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  • yashvibansal 5d

    #past #sixwordstory #mirakee #daily #challenge #chal

    An old repost for today's challenge��
    Also, I'll try my best to post new writings in June!

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    Past goes both storm and calm.

  • yashvibansal 2w

    There's some issue going on with Mirakee, it doesn't allow my profile to be updated. I just wanted to tell you all that I am on a break currently. I have been experiencing burnout due to constant pressure from school work. Will probably be back when our school closes for the summer holidays(June).

  • yashvibansal 4w


    Oh darling, walk into the forest, upon muddy paths!

  • yashvibansal 8w


    An angel, burning in fire
    A devil, plunging higher
    An angel, struggling with desire
    A devil, an ardent trier.

    An angel, smiling while standing still
    A devil, astounded at her will
    The angel, smiling again
    While her eyes recited poetries of her pain.

    A devil, trembling as the wind blows,
    He knows her highs, his lows.
    A battle, to be fought to the end
    Both know there'll be wounds to tend.

    Heaven's angel
    Smiling hell
    Hell's devil
    Praying well.

    Her eyes on him,
    She holds up a picture
    Her eyes bloodshot,
    Examining her new found stature.

    The devil yelps
    He cries for help
    The angel advances, slow and quiet
    Still the devil turns white.

    This an angel turned bad,
    She's horrendous, yet sad
    For her picture drops blood and painful hues
    Remember, Lucifer was an angel too!
    Her pain has destroyed her, giving evil a ruse.

    For it will be a fight
    Between evil and good-turned-evil's might
    The devil knows he will lose
    For it is the cow that rams the horn the worst
    And it is good turned bad that causes the most woes.

    And yet they fight
    Amidst still and quiet
    A losing battle on both sides
    One will lose power,
    Will retire into his hole
    But the other, shall lose her soul.

    And as the angel becomes the devil
    The sun sets on reigning evil
    Unable to witness anymore
    A war between a lost soul and a losing soul.

    Remember, that devil could be anyone around you
    And you could be that angel too!
    Losing yourself, complete and whole
    In a fight with someone who has no soul.



    #angel #devil #soul #lost #evil #wicked #good #bad

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    Soul, Dear Angel?

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  • yashvibansal 11w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Relief

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    Relief is Peace.

  • yashvibansal 11w

    Maybe the moon lingers in the sky every dawn to catch a fleeting glimpse of the first ray of its love, the sun, before it is enveloped in its love's pale light.

    And maybe the sun drowns into the horizon each evening to prove its undying love for the moon.


    Okay, so I know that the sun doesn't actually immerse in the waters, but science can be a little disregarded in the language of love right?��

    And please pardon me. I can't write love, but I tried!

    #sky #sun #moon #love #story #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #soul #sprituality #loveNpeace #lifeNlove #life

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  • yashvibansal 12w

    She's a nerd, a geek
    What an awful freak!
    She doesn't like sports, prefers books
    Can you ever imagine someone curled up in a nook?
    Their voices yelled
    In her head
    Getting louder and louder
    They filled her with dread.
    But she had the dove
    Of self love.

    ''Ruining my mental peace?"
    Challenged she.
    "Try me!"
    There's change in the air
    She's no longer frail!

    She's black, she's dark
    She has curls all over her head
    She reminds me of the walking dead!
    Cried they
    Piercing her heart and her way
    They were adamant, but so was she.

    "My beauty is my mind
    Which no longer cares for thorns of this kind!"
    There's change in the air
    She no longer needs to be fair!

    She's never heard
    Not because she doesn't have a voice mingled with tears
    But because
    Society has turned a deaf ear.

    But that must change
    She's stronger by the day
    She paves her way
    Instead of letting thorns lead her bleeding feet astray.
    She'll listen, she'll tell
    She's not afraid to yell
    She's no longer a timid hare
    She is now a fearless mare

    She doesn't bear anymore
    She breaks down closed doors
    There's change in the air
    She does dare!

    There's a lot left still
    But there is also her iron will
    Which will make her fight
    With all her might
    Pushing away all the horrific frights
    She now knows her rights.
    There's change in the air
    In fame she now has a share!

    She's a shining star
    Breaking all bars
    She dances, she sings
    She flies with hard earned wings.

    She wears her wedding ring with pride
    But she also rides with strides
    There's change in the air
    There's change in the air!


    #women #she #empowerment #selflove #fearless #different #unique #daring #brave #womensday #womenlove #womenera #girlpower #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #soul #sprituality

    I know International Women's Day was yesterday, but I wasn't at home then so couldn't post.
    Happy International Women's Day!!
    Let's make every day Equality Day!

    This poem is especially dear to me, because I composed it in an audition round for a slam poetry competition and was selected to go ahead.

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    There's Change In The Air!

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  • yashvibansal 20w

    #sur_title_ch @thesparklingpoetry So thankful for this challenge and so sorry for the late submission!

    The tears.
    The pain.
    The cries.
    The silent screams.
    The waterfalls of broken constellations.

    The monsters, appearing from under her bed
    And creeping up into her head.
    Threatening to eat up her soul,
    Raw and whole.
    The waterfalls of broken constellations.

