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  • zacksparrow 21h

    Nobody took part that day.
    Thanks to @ruhii_ lovely and kind soul. For making it a thing.
    Here's my handwriting pretty crappy. ��.
    Don't freak out lol.

    Make sure to take part it's quite fun.

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  • zacksparrow 1d

    My poetry is the only way to live with you ,
    In my words I dance with you and bathe in
    Moon kissed night. Remember the lavender
    April- the day when we first flew in our sky.
    Now I speak to the wall about my emptiness,
    I sculpture my dreams in the vernal words.

    Your sojourn embossed in my empty heart.
    I visit our garden of memories every day
    I sit exactly where you use to sit and smile.
    At night I enter your dream land and wave
    At you from the balcony of your heart and
    write our promises in the papers everyday
    That one day I will hand all to you at once.

    Enamoured! my face kissed by your words,
    Our vintage love I have framed in my heart
    And surreptitiously cry in my insipid smile.
    Your pulchritudinous demure I carry on my chest,
    And count upon it to say, " this was the love and will be".
    ©zacksparrow//Aquib //

  • zacksparrow 2d

    Your love is not love when she annihilates your self respect.
    ©zacksparrow//Aquib //

  • zacksparrow 3d

    Have you ever seen the ship
    without the harbour?
    It Swim on the ocean and wither completely.
    Today it seems like I am in the ocean like this ship
    Trying to anchor so that i can take respite.
    And exhale all the soot and burnt carbon.
    I see you like a star smiling
    resplendently and shining
    as bright as the pole star.
    But i can't breathe 'cause i dont know how to swim
    in the sea of Vexed thoughts
    And hullabaloo figments.
    I can't reach your sky oh! dear.

    You kept calling out my names.
    But my hand you see,
    Wish i can reach you.
    Upon the dead cloud my tears lay
    Without the sunshine it rained.
    Nefarious premonition grasp my trachea,
    Blocking me, choking 'me'.
    I hear epitaph of the lost 'me'.

    Tomorrow I will resurrect dear,
    The sun only shines but sometimes get eclipsed.
    So keep your hand hanging I will reach
    And grasp and inhale your aroma
    And with you is my peace and tranquility.
    ©zacksparrow//Aquib //

    PS - I found this in my draft, sharing with you.
    PC -
    #mirakee #love #aurbatao #pod #yaminiread @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    I miss the star I once had !
    ©zacksparrow//Aquib //

  • zacksparrow 4d

    Why I block ? My perspective.

    I want to get this off my chest.
    I block those who are constantly unappreciative of my posts.
    I have seen one girl copying my stanza plagiarising them. I reported that to mirakee as well, and to my surprise she was adamant that it belonged to her.
    Well she deleted that stanza but the hypocrisy man!.
    I did not want to mention any name a girl reached me out via insta nudged me about how I write just like a normal person I literally provided the source to read and gave some key points , you know what she got the #pod after that , she gave me to proof read that material too , It hurts when people close to you freaking are unappreciative and ignoble . I have nothing for her but goodness.
    It was surely a learning experience for me, people will use exploit you.
    I prefer to block them just stay away.

    I will block you straight away if it comes to my knowledge don't come to my face and ask me why I did ? You are free to block me, please do block me if you think I am wrong or if you just hate me for this.
    My readership is almost the same because I have build this for over a year on pure grounds of trust and words Alhamdulilah.

    if you don't like me just block me or else if it comes to my knowledge I will certainly block you. I am not here to flatter just because you are a cute girl or a cute boy.

    Stay true to words, I will block and don't come at me stating why did I block and act as if you are freaking Yeats.

    I go by instinct ,

    What I write are close to my heart, you are free to correct my mistakes in my writing or suggest me constructively, but if you are like seeking my attention. Following and then un following I will straight away block you.

    I am really thankful to those who support me for what I express here without any mutualism, you can see their comments here . All that I build up in a span of a year man!

    Next time when I block you don't ask me why ?

    Yeah I am rude. Call me whatever you want.


  • zacksparrow 4d

    I had only one star shining and guiding
    That was you, my world a ajar of closed ones
    Now that you are drifting away slowly
    But surely my sky won't be having stars
    And woud be devoid of any light.
    'Twas about that time that you leave.
    I knew one day it would happen.
    And my world surely would then split asunder.

