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  • your_self 17h

    Pretending the play with all the instances just for the feel of fact in enacted form to the absence of everything called only you my sweetie pie which is breathe !

  • your_self 17h

    For Letting

    You vanish away, just speak for a while, look at only any instance but you create your path in my way because is it the way in for letting you or for getting you !

  • your_self 17h


    Tiring one till the claimed things are for reality is only in feeling you as always !

  • your_self 17h


    Sometimes that fake smile counts upon anything rather in withelding some actual facts for reality !

  • your_self 3d

    Expect the unexpected just to mean you everything precisely for the fact of breathe which is totally yours.

  • your_self 3w

    Beauty is within yourself, appears some moments revealing it out without the presence of you meants path to lead !

  • your_self 4w

    Everything happens for a cause wherein just to feel the presence of you !

  • your_self 4w

    The best part of the vision would be your first look just as simple as hunches which run all across you're craziest minds !

  • your_self 4w

    Understanding the feel of one' is realizing yourself for the reason which seems totally you !

  • your_self 4w

    (Be You)

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    Darkness is a gift wherein to explode the fact that a precise spark brightens the entire place to have perfect step on for a cause !
    Be privileged in accepting the facts which is your's so that the globe accepts one day in what manner you were into !

    Stars shine only in darkness