Words has power to define what heart cannot✨ #KeepWriting

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  • yogita27 7w

    कोई कैसे लगाए उस गुनहगार का पता,
    बदनाम की आड़ में जिसने गुनाह कर लिया।

  • yogita27 12w

    तमाम खालिशों को कुछ इस कदर उड़ा देती हूं,
    कि जब बहुत दुखी होती हूं, मुस्कुरा देती हूं

  • yogita27 13w

    Vo guroor tha mera,
    Aur guroor to ek din toot hi jaata hai.

  • yogita27 14w

    No winter can stop a spring from coming.


  • yogita27 14w

    If God given me the feeling to Love, that would be given For You ❤️


  • yogita27 15w

    You go nowhere by digging out others.
    Dig yourself and takeout the diamond from inside of the coal.

  • yogita27 16w


    Listen to your inner self instead of this world.
    You will go nowhere by listening to thousands of mouth.
    Listen to yourself and take responsibility of your life.

  • yogita27 16w

    "The power of calmness"

    There is no other way than calmness to get the things that you want. The main ingredient of calmness is being self satisfied.
    Be satisfied where you are, yet keep working for better.

  • yogita27 16w

    More than just a "boyfriend"

    When I see you happy and laughing and smiling, my heart filled with anonymous joy. Your little sadness truly affects my heart, coz Its not you and me, its Us, in every way ❤️
    Whenever you are upset about anything, even when you don't tell me, I just know about it and wants myself to hug you as tightt as possible...
    The king of my ❤️, My Love

  • yogita27 16w

    Loved ones

    We should cherish every single moment that we spend with our loved ones. Everybody isn't lucky enough to have their loved ones around. Some don't have it near them or others don't even have.
    So just be with them, make them happy, speak your heart out to them, just enjoy with them.