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  • yayajuiclara 16w

    Can you step into the light feel me

  • yayajuiclara 17w

    Stay with me forever.

  • yayajuiclara 17w

    Hear the beat of your heart.

  • yayajuiclara 17w

    If you could bring anyone back to life, Who would you bring.
    I will bring back my daddy.

  • yayajuiclara 17w

    I'm telling you
    I softly whisper
    Tonight, tonight
    You are my angle

  • yayajuiclara 18w

    Everybody girls is talking about me and my friends
    They didn't know what I'm thinking they just judging me
    And I was there with my friends always because she is my bestfriend if I was not there she will not be happy and even I have plenty of works to do.

  • yayajuiclara 18w


  • yayajuiclara 18w

    Wasted makeup

    On you I wasted makeup
    With every tear I've cried
    Now I might never make up
    For all this wasted time
    And every lie and makeup
    Just helped me realise
    On you

    On you I wasted makeup, makeup, makeup
    On you I wasted makeup, makeup, makeup

    Singer Dylan Conrique

  • yayajuiclara 19w

    The one he likes is not me.

  • yayajuiclara 20w

    A friend is the most treasure in your life.