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  • yoyowrites_ 5h


    The news saddened me today
    To witness peace turning violent
    Someone would say they've got clout
    Some may truly felt threatened by the law
    While some may say it's for the future

    But is the future for us all?
    Or was it an autocracy in the making
    In the borrowed name of growth?
    But then again, can we hold on to the past for that long?
    Trying and failing makes us grow, wasn't it?

    Silence is as great a weapon as metals
    Being vocal could land someone as potential threat
    If neither of it could compromise with the present
    I wonder how the broken law and order would be restored

    The news reminds me today
    That nothing could be built in a day
    We measure both the good and the bad
    As much as we treasure what's best
    Are we missing out on something though?
    Because a deaf still remains deaf
    And a blind still could not see
    Somehow we've always managed to live as one.


  • yoyowrites_ 1d

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    There are certain things you wish you never did-
    Ignoring the pleading eyes of someone in need;
    Spitting words you didn't mean
    As you bow to the reign of your ego
    Blinding you with the reflection it gives

    There are certain things I wish I never did-
    Folding my arms away in times of need
    And leaving the mess as it is while I
    Turn my cynicism into weapons to crush the weak
    I let myself down with every actions I take

    But who am I to judge who is weak?
    When I suffer from wickedness and sin?
    Punished for life for the choices I made
    Where I plead for forgiveness I'd never receive
    And be forever drown in ocean of guilt!


  • yoyowrites_ 3d

    I am at that point I don't even know how far I can go but I want to trust in you, God to ferry me safely across the shore.


  • yoyowrites_ 3d

    My birth gave me an option
    I wasn't ready to choose-
    Either pride or prejudice, I must have one
    Harder are the blooded ones to compromise
    Cause if you win, you are the former
    If you lose, you become the latter
    And I gambled with both because
    Subservience pays the interest.

    As I was sold when I was in a womb,
    My wings were clipped before it could develop.
    Like a doll I was displayed and glorified for lies
    Became a bait to catch the troubled fish
    For a profit that wasn't mine
    Caught in a cocoon I cannot escape
    Unwillingly, I evolved into a beautiful fool.


  • yoyowrites_ 4d

    Paper boat and star

    You have me dreaming
    Upon the vast celestial realm
    If this surreal connection I felt
    Were somehow tied to a string somewhere

    But slow as I am
    My visions are rather parochial
    To witness your incandescent glow
    Among millions of stars flirting
    To guide me throughout the night

    Sometimes I wish,
    This flying lantern could deliver
    My letters written with much gratitude
    Before the floating candle could sink
    So my heart would be pleased

    But I'm just a paper boat
    Sailing yet again under borrowed light
    Ferrying ineffable words too precious to bury
    To anyone out there willing to receive
    Because I'm tired of being the only one
    Chasing you instead.


  • yoyowrites_ 5d

    Not all lies are harmful

    When the news reached her mother,
    Her only child was no more
    She wasn't ready and no one was
    A second seemed to too long to strike
    Slowly the truth sipped in
    In a room her soul has left empty

    She began to see her time rewinding
    Seeing that little one running towards her
    The first step and the first fall
    The first word and the first kiss
    Everything fell apart the moment she blinked
    Like waves crashing onto her sandcastle
    And it was gone... permanently gone.

    But God wasn't far from her sight
    The hunch she felt the previous night
    That something wasn't going alright
    Made them have the last deep conversation of a lifetime
    Her laughs and the usual greetings
    Felt different like saying goodbye

    "Mother don't cry for me
    I'm happy being here
    I'm sorry I made you sacrifice
    Your happiness to raise me instead.
    Do what you love from now on
    Let me take care of you cause
    I'm old enough to take care of my own
    Thank you for being my mother
    I love you mom"

    Over and over she read
    The exchange of their endless texts
    Each line broke her to pieces
    Each time she started over, new meaning she finds
    And she found solace in the lies she created in her heart
    Being unable to concede defeat to the truth that lies ahead
    For truth ain't always beautiful
    Neither are all lies harmful
    Though caught in a paradox
    Somehow, she found a way to live on


  • yoyowrites_ 5d

    Every step from now
    There will be storms waiting for you, sometimes it will
    Encourage you to take a path not well known
    Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day you see
    Many a times you may find it exhausting but when
    In doubt, I want you to remember the
    Nights and days we have wished for a better roof
    All to seek life away from this humble abode
    To watch sunrise from a different ground
    I wish you could find strength in such thoughts,
    Our memories that are ever connected like home
    Now that you are old enough to live alone.


  • yoyowrites_ 1w

    I keep coming back

    I keep asking what I am seeking?
    The place I could feel free from the madding crowd?
    But how can I when I sometimes crave for some company? No, it's not the crowd that bothers me
    neither is the bustle and noise of the big metropolis.
    Maybe, it's my mind that needs rest, control the uncontrollable growth within its own right but how?
    Trust me, I've tried to run away, give myself some break but the world is a scary place indeed, it keeps dragging me into its abyss. Don't we all look for something to get out of this nightmare clouding to muddle the air we breathe?
    Well for me, I keep coming back to my journal.
    As delicate as it could be, these hands of mine are my weapon to wield against the darkness, my staff to keep me company, no matter how nonsensical my points may be, I escape with each words I typed in.


  • yoyowrites_ 1w


    If only my temper
    Were controlled
    To brave the the cold
    If only my hand
    That cuts
    Were taught to carve
    A sculpture that last centuries;
    If only my mind
    Were trained to
    Think beyond what
    I could see
    What great weapon
    Would I be carrying
    As I stand
    Before the world!

    If only my lips
    Were not sewn
    but trained to speak
    All things injustice;
    If only the lies
    tied to the blood
    Were exposed
    Before it evolved
    Into accepted truth;
    If only the ugly truth
    Were not dissembled
    But shine like crystal;
    I would not be trying so hard
    To prove that I'm human too!


  • yoyowrites_ 1w

    Matthew 17:20

    "Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."