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  • yashvibansal 17m

    Some thoughts and quotes are so beautiful...they fill my heart with joy and also a tinge of tender regret that why wasn't I the author of these lovely thoughts...

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    For a writer,life is a periscope.Seen through all angles!!

  • yashvibansal 1d

    Sometimes it feels so good to laugh about your faults,admit them and move on.....

  • yashvibansal 2d

    #nostalgia #prism #eyes #experiences #pleasant #pod@mirakee

    Do check out my earlier posts!!!.....I assure you that you won't be disappointed!!!

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    Nostalgia shines from eyes like light through a prism......

  • yashvibansal 4d

    LAMOTINTING-A Spark Of Light

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    I once read a book,
    Which let me off the hook,
    Of the harsh realities of the world,
    And introduced me to a new word.
    It flew me far,far away,
    On a magical day,
    Where the residents kept shouting,
    "Lamotinting! Lamotinting!"
    I was continously thinking,
    "What is lamotinting?"
    My eyes wandered to the sky,
    And suddenly asked,"Why?"
    The sun smiled at me,
    And warmed me thoroughly,
    And replied,
    With a touch of pride,
    "I know since I am bright,
    Lamotinting means a spark of light!
    They call you light,
    For they realise your creative might!"
    I was flattered,but then,
    The ringing of the bell,
    Brought me back to the real world,
    But this story I was bound to tell!

  • yashvibansal 5d

    #book_LS_chal @laughing_soul
    Thank you so much for this unique and interesting challenge!!!

    Like my previous post,A Prince And A Pauper,
    This one too,is not the novel!!��
    It's a part of the challenge!!
    Thanks once again @laughing_soul
    Will look forward to the results!!

    These are the book titles I used:
    A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett
    Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen
    The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
    Wonder by RJ Palacio
    The Diary Of A Young Girl by Anne Frank
    The God Of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

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    The Little Princess

    Harbouring no PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.
    Sitting in a little rose dress
    A single observation she doesn't miss.
    She sees the deepest secrets
    She sees all its faults and credits.
    And writes them down with a little silver pen.
    Oh, she is a WONDER,
    A delight to harbour,
    She is a story in herself,
    Don't shove her virtues on a shelf.
    She is a heroic whirl
    She is her own mistress,
    She is,indeed,

  • yashvibansal 5d

    #hope #pod@mirakee #night #light

    It's a long poem,
    But do read it!!
    I promise you won't be disappointed!!

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    In The Darkest Hour Of Night

    In the darkest hour of night,
    There is light.
    Illuminating our mind,
    Telling us that we are one of a kind.
    It conquers the demons in our soul
    Telling us that we can triumph and come out whole.
    Life may seem like a witch,
    But it can go on without a glitch.
    Creativity can shine bright,
    Positivity can show its might.
    It tells us not to cling to despair,
    Everybody has dark moments to share.
    Life can be a bird with wings
    It can be full of big,fat,happy grins.
    Give yourself a chance,
    And life will make you a knight with a lance.
    A warrior,
    A survivor,
    Like there never was,
    Cause life never gives anyone the same toss.
    Steer your ship's rudder,
    You'll never be happier.
    You are the captain,
    Take the pains
    And cultivate the gains!
    You are your own treasure,
    A delightful pleasure.
    You are all you have got,
    No matter what you gained or lost.
    Be an excellent farmer for your field,
    Sow and reap good yields!
    You ask me how I know this now?
    Well,the story is absolutely wow!
    It was told to me in the darkest hour of night,
    When I refused to let go of that single spark of light.

  • yashvibansal 1w

    She killed a hapless infant.
    She was later diagnosed with cancer.
    She begged life to show mercy.
    Irony smiled its bitterest smile.

  • yashvibansal 1w

    All battles are not fought with shields and swords,
    Some are among brains and hearts!!!

  • yashvibansal 1w

    Spontaneous poetry ,poetry from the heart is the real poetry.Forced poetry is ignored by people just like a leaf fallen from a tree.