I am under the age of 18!!!! Please keep your opinion to yourself! I just want a place to write!

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  • youngster 30w


    I never got to say goodbye. I lost him faster than you can say stay. I don't know what i did wrong. I just don't.

    His name was Vincent. He was my age, 13. He was a bit scary looking with lip piercings and black makeup that mached his midnight black hair, but he was funny. He was like that ray of sunshine you need when you feel down.

    Till he dissapeared. Out of nowhere. He just vanished. This was tears ago. But i still remember him. Maybe he isn't really gone. Or maybe he is just staying quiet. Sometimes i feel him there or here. But i never hear him. I get a small flash of his face or i hear a small laugh.

    Its not only me. They hear it too. They ask who he is or where that noise came from but i can't tell them.

    I can't tell them about his cristal blue eyes or his perfect smile. I can't tell them about how he loved roses and how just seeing them could make him smile.

    I can't tell them about the beauty of the voice inside my head or the wonderland we built together.

    I never got to say goodbye.

  • youngster 31w

    First rule of mental health:

    Learn to distinguish who deserves an explanation, who deserves only one answer, and who deserves absolutely nothing.

    And trust me when i say...

    You deserve absolutely nothing if you want attention.

  • youngster 31w


    The Devil gave me wings

    And i took to the sky.

    But had i only realized sooner,

    Those wings were never mine.

  • youngster 31w

    Familiar Stranger

    I look into the mirror.

    There she is again.

    Brown hair.

    Brown eyes.

    A wide smile and lightly dusted pink cheeks.

    I wish i knew her better.

    I wish i was her.

    I wish i could be comfortable in a tank top.

    In shorts.

    But there are too many scars.


    But there she is.

    Telling me it's ok.

    Maybe she's right.

    Maybe she's not just a familiar stranger.

  • youngster 31w


    There all blind.

    Blind to my pain.

    I lost her.

    He doesn't understand.

    It hurts.

    They understood.


    Now there gone.

    And the new faces...

    There blind.

    Blind to the red lines.

    Blind to the tears.

    Blind to the insanity.


    Blind to the person longing for a friend.

    Blind to the laughter.

    Blind to the smiles.

    Blind to the love.

    There blinded by judgment.

    There ignorant to who i an behind the mask and costume.

    There blind to who i can be.

    Who i yearn to be again.

  • youngster 31w


    Go back to your nest my friend.

    The world here is cruel and unfair.

    Before you even open your eyes they will come with fire and sweet words.

    Burn your dreams and let you pay the price.

    Demons roam here everywhere.

    Telling you, he is your guardian angel.

    Sent from heaven;

    Teach you to be like everyone.

    Fear inflicted on you if are not the norm.

    All men are born equal they say.

    If you show something they dont like;

    There you become something.

    Something called a Misfit