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  • zeeshanjawed_ 10w

    Before Leaving,

    I really want you to know that
    I wouldn't be the same guy now,

    I wouldn't enjoy those night walks anymore,
    I wouldn't drink the same coffee anymore,
    I wouldn't go to the same book store anymore,
    I wouldn't listen to our "Forever" playlist anymore,

    And I don't think I would be happy anymore...


  • zeeshanjawed_ 11w

    Being by the sea feels like
    A wonder amidst the worldly chaos,
    The serenity engulfs me,
    As I feel the cold breeze upon my face,
    The sand beside me feels a bit too grainy,
    As I try to hold it in my hand,
    The waves rise high up
    Only to recede back into the blue absym,
    Meanwhile,the sun sets with its reddish hue,
    Looking gracefully over the ocean...


  • zeeshanjawed_ 11w

    To the day when we'll meet again,

    We'd look each other in the eyes,
    You wouldn't say anything to me,
    Neither me to you,

    I'd still fall for your hazel brown eyes,
    And the way your silky hair blows in the wind,

    I'd still fall with the way you tuck your hair behind your ears,
    And the way your glowing face embraces that cute smile of yours,

    We'd have nothing to say to each other,
    We'd hug each other tightly,
    Cause we'd know that we made it,


  • zeeshanjawed_ 12w

    Our end was like....
    Two galaxies colliding,
    The stars resisted,
    So did the planets,
    The stellar phenomenon was
    too painful to watch,
    There was a flash,
    And then there was stardust,
    And thus,we grew apart


  • zeeshanjawed_ 13w

    Winter is coming....

    There's something about the onset of winter,
    The way it starts,serene and silent....

    When the first fog settles in the evening,
    The first chill you get while riding your bike,

    The smoke protruding from the roadside snack shops,
    Adorned with warm winter delicacies,

    The early sunsets,
    As if the sun itself celebrates the winters by retiring early,

    The vagrant finding himself a place to survive these parky nights,

    The warm cup of cappuccino you make for yourself ,
    As you sit by the fireplace , wrapped in a blanket....


  • zeeshanjawed_ 13w

    Dear Disappointment,

    It's been long since I first met you,
    And we've come a long way together...

    It was arduous at first,you know,
    Getting used to you wasn't easy...

    But now, It's just monotonous,
    You don't affect me anymore....

    Maybe I am getting used to you,
    Or maybe I just don't care anymore...


  • zeeshanjawed_ 13w

    Rohan's house.
    Doorbell rings.

    Rohan opens the door, It's Pranay.

    Rohan: "Hey man,Sup?"

    Pranay looks paler than usual.

    Pranay(replies grimly): Rohan, I don't have much time,I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful times we've had together and for being such a good friend.

    Rohan (puzzled):"Why are you saying all

    Pranay(turns to leave):"You'll understand,
    Goodbye Rohan"

    Rohan,still perplexed,closes the door. Suddenly,his phone rings. It's Kabir.

    Rohan(picks up): "Hey man, what's up"

    Kabir(sobbing uncontrollably) : "There accident....Pranay.....he...he...died on spot....."


  • zeeshanjawed_ 13w

    When you left

    Nothing seemed to matter,

    November had taken its toll on the trees,
    Who sighed and shredded their leaves,
    as if mourning your departure,

    The clouds stayed in the dreary sky,
    Befuddled whether to pour or
    Sail away with the wind,

    The sun settled early,
    Making way for the fog to settle in,
    Which then enveloped the entire vicinity,
    As it paved the way for the streetlights to shine,
    Amidst this frame of sensory deprivation...


  • zeeshanjawed_ 14w

    A moonlit night.
    L’Ombra del Leone, Venice.

    He was busy working on his new novel,
    Sipping the cappuccino,
    When she arrived.

    Her eyes were chestnut brown, simple, and elegant
    They had a galaxy of their own,
    One could easily get lost in them,
    and drift off into her universe,
    And in no time he was lost,

    The silence continued as their eyes talked
    While their heartbeats exchanged vibes,

    The candles burnt brightly,
    And the stars glowed elegantly,
    For Cupid had been called again...


  • zeeshanjawed_ 14w

    Dear Slim,

    It was during
    the summer of 2015
    when I accidentally
    stumbled upon "Rap God"
    And it has stayed in
    my playlist ever since.

    Happy birthday Em.