    You will probably be light years far
    to even hear about my annihilation
    Let alone shedding some tears.
    I am expecting too much
    It's a 'thing of beauty' to cherish the stars
    The love at times is limited admiration
    Whilst, why will you care about worlds?
    I was just one of them.

    I am the stop you halted,
    Oh! your stay, oh !your chitter chatters,
    Echoing in my valley seem so profound
    This may seem insignificant
    But for those like me they're magnificent
    A mellifluous scribbled symphony,
    Fettered my bridled angst to peace.
    I have been lucky indeed, I can't hold you
    More, upon dusk you have to leave.
    But your memories eloped my heart.
    That stays forever with you.
    Alas! i know you wouldn't care.
    I was among the many halts you took.

    The turbulent ocean that you wished to cross
    And willed to reach the other side of shore.
    Your entrusted me and my small boat
    Ah! Your serene visage when I saw
    I looked at the moon then your face
    I couldn't distinguish it was so alike.
    Escorting you to the world of yours
    The elapsed time a memento to me.
    I would take away that to my home
    And will sing ballad out of it
    The love indeed lived, even though it was
    Nascent journey but intermittent in my memory.
    I know you won't care
    I was among the many boatsman.

    Wishes are feelings untrue true,
    Love in my heart never faded
    I will be the same for you
    Same world, same boatman
    And same halt. If you need me
    Just take my name again.

    ©Aquib(Zack Sparrow)

    #mirakee #amwriting #originalcontent #aquib #writer #iam_fuddu_writer #aquib #ceesreposts #pod #yaminiread @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • zacksparrow 5d


  • zacksparrow 5d

    #urdu #ghazal #mirakee #pod #yaminiread #aquib
    Jaan nisar - devoted
    Javaaz - justified
    Nayaaz- supplication
    Bazm e Jana - closed ones
    Ulfat - love
    Irtekaaz- convergence
    Noor e Qamar- light of the moon
    Ru e noor - light from her
    Furqat - devoid of love/lovers
    Qalb- heart
    Veraan- empty
    Aghaaz- start
    Muhafazat- protection (husband's muhafazat- )
    Benayaz- exemplary
    Faraz- height

    "ru e noor ka jo tera faraaz hai" and "qalb veraan me ishq ka aghaaz h" credit of this line goes to @muslimah_

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    Tere isharoon pe jaan-nisar hai
    tu jo kahe bas wahi javaaz hai

    tere adoo’n se dil be’haal hai
    bazm e jana me tera nayaaz hai

    hamari awqaat kya ulfat h teri,
    mera mail na koi irtekaaz hai.

    noor e qamar ki kya tareef karon
    ru e noor ka jo tera faraaz hai

    mayassar nahi kuch furqat main
    qalb veraan me ishq ka aghaaz h

    kya soch kya khyaal h tera Aquib,
    uski muhafazat bada benyaaz h

  • zacksparrow 1w


  • zacksparrow 1w

    "Once upon a time...",
    I looked deep the blue ink drying out of my quill, there was just no story to concoct. I gazed out of my window unto the dark hazy sky flooded with dark clouds hardly I could witness the moon.

    Tring tring tring...The phone rang breaking the silence.I turned back transfixed at the red Beetle phone screaming at top of it's voice and then after sometime the stark susurration lingered. That silence was beautiful I took my quill and dipped in the ink and rose up to wet my drying larynx. I gulped the cold water I felt shiver dancing in my gut, the clock struck 00:00 with the thud.
    "Open the door", there was continuous banging on the door I left the half finished glass of water on the slab and treaded cautiously towards the door holding the sword I had that belonged to my father, I didn't believe in fairy tales when he used to acquaint me with the over the top tales , "son, this dagger belonged to the patron of the Eagles".

    I had no idea about the eagles or falcons whenever my father blabbered their tales, I took out the sword from it's sheath and opened the door, a cloaked lady with the attire that was wierd to me collapsed in my arms , her veil dropped revealing her face to my surprise the clouds parted away giving ways for the glistening moon to shine, so was her face.
    "my name is Claudia, Oh son of Salem, you are the chosen one, wield your sword and face it to the moon", I didn't get to the details and didn't think apt to question a half dying beautiful lady, perhaps.
    "Now", she nodded.
    And the white pangs of light struck me I felt pain as if my skin was being scraped away. All I remembered was standing between ten fifteen dead men and Claudia smiling at me and thousand of questions striking my mind to be answered.

    ©Aquib //Zack Sparrow//

    #flash_fiction #fairytales @mirakee @writersnetwork

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