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  • yellowroses 48w

    Flames that burn

    This fire inside burns vibrantly
    Honestly and hastily it erupts
    Like a blaze strong and true
    Unable to control the rage my firey hue
    Protective of those I hold dear
    Can't help it I bite down all fear
    I unleash my venomous weapon inside
    My anger it burns threatening to tear off their hide
    All my fire my kind exterior hides inside

  • yellowroses 48w

    5 months....

    5 months...
    5 months was all it took,
    To have a lifetime of bitter sweet stories to tell of a time I will never ever seek to know again....

    The car chases,
    The threats,
    The violence,
    The people,
    The memories...
    Enveloped in an alcoholic smoke,
    Her addictions running rampant,
    And our times without a home,
    The times of endured starvation,
    And the times we came so close...
    But together, fell so far...
    As we fell far to living out of a small car,
    But smaller the food on little to last,
    Yet as slowly as each day the time did pass,
    These memories will forever burn,
    Like a cigarette burnt in skin,
    Scarred the flesh of my brain,
    Unable to let go,
    Of a past I'll forever know,
    As if it were yesterday....
    Forever.... the damage remains,
    Smouldering in smoke....

  • yellowroses 48w

    Shoutout to Shivangi_Kapoor! :)

    Checkout her Youtube channel: for a whole bunch of amazing poetry!

  • yellowroses 49w

    The one I wonder about

    We aren't together yet...
    But to sleep with I don't regret.
    Yet my mind still craves yours.
    And I ponder on our confused state
    To date or not to date
    To know more of course I'd adore
    And I'll wait till we can open that door
    But my feelings though relaxed
    Seem to float in my mind
    I seem to think about you all the time
    Yet no longer giddy like when I was young
    I just feel the comfort like the warmth from the sun
    You fill me with joy I feel safe and welcome
    To be myself which is a feeling I treasure
    So I do ponder these things...
    As are we friends or more?
    But either way, it is you... I want more.

  • yellowroses 50w

    Free me, drink I see

    Why does it feel so good?
    When the poison trickles down my throat?
    Addictive yet controlled if found
    A sense to break impulsive desire
    To down every drop I can
    And leave but an empty can
    I crave the feeling fuzzy and weak
    Cutting through my depressive disease
    Drink too much of temptations gaze
    And find myself in a saddened rage
    Unable to stop my minds awful rot
    Down memories painful and long forgot
    No thought to hold my impulse from me
    Each lot of booze the desire in me
    Set my mind free, it's all I want to be
    My next drink please keep me chained and free.

  • yellowroses 51w


    Where do I belong?
    Where will my soul take flight?
    When all over I feel this void
    Do I fit in?
    When all say - I do
    My mind disconects
    Disrupts my pat-tern
    Of thought
    What to do when silence claims my voice
    When pain sinks my chest
    And I drown in memories unclearly cut
    Where do I belong?
    Never had a place before
    Any place I had-
    Was left-

  • yellowroses 52w

    Mother of mine

    From the moment I wake
    I can't seem to shake
    My thoughts of her
    That still linger
    She rose me up
    With a man of painful lust
    She sadly fell victim
    To misplaced trust
    I wished I could save her
    From his greed and his hand
    As he'd bash and act rashly
    Till we followed all demands
    Yet to survive she keept quiet
    And I always wonder now
    Could she ever break away
    And come meet me here some day
    I miss you all the time
    You were once my mother of mine
    But now that I've fled
    Broken connections conversations left dead

  • yellowroses 52w

    Eyes in sleep

    As I shut my eyes to sleep
    And thought my mind doth creep
    Memories flock towards mine eyes
    And flood mine soul in heavy cries
    I seek no more from thine mental raid
    Please I beg of thee to final'y fade
    To the nothingness a forgotten state
    Yet haunted my past mine sorry fate
    Give me freedom, you give me none
    This, my torture under lifes burning sun
    This a weary worn plate of thought
    Given greif to feed on, one by one
    No more I beg of thee no more, away
    Alas stab'd my mind stay'd sore I sway.

  • yellowroses 52w

    Restless racing thoughts

    I'm restless pacing back and forth
    My thoughts keep racing keep no track no more
    My mind is in disorder what is this even for
    My heart is my disaster always beating too fast
    I'll never last in this game where the savage roll the dice
    Where the aim of playing nice is no longer thought a charm
    Better to learn to take up arms
    No need for talking anymore
    Fear so in my greedy heart
    Wanting more peace more freedom no war
    Wars on the street
    Wars in small meets
    Between big companies or policits
    Or the whole world raging breaks in ties
    Everybody's living in these lies
    Everyone fights for their rights yet not knowing what they are
    Is this the answer when we have no leg to stand on
    All we have is our own head and hearts and hands
    While we're stuck listening to all these violent demands
    No peace for the peaceful
    No rest for the weak
    Only fear to keep us alive
    As we're all hunted by our life like sheep in a paddock
    How can I ve restful while my head is being tested
    In this struggle to keep my breath
    And follow silently like the rest?

  • yellowroses 52w

    #Earth #Red #Blood #Climate #Cries #Australia #Awaiting #Writersnetwork #Mirakee #Change #Dying #Suffering #Deaths

    Australia has dust storms in NSW making the state pitch black and restricting vison and airways. Melbourne has supercell hail storms damaging and flooding the state. Fire devastation keeps the air unbreathable. The sun has become hotter and burns easier increasing cancer risks. Money is being raised but yet so many have no food or shelter still.... the governments has money yet they aren't correctly distributing it to those in need. Sco Mo still wants to aim for a "balanced," approach but it's too late for that we need climate action now. Suspicions are his own government party is internally arguing at how he's handling our crisis. It's horrible to think all we all can do is nothing and anything we do we don't even know if the money will go to the right people. :(

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    Fearful bleeding earth

    I'm scared for this life
    I'm here our world I feared
    We're all awaiting
    All feeling the tension build and explode
    Broken cycles, broken days
    Why can't our systems change their ways?
    Dust storms of red only one state
    One state of many lay red in blood
    Blood of floods blood of fires
    Our blood is red but our blood is dead
    For the planet is dyed bleeding it dies
    We all sit here helpless in cries
    Australia an example
    Australia a country rich in many
    Now loosing all to many more disasters
    Controlled by a government internally divided
    As a nation we're waiting, for the safety not provided
    Our earth is bleeding and we bleed with it