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  • yaminit 5w

    The moon will set low and the sun will rise again teaching us a new lesson everyday to be brave, to have faith in love, to have belief in ourselves.

  • yaminit 12w

    The thought of loosing you best friend can scare the shit out of you.

  • yaminit 12w

    Moon fall in love with earth knowing they can never be together, lesson learned.

  • yaminit 17w

    Always buckle up to fall when everything is going calmly good.!

  • yaminit 43w

    It's time to cut off people,
    It doesn't sounds good but believe me when they start bitching you will be the one to hurt yourself the most.

  • yaminit 47w

    If your girl ignore her friends for you,
    Trust me she's not the one.

  • yaminit 47w

    Your promises were fake just like you.

  • yaminit 47w

    World lying beneath those eyes,
    Voice unable to Lie,
    Smile taking my breath away,
    Is GONE.

  • yaminit 64w

    The one who has ditched someone once can also be the one who can teach to be loyal.

  • yaminit 67w

    Trust, once lost, is hard to recover.