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  • zarvis 11w

    I’m nothing special.

    I’m nothing special.
    We don’t hold many conversations anymore
    but every part of me wishes that did.
    I never wanted us to end.
    I never wanted us to lose someone as great as you, in the end.
    I’m not perfect,
    no one is.
    Somehow...yu’re perfect to me.
    your eyes...the way they’d sparkle.
    your smile...the way it would grow at the smallest things.
    your tears...the ones I caused alot.
    I always made you the bad one
    I’m somehow good at it...
    I thought I had a good heart but...
    i lost yu.
    I don’t find that good-hearted in any way.
    you always tried to help me
    i pushed yu away.
    yu kept trying.

    Then one day?
    Yu gave up.
    I was scared...
    I thought I had ruined everything...
    I thought yu were going to leave and i wasn’t going to see yu ever again.
    I thought yu were done with me, but
    then yu messaged me
    then we blossomed.
    Yu always keep me stable and for some
    odd reason i never seemed to tell yu thank yu.
    if i ever did
    you’d tell me not to.
    You deserved to hear it, so why not let me say it?
    One day, yu got distant really...distant...
    we stopped talking as often.
    our long chats turned into small smiles.
    our eyes never met anymore.
    I messed up.
    I hurt yu...and i never meant to.
    It’s stupid to say that but I never thought it’d hurt you as bad as for you to...go..
    Yu started to ignore my messages...or you’d be short with me.
    I started to cry myself to sleep...
    then you left and...I never saw you.
    I wondered where you had gone.

    Then...I saw you...
    walking along with
    I...I wasn’t good enough anymore.
    but it’s okay, because I knew that I’m the reason.
    You’re happy now..and I’m okay with that.
    I’d rather see your smile grow instead of shrink because of me.
    I just wish you to stay happy.
    I’ll always be here...because I still care yu know...
    I’ll never forget you...because unlike me...
    Yu were everything special.


  • zarvis 12w


    It’s a cold evening
    That tarnishes the soul
    Seeps under the skin
    Till it touches bone.
    Ahh! The bitterness
    That gathers strong
    Till numb to winters bite
    Yu continue your walk
    Between twilight
    And the Christmas lights
    To winters thrill
    A hard to swallow

  • zarvis 13w

    Fill The Voids Yu Left Behind.!


  • zarvis 13w

    Hey Dadu,

    I always thought love was fickle, and for the one’s who did deeds to deserve it.
    Yu taught me many a times , this world was not only love, but 20 cents forgiveness, 30 cents kindness, 20 cents respect, and 30 cents humanity.
    We missed out on love in making to a 100%
    No we didn’t miss out! Love is somewhere entangled with all of them.
    It’s intertwined between your lost presence and my meaningless existence.
    I’ve served love to some and they didn’t even pay me back. While others expressed their love for me in more than one way and I have never returned them the same share.
    It just keeps on working that way!
    We need a better place! Can’t we make that happen.? Where this cycle of one loving someone and then that someone loving someone else ends.?

    While sitting on edge of terrace I’ve seen the end coming! With every sleep that might not turn out to end I’ve seen the end roar at it’s best.
    Our end !
    We are nothing but transient piece of stardust walking the face of earth. All carrying a burning flame within us. With our deeds designing how well we live to die.!
    None of us knows what lies ahead. And I’m least concerned with knowing it. All I know is I can’t come running to you for advices now, I need time to time. I can’t ask your suggestion over how to plant a new sapling. I might not do that gardening ever now or I may do it for lifetime.
    We regard our actions as tribute or maybe our gloom’s for others!
    I don’t know why we’re so complicated!
    All I know is the bed where yu slept is empty and the terrace where yu used to chat with me, I’m no longer able to find that company there!
    It’s just silence which your voice never fills up!


  • zarvis 102w


    When the silence converses calmly
    Words fade away in oblivion
    Chaos loses its meaning
    Emotions flow freely
    Solace caresses
    Solitude seeps
    Soul connects
    Peace drips

  • zarvis 105w


    And In The Lonely Common Terrace Of
    The Hostel
    Where Countless Memories Were Made.
    As The Sunset,
    All I Think Of Was Someone,
    I Could Share It with.

  • zarvis 130w

    Obsession is not love
    Infatuation is not love
    When someone ignores yu
    Or treats yu poorly, carelessly,
    Or with indifference
    And that creates a need for their love
    That's not love
    That's a lack of love, for yourself, trying to fill your missing pieces with theirs but when someone is whole and yu are whole
    And yu act in kindness, benevolence, and vulnerability through strength
    Love becomes an exchange of pieces with another person,
    And that is love
    As it's truest form.

  • zarvis 132w


    Our culture has bred consumer and addicts. We eat too much, buy too much, and want too much. We set ourselves on the fruitless mission of filling the gaping hole withing us with material things.
    Blindly, we consume more & more, believing we are hungry for more food, status, or money, yet really we are hungry for connection

  • zarvis 133w


    Did yu ever realize how much your body loves yu?
    I mean it's always trying to keep yu alive. That's all your body has to live for. Your body is making sure yu breathe while yu sleep, stopping cuts from bleeding, fixing broken bones, finding ways to beat the illness that might get yu. Your body literally loves yu so much.
    It's time yu start loving your body

  • zarvis 137w

    You & I

    I explain quietly. You 
    hear me shouting. You 
    try a new tack. I 
    feel old wounds reopen. 

    You see both sides. I 
    see your blinkers. I 
    am placatory. You 
    sense a new selfishness. 

    I am a dove. You 
    recognize the hawk. You 
    offer an olive branch. I 
    feel the thorns. 

    You bleed. I 
    see crocodile tears. I 
    withdraw. You 
    reel from the impact.