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  • youngdumb 1d

    Striking to the curtains of wall,
    I found a silver striking in my eyes,
    To the glow of sun.
    The ring it was.
    The ring we shared to be a forever promise,
    Now just a part to share memories of sorrows.
    Adored and looked at it with tears
    In my eyes for a minute.
    No! That's it .
    I will do it today.
    I tried hard,
    "No I won't come out at first attempt "it uttered.
    I tried even hard.
    There it is!
    No way! What's that white patch?
    "A place of memories"- the ring smirked.
    What about the heart ? I thought.
    What about the permanent bruises on heart?
    Who will make them go way?

  • youngdumb 2d

    To the roses I told about
    It happily bloomed.
    The petals smiled at me,
    And glowed with a scent of love.

    To the sunflower I talked about love
    It bloomed towards the sun
    And not to me,

    Roses are beautiful
    Sunflower is too.
    But they go where they smell of love,
    Reason they bear thorns,
    A sin for not being loyal
    To the roots,the mud
    It blooms in.

  • youngdumb 3d

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    Right through her rib Cage
    You'd find you there.
    Carved and loved all the way .
    The veins chant your name
    The bones shriek in the absence of you there.
    Arms searching for you
    Fingers would dome if you ain't there.
    The butterfly in the stomach would go wild
    Making a way to the eyes up there .
    Flooding the water
    Often cried thinking about you.
    The body would be hallow
    An empty space.
    You fill the soul
    With all the love there.

  • youngdumb 1w

    Like a beautiful sad song,
    You were.
    I learnt you like a
    Secret from the moon .
    Each verse of you ,
    was a beautiful lyric
    to the hymns of my life.
    I chanted you over and over again
    And alas!
    You faded with loss of interest
    Within no time
    Just like the cloudy clouds above you.
    Still I'll be back to you
    When the sun shines,
    I'll sing you again then.

  • youngdumb 1w

    I loved you like the ocean
    You were just like the splash.
    I gave you all of my rainbow,
    You only lasted until it rained.

  • youngdumb 1w

    You and me
    Incomplete it was
    At first I wretched
    Looking at the sky
    I smirked.
    Moon is incomplete at times
    Yet beautiful.

  • youngdumb 1w

    You could become a book in my life,
    I won't even be a
    Verse in yours.
    -© youngdumb

    #pod #ceesereposts #laughing_soul @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    In the back page
    Of the
    memories lane.
    I write a story
    through you.
    and striving ,
    I bring you back there,
    Every day.
    Yet you manage
    sneaking out every night.
    I'll keep a blank page,
    In case
    you return.

  • youngdumb 1w


    I walk past the
    Lane of memories.
    You follow me there
    Everywhere, anywhere I go .
    You strike paths along with me.
    You said you would be there,
    But you aren't.


    Laughing by your jokes,
    I cherish each time spent with you.
    Good times rolled ,
    You were right there.
    Bad times poped
    you disappeared faster than the sun on a gloomy day .


    My only back bone I suppose.
    Through thick and thin you were always there.
    I had you then I have you now.
    And i know I'll have you forever.

    #laughing_soul #ceesreposts #pod
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writerstolli @writersnetwork

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    It's better this way,
    Lonelier but better.

  • youngdumb 2w

    You are an art,
    The art you wished to imbibe in you,
    You are learning the art of being nice,
    Being beautiful,
    Being strong and independent all by yourself.

    They come,
    With shining crimson colour of hope,
    They leave with a stain of black.

    You are right there,
    Replacing the dark With the colours brighter,
    Brighter than the black sky ,
    With a pinch of beauty among them.

    You'll make it through,
    From the mere blank canvas,
    To the one with stinking black ,
    To a portrait of your soul.
    Free. Independent. Blooming .

    You are a star honey!
    Let them be the stain of black,
    You be the goddam palette of glowing colours.
    - © youngdumb

    #pod @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    You are a star honey!
    Let them be the stain of black,
    You be the goddam palette of glowing colours.

  • youngdumb 2w

    Darling even the sun kisses you
    For the way you bloom.
    Duh! I am just a human

    #pod @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Darling even the sun kisses you
    For the way you bloom.
    Duh! I am just a human