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  • zimba00 3w

    I miss those days , when

    Bags were heavy , not hearts
    Pencil were broken , not promises
    Tears were fake , not smiles.

  • zimba00 3w

    So beautiful day .
    It was achan and Amma's wedding anniversary.
    And I wished and literally I woke up early today was to just be with ammu getting updates on ammus cooking schedule she was cooking today.

    Then everything was happy and happening
    Even like Ammu and I played uno. Ammu send her ghee rice pics and all.

    Also Ammu wrote assignment and gave to me.
    We were happily being.

    Ammu said let's play a game.
    I said yes chalo. So I downloaded some this or that images and some questions and we were playing.

    One image of this or that same to same like how ammu ticked even I ticked.
    And next one Ammu left two blank
    I said Ammu you should tick all Ammu that's the rule. Coz even I was playing here together even I was ticking.
    All of a sudden I don't know what happen .

    Ammu was in anger.
    Randomly she send two images of ticked answers
    And it was like now are you happy I have sent it bye.
    .I really don't know why .
    She was telling sorry that I played or asked to play my bad that this.

    .I'm like was the rule I said was the reason or the questions there in the image.
    I really don't know what ;

    Before I could say ammu just a fun game why are you getting so into it.
    Ammu was telling my bad I asked you to play I'm not playing anything and all.
    I said tell what you want to tell I'll listen what else can I do. When she is not listening

    Ammu said good night.
    So even I said good night and a sorry. .
    Again Ammu said I got it thanks. And emoji
    I said that smile emoji I don't know what's written there .if there is something tell Ammu.

    Ammu all of a sudden I don't know from where
    This is what you wanted Alle go post it.
    I'm like what is ammu saying . What to post what did I want. I'm really not getting.

    I don't know.
    Was that question or what I said Ammu it's rule you need to fill everything or don't know what made it like this.
    I didn't go on giving mouth back. I just agreed to whatever Ammu said. If I ask questions why what when and all it'll just pull and go. So. .left that there itself. Simply why fighting and all. Even if it's a fight I'm ready to say sorry in the beginning itself. I don't wanna drag and go. If ammu says I don't wanna talk coz I have created all this. Even I'm ready for that to be silent.

    Simply be a headache and stand there it's not good Alle. Ada. What Ammu says I'll do it.

  • zimba00 4w

    Days back.
    I had a call on my phone. Which was at 6:00am in the morning
    I woke up on that day at 12:30pm .
    It was almost afternoon. I called back to the number abd wasn't answer.
    Yes it was Ammu.

    Later that day when we spoke by 4:00pm or so
    I asked Ammu what happened. She said nothing da
    Her voice trembled but hesitate. Call hang out.
    I sent a message and asked her what happen .
    She said nothing. Rang a call Ammu said yes I wasn't well from past four days.

    I could sense the care in me.
    I trembled I was in fear as I heard that. No matter what if your love is true once if that bonding is done.
    I swear on god you can't get out of it.
    I hadn't spoke to her 5 days back. Because ammu avoided me. So I myself was silent.
    When you hear that she wasn't well. How cold hearted or stone hearted guy I was . It starting melting.

    Yeah manh. The connections we make are true. I realised it again. But what to do I can't say anything to ammu know.

    Then past 2 days ammu taught me maths and everything.
    Also she is fine with her health issue.

    Yesterday it was so beautiful .
    Playing knock knock and noodles mande videos and all.

    Really beautiful.

    Let's see where it goes. The only thing is that I need to be strong enough the listen to anything that happens and I could listen to in my love life.

    God bless her.

  • zimba00 4w

    My eyes will remember
    How to love the world
    Under the changing skies
    When the light changes
    So does the view .

  • zimba00 5w

    It's fine da. It's also ok to not be ok.

    Like if ammu doesn't need me. It's not the end of everything .
    I'll still love , also she has given me many things to love her till the end.
    When no one not even ammu was there to wish luck , I just had a piece of wipe she used to tell everything that she could.
    Yes Da it's like , she has given me wonderful times the memories are the part of everything I could fall in love again and again .

  • zimba00 5w

    I'm still very proud to say
    Yes I love her.

    I can clearly say with everything each and every feelings I have.
    It is not infatuation but it's love .

    Today even tomorrow even ages to come .
    I'm proud to say I love her.

    Yeah it is my very own Ammu
    Whom I loved and whom I still do.

  • zimba00 5w

    Love sees clearly
    But infatuation is blind , when it gains sight it's dies.

    Ammu had said to me in the phone call
    " It just was infatuation on you akshi ".

    I still remember
    Because this was that statement that had hit hard on me.
    The caring nature , the willing to share everything etc
    Was that called infatuation Ammu. I could have questioned but couldn't.
    I had no words.

  • zimba00 5w

    Come on let me tell you all a joke.

    You know what
    When is that moment I feel that I have become old.

    It's when my blue underwear turns grey
    I feel I'm Using them from years da

  • zimba00 5w

    Can you force someone to love you ?
    Can you force someone to be your friend ?
    Can you force someone to text you ?
    Can you force someone to care for you ?
    Can you force someone to cry for you ?
    Can you force someone to smile for you ?
    Can you force someone to lie for you ?
    Can you force someone to trust you ?

  • zimba00 5w

    Never hide yourself from what you are
    Or change yourself for just being with others.
    Stay the way you are , if they like you they'll stay if they don't they'll fly away.

    Respecting what you are is the one gratitude you can show to yourself.
    Thoughts , words anything can change you.
    But situation and experience could tell you what's right and what's wrong.