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  • yokai_ 8w

    I just want someone to read it please

    A void i couldn't fill with strangers
    A void my friends couldn't find either
    A void I can't name my self
    A void you don't won't to comprehend
    I still wonder wonder
    The last night the last day the last time I felt this small
    Under the shower
    What if i melt into the water

    Sometimes i wonder and wonder
    If the cage was my home
    I was aching for breaths
    But i was happy ,
    I've made choices , this and that
    Where the hell am i now ?
    People in love should go be in love
    But I don't know what i am in
    Everything is see is empty and desperate.
    It aches and burns
    And hurts and cuts
    It Breaks and bends
    But it's place with no mends


  • yokai_ 10w

    Sometimes i feel myself craving warmth.
    My eyes close and the flashes of hugs i shared with you creep up in my chest.

    I start contemplating,
    Can i replace your warmness with another's.
    I stand corrected, no.

    A layer of heartbreak paints over my own lips,
    As you stay silent,
    Not bartering my "i love you"s.

    Infatuated, i treat you like an obsession and it's true too.
    I love you and you love me , i hurt you and you hurt me.


  • yokai_ 14w

    I don't cry a lot
    But when i do cry,
    I cry for the sky left behind when all the clouds are gone.
    I cry for the wind that knows about the struggles of humanity.
    I cry for songs that are more beautiful than poetry.
    I cry for paper cuts on thin skin barely holding matter and mind together.
    When i do cry
    I cry for the sake of crying.


  • yokai_ 15w

    I'm holding my breath
    But I don't know why
    Is it you , is it me ?
    I have tears running down my face
    But I don't know why.
    Is it you , is it me?

    Let's see, you say .
    But you forget who i am
    What if someday you stand there
    Asking for my heart again?

    I'm not scared that you won't.
    Im scared because what if i won't?
    Will i move on , like i did yesterday?
    Will i cry, like I've never cried before?

    Say you'll be alright
    Say you'll be alright
    Please say you'll be alright
    Whatever may i choose to do.


  • yokai_ 16w

    Young and wild and free

    Broken bones and broken hearts
    Torn pages and coloured cards.

    Dark nights and fairy lights
    Perfect songs and purple bites.

    Ripped jeans and wrist bands
    Beer cans and bad lands.

    Loud concerts and secret smokers
    Good girls and shiny posters.

    Horny head and bad friends
    Wrong Tattoos and loose ends.

    A forever in dawns and dusks

    A forever that's young and wild and free.


  • yokai_ 28w

    If i am an object

    If i am an object
    Then I'll be the one that brings about universal destruction .

    If i am an object
    Then I'll be the crown that makes lusty kings
    Fall, before the eyes of their provinces.

    If i am an object
    Then I'll be the crazy experiment that went awry
    And the scientists can do nothing now.

    If i am an object
    Then I'll be the nuclear that men of power
    Sell their souls to the devil for.

    If i am an object
    Then I'll be air, water, fire and earth
    The weapon that god himself graced nature with.

    If I am an object
    Then brace yourselves with lose morals
    Because then I'll be the object of your damn destruction.


  • yokai_ 31w

    New year?

    Im not there yet
    There are memories still, tainted
    I should make peace with.
    When a song makes me cry
    Do i love it or do i hate it.
    And if i leave here ,
    To be true to thyself
    What does it mean
    Do i have to accept
    Do i have to regret
    I have no answers ...


  • yokai_ 32w

    Sad? and beautiful?

    Why must beautiful and sad always go together?
    Why the feeling of loving something and not having it be a greater trigger ?
    Oh god, if you are there and you made us thus,
    You are a tease. A sad tease.


  • yokai_ 32w

    To hell and back and then back to hell

    To hell and back and then back to hell
    Wandering into the house of haunts
    It's never a story of finding things
    Because things are just that , things
    Thoughts are just that, thoughts.

    I thought i found something
    Something that finally makes me not break into tears
    Something that doesn't not make me fall weak on knees
    I thought it was something that i needed and something that needed me .
    But remind me someday , it's the house of haunts.
    I didn't know i could lose solace.

    But yes things bought with things can often get lost
    That too in the same heap of things.
    So desperate i am , gather me some happiness here
    For i have witnessed it too many times
    Peace and death are seldom found in the last line of the book.


  • yokai_ 36w

    the sky steals me of my life
    bribes me to quit it
    for it is not my soul starves for
    this normal is not what my heart has a thirst for the blue majesty
    with white patches and darker shades
    makes my heart beat so fast
    I embarrass myself
    thinking people in the street can hear it too
    I feel the heat of my kingship
    the sun
    pushing me forgiving in the struggle
    reminding me of all the greater things
    I feel alive
    I feel the presence of the