Falling in love again and again

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  • written_by_gibin 1w

    By unknown writer

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    God is in mindful of you always. Do think of Him always.

  • written_by_gibin 4w

    Life is meant to live and not to survive.


  • written_by_gibin 8w

    I was taken to a valley of emptiness with no moods of emotions. The days were like a bottomless pit, nowhere is better. The oceans dried up and the mountains disappeared. All it filled was darkness and deep black.

    "And there you entered with a slight smile."

    Uff, nowhere in the world I could feel the happiness. And all the emotions start to shine like stars where I found life is empty without love.


  • written_by_gibin 11w

    I wish you would be with me in every moments of my Life. 
    I want to feel every breath that you inhale. 
    I want to feel every cracks of your voice in my ear. 
    Your every smile, makes me alive in me. 
    You stole my heart and I am lost. 
    Your voice of laughter still rings in my ears. 
    I feel like there is no life without you. 
    I love you for my sake.Because I want to live.
    Without you I am like an old lion, hunger for a prey.

    I thank God for He introduced me to you. Yes, I believe that it was God's plan that we met, we met, not for any reason, still we met. We didn't talk about any mysterious topics but still we discussed unusual topics. We had fights for nothing but still we did it. I had dreams of you in my kingdom where I am the King and you are Queen. And you look beautiful in that white  gown. 

    I want more of that in my life. It is you that made my life. A life without you is.........

    No, I won't even imagine it. Because I know that true Love will surely meet One Day. 


  • written_by_gibin 11w

    Some says they love us, but doesn't show it out.
    Love that is unexpressed is, not a Love. It's an illusion.

  • written_by_gibin 12w

    Before you expect something from someone, understand what expect from you.

  • written_by_gibin 13w

    People may not like what you do, but still keep doing it.
    Even people hated what Jesus did. Still He continued.

  • written_by_gibin 13w

    I want to talk to you but words can't satisfy my hunger.

  • written_by_gibin 13w

    I am mad at you

    In the beginning, it was love, but now it's madness.

  • written_by_gibin 14w

    Emptiness fills me up, without you.