Ah!! She’s livin’ an introvert’s reverie...

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  • zeelbpatel 3w

    This vintage soul that nests my mortal body seeks allure not in the idealization of a jiff, rather the bitty imperfections that pave way for a grand reality!

  • zeelbpatel 18w

    Wildly Dwelling In ‘The Now’

    As I embrace the jiffs
    Fading with gentle allure,
    This teeny heart of mine
    Wits the charm of now.

    Springs a wild rush within
    As I feel every breath.
    Through jiffs alike the now,
    My souls chants of dwelling-
    Wildly dwelling in ‘The Now’.

    Gentle busses of traversing puff
    Presents sprinkles of hope,
    One that clings farthest-
    Afar as the horizon rocks.

    In dulcet melodies of gulls,
    I harken of gratitude and love;
    Whilst rustling amber leaves
    Croon of presents of present.

    How enigmatic it feels
    Twirling in glee with the sun
    That drowns to stem again,
    Whilst radiating mum whispers
    Of the joys of lone moon.

    Overwhelmed by encircled allure,
    My existence arises high
    Whilst intoxicating every vein,
    That rushes with verve
    Of wildly dwelling in ‘The Now’.

  • zeelbpatel 40w

    Yet Another Promise

    With aurora soaring uphill,
    I spring up jovially.
    My soul erupts gratitude
    As I don to embosom NOW!

    Existence seems hush and sedentary
    Whilst I gulp gentle gusts.
    It fondles me affably
    And intoxicates my ardor.

    Spurts within an unusual vibe
    As I wit jiff flurrying,
    Afar in a maze of yore
    Setting ablaze my veins.

    I surf magnificently
    Through those mum hours.
    The heavens gleam tacitly
    And shower chrome sunbeams.

    Gazing the rising victories,
    I promise to clutch firmly
    Enormous zealous pinnacles
    And sweat more than bygone.

    I embrace simply dwelling
    In the sanctuary of possibilities,
    Savouring atoms of torments
    And laughing out triumphs.

    With my meagre moments,
    I weave out masterpieces
    For my soul whispers wildly-
    Cherish your inner giants!

    At the finis of dusk,
    I twirl on salmon melodies
    For having grandly lived,
    And kept the promise intact.

    Reveries flooded enticingly
    In the mansions of my eyes,
    I commence a sweet quest
    Into hollows of Slumberland
    For I await yet another promise.

  • zeelbpatel 52w

    I may cowp art through my inked - stained fingers but my heart twirls when I gaze at the coffee - stained folios dance on the melody of my poesy.

  • zeelbpatel 55w

    Extraordinarily Elegant

    A ritual since epochs
    Has passed upon untamed,
    Pure, wild and wonted
    Amidst the altered forms
    That drape modern folks.

    Five-headed honoured feet
    Gambol in buoyant mirth,
    Whilst strolling the savannah.
    Yet, a boastful brown shoe
    Feels extraordinarily elegant.

    Cute cartilaginous ears
    Tacitly blush with glow,
    Whilst harkening the koel.
    Yet, a lusty scattered speaker
    Feels extraordinarily elegant.

    Bitty keratinous nails
    Always spring in bliss,
    Whilst they are bald.
    Yet, a tinted coat
    Feels extraordinarily elegant.

    Dermis-layered skin
    Expresses itself jovially,
    Whilst draped in hues.
    Yet, a pricked motif
    Feels extraordinarily elegant.

    Three B-coloured hair
    Sways wildly with zephyr,
    Whilst in the open moors.
    Yet, a multi-hued highlight
    Feels extraordinarily elegant.

    Incredible sapien entity
    Is already imposing,
    Whilst beholding intricacies.
    Yet, a finery and cheek-brush
    Feels extraordinarily elegant.

    Oh! The untamed ritual
    Seems to be tamed now,
    Whilst the majority of homos
    Dragged far, afar and forth
    From their literal elements.

  • zeelbpatel 55w

    A letter for a Finis

    Dear universe,
    with an alluring finis of the 2019 novel, let me be in bliss and harmony with all the unfolding events; for my inner self needs to pave a brand new path for further advents! Let me be more loving, caring, kind and giving and please, give me the strength to continue my strive for perfection in all that truly matters to me. Let me be a little more braver than I was yesterday! Love you in all your elements.

  • zeelbpatel 62w

    On some twilights, she feels deeper, deeper than the waters and her hankerings cling farthest; afar as the horizon can sway and the hues of the skies feel home for somewhere along the paths - she belongs to the elements of this cosmos.

  • zeelbpatel 67w

    The art of journaling is pure in itself for it enables a being to have confabulations with itself to evolve, revive and ameliorate in eternal ways!

  • zeelbpatel 69w

    The deplorable twilights were the best of nights I could ever hark back to for they chiseled my existential potent into an alluring weapon that now drapes the best version of myself.

  • zeelbpatel 69w

    We are all sole fibrils of thread, the ones who are entitled to unify and weave a masterpiece out of a rugged cloth.