A Drop From The Ocean Of Patience...

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  • zakariya 1h


  • zakariya 14h

    I risked losing
    The peace of mind
    In this venture
    Of falling in love
    With the beauty
    You possess
    For one day
    It will fade away
    And compel me to live
    With the invisible scars
    you hide behind
    The facade of
    Your smile.

  • zakariya 1d

    With the emergence of dusk
    Darkness starts dwelling
    The muddy den we live in
    And I burn myself to ashes
    Just to lit your pathways
    And bestow you with
    A serene merriment.
    Still, you hardly ponder
    On the sacrifices I oft give
    In keeping the flame
    Of our love burning
    Amidst the dreadful
    Tempests of throe.

  • zakariya 1d

    Mother's in War

    From dusk till dawn
    The bloodiest wars
    Does distanciate
    The abstract souls
    From concrete bodies,
    Does scratch deeply
    The unseen wounds
    Beneath the seen ones.
    Snatching the dears
    From wrinkled mothers
    Laying on death beds
    With tears etching and
    Submerging in depths
    Of that unchanging pain
    That has been there,
    And may be again,
    But, who hearkens her
    Screams and whispers
    That why she looks
    So sad and broken
    Oft, people treat her
    Not less than a mad
    On seeing her roaming
    Barefooted to find,
    where her son is buried
    Just to hug his grave
    And tell him to rise
    And come back soon.
    Oh! the global souls,
    Let's proceed to end
    This huge bloodshed,
    And sow the seeds
    Of love and peace
    In barren hearts
    And, let the garden
    Of hopes bloom.

  • zakariya 3d

    Friends Apart

    Though he promised me
    To stay, till I will let him go,
    Or else, close my eyes forever
    And, depart for heavenly abode
    But, as the autumn winds blew
    To change the way trees look
    By shedding all of their leaves
    Just to enjoy the sudden fall.
    He too changed his true colours
    From intimacy, to miles apart
    To let my vision wrench blurred.
    And stayed corrupted with those
    Who'd conspired, to trouble us
    That, I could no longer see him
    And, the way he has changed.
    Now, since his abrupt betrayal
    I have silently poured down
    A sentimental ocean of tears
    Now he often visits my eyelids
    Not to wipe out, the tears
    But to float his paper boat
    And enjoy the way, I cry.

  • zakariya 5d

    Cage and Hope

    Since, you caged me in the
    Midst of extreme wilderness
    And, flickered the lights off
    To scare me with darkness
    And annihilate me in isolation
    I kept my heart glowing with,
    The oil of those blood drops
    Oozing from the bruises, I got
    While walking on the thorns
    You beautified my paths with
    And, ruthlessly I did learnt,
    The silent art of surviving,
    With the spiny thornbushes
    You obliged me, to live with
    Now, I am blooming again
    Amidst the pleasant breeze
    Of freedom and hope.
    And if ever, you won't like,
    To visualise me shining,
    Come and squeeze me into
    Some mere drops of nectar,
    And, as such put an end
    To all my historic wishes,
    And decompose me to
    The fossil resin of amber
    Or else, tell me in words
    And, I will turn myself,
    Back to the dust.

  • zakariya 1w

    Oh! My Lord

    In the finite journey of life
    Whenever I will be worried
    Like a cloud on the horizon
    And you will see me falling
    As the rain of desperation
    Do shower a radiant of hope
    On those visualised droplets
    And, let them featly shine
    Like the chasing rainbows
    And be my solid rock
    To lean on and creep with
    In all times of trouble
    My hope resides in you,
    My love for you is eternal.

  • zakariya 1w


    Though, autumn withered away
    All the leaves of trees,
    Rendering them undressed,
    And the winter further conspired
    To conceal the branches,
    With a new burden of snow,
    But the trees hardly mourn,
    For, they hope the spring winds
    Will blow soon to overcome,
    The frosty zephyr of winter
    And, against all odds, they are
    Destined to bloom again,

  • zakariya 1w

    Even, the
    vibrant colours
    of rainbows, are
    insufficient to
    replace the
    torrential storms
    of pain, you jolted
    her heart with,
    by drifting away
    from the rhythmic
    beats of love
    and eternal soul
    of humanity.

  • zakariya 1w

    Though she
    tried to conceal
    her scars with a
    cheerful smile,
    but her trembling
    hands, narrated
    the tale of being
    shattered within.