I embrace the Art of feelings.

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  • writingislove__ 44w

    I see my every single poetry
    very clearly
    On the wall
    Waiting to rhyme
    Waiting for the feels
    But oh
    It was already happening
    Beneath the lights
    Resides the darkness
    An empty hall
    Filled with so many

  • writingislove__ 46w

    Finding immortality in words
    In poems...
    Oh, how can I be so dumb
    To realise
    That my immortal world
    Since the day his name
    Started to rhyme in
    My each poems..

  • writingislove__ 61w

    Some poetry rhymes
    While some chimes
    Some poetry carries metaphor
    While mine adores you.

  • writingislove__ 62w

    He is that cold breeze of summer which is rare to be find. ˘⌣˘
    #writernetwork #mirakee #pod #deepuDi

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    Feeling this connected with him is reliving
    Im not sure, if I can represent all of him through words
    Words will do no justice to him
    His smile, oh what a heavenly smile it is
    I cannot put in writing enough about it
    He is soothing as lyrics of my favourite song
    His eyes are as deep as well and as beautiful as sky
    He is that cold breeze of summer which is rare to be found
    He is that fume of hot tea that one craves for
    He is serenity, he is solace
    He is the one you'll get to see in my each poem from now on.
    He is luv.

  • writingislove__ 62w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Loyalty

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    Heavely sin of his eye and my heart.

  • writingislove__ 70w

    The flowers, the colonge always belonged beneath the facade, belonged to him.
    He introduced beautiful world in the cover.
    Isnt it beautiful? ^_<
    #mask #pod

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    He showed me charismatic sights beneath the mask.

  • writingislove__ 80w

    My friend, would you keep that aside for a second?
    And just wander that she can be 100 times more beautiful without her dimple and with her black naked soul. Her feelings are much more flawless than her skin.

    #flawless #feelings #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • writingislove__ 84w

    I am sitting under the moonlight
    Trying to feel the warmth
    No, not feeling the warmth, unable to defeat this cold heart
    Even the tears can’t help to warm up
    The Moon is starting to fade
    No, no it can’t fade yet
    But it is, within the clouds
    Maybe, it was trying to fetch my warmth
    But oh, anyway its fading.

  • writingislove__ 84w

    I am a leaf
    Waiting for the swirl
    Searching for a twig

    Where I can wilt
    Where my vein weakens
    Where autumn blooms.

  • writingislove__ 99w

    A bunch of feelings.

    Last time I promised to not feel
    Although I couldn’t stop feeling
    After all, writing comes with thousands of f e e l i n g s.

    People asked me to avoid writing sad
    How would they know?
    Because writing sad makes me more alive than the whole ‘Happy fine’ poem.

    Last time I promised not to cry
    Although I couldn’t stop
    Because crying is the most alive feeing which cannot be denied.

    People asked me to face my fears
    How would I?
    Because facing them means avoiding YOU and avoiding YOU means avoiding writing. ;)