    Comments, painted by a thousand tongues,
    Deep and sharp, the words stung.
    She's fat, she's ugly, she's bad, she's mad
    She can't do anything
    She's a drooping flower,
    Faint and sad.
    Waterfalls of broken constellations.

    Yes there are stars
    And the Man in the Moon
    But sometimes they go away
    And leave her alone too.
    Waterfalls of broken constellations.

    They rained upon her
    Scarring in their touch
    Threw herself upon the floor
    Begging them to leave
    But they didn't heed her pleas much.
    Waterfalls of broken constellations.

    Oh, yes, those monsters were adamant
    But so was she.
    Eating away at my mental peace?
    Try me!
    Echoed she
    Waterfalls of mending constellations.

    Cried Rumor to Depression
    I can't help you any longer
    She's found what she needed
    And she's stronger!
    Waterfalls of mending constellations.

    Ran Depression to Fear
    And cried, " Help me dear."
    My roots are being uprooted
    Her soul is rising!
    Waterfalls of mending constellations.

    Said fear
    Can't help you dear
    She's found that dove
    Which helps her rise above
    She's found it at last,
    She's found self love!
    Waterfalls of beautiful constellations
    Waterfalls of beautiful constellations.

    17 JANUARY 2020

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    Waterfalls of Broken Constellations

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  • yashvibansal 22w

    Upon arrival, Detective Dhyani looked around. So this was Flower Alley...so peaceful...a murder here seemed straight out of fancy. It was the first city, she mused, which was quite pleasant.
    "OMG!" chirped Meena. "Can't believe my eyes...thought that the place would be teeming with reporters...but of course, Superintendent Khanna took care of that...he had been only too glad to get this case of his hands and intrust it to you...All credit to him of course..."
    "Meena, less talk and more work!" snapped Detective Dhyani. Meena stared at her medium height, brown haired, serious sister and muttered, "Can't believe I am YOUR sidekick!"
    There was a knock on the door. Ronit opened it, grave faced and angry.
    "Damn you, you reporters! Can't you leave my daughter alone? Get lost before I..."
    "Excuse me," said Detective Dhyani curtly, cutting him short."I am not a reporter. I am Detective Dhyani whom you may have heard of."
    "I have not heard of any such detective," said Ronit grumpily.
    "What an insult!" murmured Detective Dhyani.
    "Umm...you said something?" asked Ronit suspiciously.
    "No," said Detective Dhyani hurriedly."Anyway, can I come in? I wish to make a few inquiries."
    "Certainly not. My wife is suffering from hysterics since this happened.My daughter is taking care of her. I will not entertain disturbing her more."
    "Well, Mr Ronit Mathur, you must answer my questions then," an unfazed Detective Dhyani answered.
    "Sure. Fire away."
    "I believe your daughter Chahat Mathur found the body?"
    "She lives with you and your wife?"
    "No. She lives in England. Came back a few days before. Poor thing, it has been a shock for her, though her mother fared worse."
    "What is Chahat Mathur's profession?"
    "Is that relevant?"
    "Indeed it is, as is all her history."
    "Well then, she went to England to study at the age of eighteen. She is currently thirty. She majored in English literature, philosophy and psychology. At 26, she began to work as a professor in Oxford University.She is, you see, extremely brilliant. Well, after some time, she decided that the job didn't suit her. She then trained for a year under a psychologist. Then she set up her firm. Worked for a year and came back here for a month."
    "Why did she come back?"
    Ronit stared. Detective Dhyani noticed a flicker of the eyebrow. "Why can't a daughter come back to meet her parents?" he demanded.
    "Indeed she can." Detective Dhyani's voice purred, relentless and pursuing."But usually no one comes back after only a year of business in a new country...where one has to make a name for themselves.. "
    "Stop it," said Ronit blankly." It is best that the truth be told. Chahat wants to marry an English person...we were not well-coughs delicately- what you call exactly in favor...so she came to convince us."
    "Who is this young man?"
    "Some George,"answered Ronit with distaste."Why these girls can't marry people of their own society is beyond me. But anyway,you have the background story. Anything else?"
    "No thank you Mr Ronit Mathur. You have been most helpful..."
    This is my first story. To keep track, refer to #murder_vi
    Ask me to tag you if you like. I'd love to ��
    #murder_vi #crime #thriller #thrilled #firststory

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    Murder:How Far Would One Go?

    Part 8
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  • yashvibansal 22w

    A child,
    Stands so mild,
    So deadly quiet
    And in a soft tearful fright.

    She tries to smile,
    But the tears run a mile.
    A child with her father stands
    Under sadness's watchful glance.

    Soft and beautiful she is,
    Blessed with Nature's grace.
    Yet,she stands,
    Holding her father's hands.

    Her warm cheeks wet,
    With the essence of death.
    Her father lies down below,
    In the coffin of death's blow.

    31 DECEMBER 2019

    #sad #deary #gloomy #death #child #father #separation #pain #ceesreposts
    I know that it is the end of the year, but I remembered this sad poetry I started a few days back and completed today. I really felt like posting it.��

    Pic credit to Google.

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    A Child With Her Father Stands

    A child,
    Stands so mild....
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