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  • wrongwriter 10w

    Paper Planes

    Paper planes, flying high
    Just a little under the sky

    Fleeting eminence, momentary leap
    While the world passes them by.

    "Look at us, so teeny tiny,
    Join us if you dare try."

    A gust of wind is all it takes,
    to make the soul of paper cry.

    Crashing down, against the dirt,
    the end of paper pride is nigh.

    Lying there , collecting dust
    Thinking of the glory gone by.

    Until a hand lifts them up,
    gives them wings again to fly.


  • wrongwriter 10w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Blissful

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    The enlightened ones envy the lives of the blissfully ignorant.

  • wrongwriter 10w

    Winter Time

    When the clock strikes seven, and my stupors cease.
    I look out the window and the white snow does tease.

    Not the one to back down, I take a stroll.
    Towards the snowy bits that will make me whole.

    Each passing step, their hold grows stronger
    Rarely have I waited for anything longer.

    Truly dainty, these cottony layers of white,
    In their coldness there's fervour, there's no night in sight.

    Make my way back, leaving behind the snowy dust,
    Expecting these flakes to find me a White Christmas.


  • wrongwriter 10w


    I'd pay to enter a contest, but only with the assurance that you would read these words.


  • wrongwriter 10w


    I choose my words wisely, all white and gray.
    Fear misusing them, throwing them all away.

    For in being mindful lies my sincerity, like the castle made of clay.
    And I'll write you a long musing too, when I have nothing much to say.


  • wrongwriter 10w


    It is in these times one wonders that how can a man feel so lost just being at home.


  • wrongwriter 74w

    How foolish it is of us to think that we guide the sails of our ships, knowing deep down that no one could ever predict the direction of the winds.


  • wrongwriter 106w


    It's a lie that only good things happen to good people.
    It doesn't always. Sometimes the best of the people face the worst of times, while the awful ones seem to be in harmony. Bad things happen to good people too.

    But those who still continue being good, doing good, very well knowing that the fruit of their action might not be sweet, are the ones for whom the kingdom of heaven awaits.


  • wrongwriter 107w

    The Song

    The music lifted my spirits, the lyrics made me drop a tear.


  • wrongwriter 107w


    Violence may not always be the right answer, but it surely is the most fulfilling one.