Broken glasses aren't always hurting, don't go away, I still have some light for you. Author : Does Love Give A Second Chance ?

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  • yamini_expresses 48m


    The stack of books on her shelf
    Had one with a glossy cover.
    Amidst the tribe of grey and brown
    It dazzled like the gem studded queen's crown

    Some mildews had left their impressions
    And a miniature floret of beautiful roses
    Kissed the velvet with a soulful pamper
    But Inside there were tales of agony and clamour

    She wiped the crystals of tears from
    the crimson velvet that stored her sonnets
    Like the summer's beloved waiting for the dawn
    She turned the pages and found a poem written in scarlet crayon

    Her eyes couldn't believe the words.
    He had imprinted his grief on the last page
    Fragments of love floated there in vain
    His Haiku and her Sonnets were sinking in love's domain.

  • yamini_expresses 16h

    Is this love ?

    Soil of Faith
    Breath of divine bliss
    Horizon of lilac hues

    Land of lingering passion
    Fugitive of tears
    Waiting for the sky


  • yamini_expresses 3d

    Echoes of past , music of today.


  • yamini_expresses 4d


    Peach is the colour of belief that encircles the Sun and heals the bruised soul when gentle showers of love subdue the swamps of pain. Peach is you , yes you.


  • yamini_expresses 1w

    I am there.

    I am not there in the clan of your followers who clap at your attainments and then get your kind words in return , I am there in the fragrance that kisses you every morning when you breathe in your belief

    I am there in the moonlight that permeates your skin and caresses your soul ,when your aching nerves strech out in relief

    I am there in your poseys when your ink wooes your thoughts, when your pain curls in those phrases and your tears find solace on the maple leaf

    I am there in your eyes, when they smile in bliss to see the saphire days lit with sunshine and when they see the moist seasons of tenebrous nights in grief

    I am there , I am there till death calls me to another land , I am there for love never dies, from the remnants ,a new life , it retrieves.


  • yamini_expresses 1w

    Outrageous Wind.

    The sea couldn't stop the outrage of the wind, It tried rolling it in its breath, the same breath the wind once merged itself in love, when the mountains were green with the canopies of trees and when the summer had no grudge against the twilight breeze .

    The blue world too was a skilled trapeze,
    yet it waited for the wind to join in its expertise . The fury didn't fade with the fantasy of the waves, for years elongated into deadly uproars, seasons had no story to tell except for the monsoon that echoed in the fatal freeze.

    Now after a gap of the treacherous time, the wind and the sea meet again in. speechless silence, when feathers of avians stir on lovers' cheeks and the dry leaves are now nourished
    A healing calmness prevails everywhere, the hymns of the sea and the wind cross each other, distances squeeze.


  • yamini_expresses 2w


    Nothing could have been simpler than the meet up of our eyes, nothing could have been finer than those true lies, yet you chose to gobsmack me with the gamut of gooblegook lyrics and in search of meanings I graduated in a golden garbo of silent cries


  • yamini_expresses 2w


    Raindrops aren't new,
    They come every now and then
    And in them we see the blissful hue
    Of happiness and contentment.
    But at times they bring the memories preview
    Tears of love and pain with the petrichor
    And the damp squib that life has in its menu


  • yamini_expresses 3w


    Out of a thousand faces he had adopted, my soul could visualise love, in the one that had no voice. Adoration has no relation with the blue and blaring buzz outside. It's not only blind but mum too.


  • yamini_expresses 3w


    Walking through the ashes, love reawakened into the verdant nature.