I do not like to feel restricted when i write

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  • yejashwi 14w


    What is it that you keep,
    Hidden within your heart?
    Do you speak your secrets with the masses?
    Or do you fear it may come apart?

    Is it madness that you cherish,
    The gifts that you've created?
    Or is it wisdom that prevents you,
    From bringing yourself to share it?

    It may not shine, it may not glimmer
    It isn't gold, nor diamonds that glitter.
    Is it real enough to be held with your hands?
    Or is it a dream, from one of your plans?

    Would you save it if it meant losing yourself?
    Not knowing how it'd spiral, and how far you'd delve?
    You have peaked my curiosity, so tell me so,
    What is it , that you treasure the most?


  • yejashwi 15w


    Reveal to me, that which seeks to hide
    Under the guise of any other
    Hidden in plain sight
    The night obstructs my vision
    What is stood before me, I know not
    But all shall be clear on your arrival

    Your stride so sharp, ever so piercing
    Unhindered by the masses,
    You cast a shadow upon.
    Seen from the edges of the world
    Your gaze demands an answer
    For a reply, never shall it arrive

    Through the void between entities
    You pass without a sound
    Relieving all beings from the shade
    Your absence once created
    Must you depart so soon?
    I bid you farewell, until my eyes open again.


  • yejashwi 15w

    The Virtuoso

    Step closer, my anticipation spikes
    This moment so familiar
    Excites me still
    Beauty shall unravel
    And it shall fade the same
    In a crescendo of hot metal and flame
    This scent so amicable, I crave for more
    But diluting this emotion would feel so impure

    Don a mask I shall
    To show my true face
    For it isn't a given
    But a creation of my own
    Beauty I shall seek
    In the darkest of depths
    For pure thoughts are rarely so bright

    An abhorrent mind
    For a distasteful soul
    A truly fitting pair
    The curtains unfold
    I will put on a show
    As the call for beauty explodes


  • yejashwi 72w


    Till the prime of noon, I lay in bed
    In hopes of winter, I lay in wait
    The cold harsh winds bother me not
    For a dark high fire is what I've got.

    I see all the faces of the sun but one
    For a star even brighter passes by
    Although it lasts for a time too short
    The beauty of the sight I can't deny

    I pull the strings for a glimpse at the moon,
    The shine pierces through my heart.
    But the excitement is often followed by rain
    And I can't help but feel torn apart.

    Every summer, I chase the storm.
    A chance to feel the cold breeze
    Reminds me of the time, I felt so warm
    Even the coldest of hearts wouldn't freeze.


  • yejashwi 81w


    Look in the glass and admire yourself
    Look at your vision shine
    Bask in the glow of your golden face
    Smile because you know you're mine

    Walk out the door, breathe in the air
    Let the breeze bustle through
    Remember our walk where we divulged in talks
    Smile because you know I love you

    Sit in a café, order a latte
    Make it sugary sweet
    Smack your lips but forget the bitterness
    Smile because one day we'll meet

    Put on a dress, a colour you like
    Change up the sense of your style
    I'll embrace you with praise, to see that happy face
    For what complements your dress is your smile

  • yejashwi 83w

    Strange brew

    Visions vanish and darkness turns to light
    As I inhale a familiar scent
    Reminiscent of countless nights, in this morning
    When I was sore but hellbent

    I follow the fumes from a furnace a far
    With the richness of dark it burns
    Bringing wonder and amusement to the beholder's eye
    By this anticipated yet common sight

    A vessel is put down, a ceramic marvel
    Fill it with sugary delight
    Drawn from the furnace, is a dark essence
    The essence that reinvigorates life

    Craft a concoction with a precise consistency
    Infused is the mixture with bittersweet memories
    Tweak the masterpiece and draw upon with your lips
    Every morning feels bearable with fresh coffee to sip


  • yejashwi 83w


    Tell me,
    How far have you delved into your own mind?
    Do you ever question yourself?
    Do you ever wonder if you're wrong?

    The depth of your mind is shallow at best
    You lack the answers to raise questions
    And the ability to deny your emotions

    Tell me,
    How is it that you know everything?
    Are none of your facts fiction?
    And the knowledge you've gained not a given?

    What you know is a mere figment of reality
    What you state is what you've devised
    What you preach is what has been preached to you

    Tell me,
    Do you ever think unlike you?
    Do you ever lace up shoes that don't belong to you?
    Or do you feel your thoughts to be the truth?

    You put on a mask made up of glass
    Your feet are too big and your compassion too weak
    You lie to yourself not knowing its a lie

    Tell me,
    Why do you feel you have depth?
    Is it that your ego is too big?
    Or is it because you're pride is too thick?

    You swim at the top, unable to make the dive
    Too full of yourself to ever sink
    Too fixated on yourself to ever blink

    You're as basic as one can be

  • yejashwi 83w

    Who is she? Who are you?

    She is bold, she is strong
    She is cold, she is young
    She is..shut the fuck up

    She is none of those
    Yet she claims she is
    Her boldness is an idea
    Her strength is a dream
    Her youth is a spur
    Her cold heart is simply anger

    She isn't unique
    She feels what we feel
    She speaks freely
    But you speak to yourself
    She is in pain
    But so are you
    She is in love
    And there is love for you
    She is going out
    But you're staying in
    She says she drinks
    To numb the pain
    But you're numb to the core
    In the coldest of rain

    Is she all what she says she is?
    Who is the she she talks about?
    She is timid and scared
    In mediocrity does she despair
    But not you,
    Mediocrity is too mediocre
    Normality is too bland
    Silence is too loud
    And the average is too common

    You're an outlier
    An uncommon sight
    You're the rainbow in this monochrome life
    You're the screamer in the quiet night
    You are truly an outrageous gem
    Your shine is dark and you glow in the light
    You truly are an uncommon sight

  • yejashwi 83w

    Read the first letter of each line. I wrote this for someone close to me and I thought it was worth sharing. #love #poetry #morningpoetry #london #morning #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    The Proposal

    Willingly I chose you regardless your looks.
    Intense were those moments left my heart ashook.
    Love me or hate me you'll always be special,
    Like a poem from the heart, never superficial.

    Yearning for your caress I lay awake at night
    Over the moon I feel when I hear your voice
    Unity of our minds beneath the wonderous starlight

    Beyond the realms of men, you're in my mind
    Elysium my dreams, when I grab you from behind

    My love for you, sway it shall not
    Interest in your words, fade it will not
    Never to leave you broken and scared
    Eternal my love for you, death may despair


  • yejashwi 83w

    On my mind

    Step into my mind and amuse me
    On this sunny afternoon
    As I lay in the confinement of my screen.
    Converse with words you've never spoken
    In this path of time,
    When I get cozy with my sentiments

    Take me to a world of your creation
    Where never is today
    And the end of forever is tomorrow.
    Catch me when I trip over and fall
    Fall into your embrace
    Embrace me with your voice

    Lay rest to these anxious nights
    They stain my mind
    And abstain the joys that distance destroys.
    Breathe the love that fuels my fire
    Let the flames engulf me
    As the figment of you surrounds me.