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  • zellallove 3w

    Happy sad

    You see me smiling
    You see me happy

    You only see what I am showing to you

    Putting up a face
    That lie of a face
    The one I put on for show
    That's what you will see

    See me with a mask
    To hide the sad the pain
    To hide the truth from the world
    So no one knows

    The truth you will never see
    You will never see in my face
    For my mask will hide it all

    Because what you can't see
    You can't destroy
    You can break me more
    You can't use it against me

    What I don't show the world
    They can't laugh at me
    Can't enjoy my pain

    For I will not show you how much
    Pain and suffering that's with in me

    For the world will destroy me
    Use it all against me

    My mask will protect me
    From the world out there

    Happy and sad
    But you will never know what I feel

  • zellallove 3w


    Sitting in the the dark
    Listening to everything around me
    So much to hear
    Nothing to see
    All I feel is pain
    The pain inside of me
    That pain from deep inside
    For it feels I'm losing everything
    Everyone else is taking what ones was mine


    Pain is all I feel
    Pain is all I know
    Pain is what I'm going through

    Giving in
    Giving up

    That is what I'm trying not to do
    But everything is going wrong
    Everyone is against me
    Everyone believes the lies

    Only 3 that stands by me

    Everyone else leaves me
    They want to take it all away
    That what I'm living for
    They want to take it away

    I'm broken
    I'm in pain
    My brein my body my soul
    Everything is getting to much for me
    I'm trying
    But I'm breaking
    For so long I have been strong

    But sooner or later
    I'm going to break

  • zellallove 9w

    Long time

    Long time no write
    No more words to say
    All falls apart
    Can't hold on anymore
    Feel all alone
    Everthing is falling
    Can't stop it at all
    I don't know what to do
    For all is lost in this world

    I'm falling more and more
    Don't know how to get up
    Don't know how much I can take
    For I'm breaking
    Peaces don't fit no more

    Can't find the ground to stand up on
    Under me the ground breaks
    For I'm falling
    And I can't seem to stop it

  • zellallove 15w


    Clouds come together
    Wind bring them together
    Let it rain

    Rain rain come and was away
    The bad of all
    Clean the earth

    Rain rain please start to fall
    Feed the earth
    Let the nuwe grow
    Out with the old

    Rain please start to fall
    The earth is dry
    We need u now

    For all to be clean
    In with nuwe out with bad

    We need the rain
    To was away the old and dry
    So nuwe life can start to grow

  • zellallove 15w

    Can't no more

    I'm don't
    I can't take it no more
    Its getting too much
    I'm done

    Please take away this pain
    Please take away this bad luck
    I can't take it no more

    I'm giving up
    I'm done

    I have nothing left
    Can't take it no more
    My bank is dead
    My soul is dead
    My heart is dead

    Nothing I can do
    For every one has turned there back on me
    Forget what I did for them

    For all this is the time I need back
    Where is my luck
    I'm failing deeper in this holl
    I'm can't klim back up

    I'm done
    I can't take it no more

    For they would be better off
    Better of without me
    For I'm bringing them down

    Can't life like this no more

    I'm done

  • zellallove 16w

    Now and always

    My love is so strong
    But my heart can't take pain no more
    For I promised you I will love you
    For now and always

    But with time my heart started to break
    Now all I feel is pain.
    I still love you
    Don't warrie about that

    You just broke me so bad
    That my now and always
    Is just pain
    But still love you the same

    I can't let no one else in
    For my heart is yours
    Even though you broke me
    Now I can't go on
    The pain is just to real

    Now and always
    I will find a way to break away
    Now and always
    Is what I promised

  • zellallove 17w

    So long

    For so long I have tried
    For so long I gave my all
    For so long I was helping

    Now all I get is nothing
    Nothing in return for all I have done
    Nothing for what I gave you
    Nothing for what I did for them

    Thanks for just turning your back on me
    In time I need it the most
    For so long I was good enough for you
    Now I'm nothing
    Long time helping
    So long I cared about you

    So long time I did not need help
    Where are you know??
    Now of all this time
    Now when I need them the most.

    Everyone stands and say sorry
    Sorry can't help
    Have nothing to give

    Because of them
    I'm in trouble for helping them

    Now everyone just turns around and have forgotten about me
    About how I helped them
    For so long I have helped them

    Now I have nothing at all
    So long
    So gone
    I'm done helping all

  • zellallove 17w

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    Focus on the real life

  • zellallove 17w


    OK so I believe
    So I feel
    So I need
    Why do you judge me
    OK so I'm not perfect
    OK I'm not wealthy
    OK I don't wear the best fashion clothes
    Why do you care
    If you don't like what I have
    If you think your better then me
    Then give me the money and I will buy what you like me to or what you Will like to see me
    So stop talking behind my back
    And start giving me what I need so that I can fit in with you and all your friends
    OK so what if I don't have what you have.
    Well I know I'm better person then you
    Because I don't judge others for what they have or what they don't have
    I will rather help them then to destroy them
    So OK I know my heart is clear

  • zellallove 17w


    No words
    Just feeling
    Just the feeling of a broken heart
    For pain in me
    For pain I feel inside of me
    No one can see it
    But I can feel it
    Just because you can't feel it
    Does not me it's not there.
    Just because you can see it
    Does not mean it does not exist
    For pain is real
    Pain of the heart is more painful
    Then the pain of a cut