'll be here
    until one of us dies
    and i hope it's me

    i don't know why
    for i was taught not to complain

    if there's something wrong
    close your eyes and change

    they'll be the same

    sometimes i look out the window
    and it all feels so strange

    so many things
    crashing and burning
    inside my humble brain

    in this bubble of nothingness
    the hurt sustains
    and i was taught not to complain
    so i won't,

    i'll just let them all die
    one by one

    shadows, and they cry
    they cry for everyone

    and then there's me
    looking at them as they pry

    so kill me before i die

    as they try
    to steal my dye

    and i hope i die
    i hope i say my goodbye
    before i become another lie,

    walking amongst the shadows.