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  • zoya_charmz 5d

    You're like a song
    where peace resides
    and happiness grows.

    You're like a song
    that decorates my life
    with higher and lower notes.

    You're like a song
    that I breathe every moment
    unknowingly quenching my thirsty soul.

    You're like a song
    that I sing boundlessly to let
    in an impeccable stimulus through
    my nerves to make my hollow heart full.

    You're like a song
    of thousand memories
    covered with a virtual touch of warmth.

    You're like a song
    that is played thousand miles
    away from me still making me
    comfortable with that lovely rhymes.

    You're like a song
    that never gonna erase
    from my mind coz without
    you it's impossible and hard.

    You're like a song
    that enriches my life and my
    life blooms like the Violet Lilacs
    rising luxuriously in the dooryard.

    I celebrate your presence everyday Maa.

    //Because you make life worth living
    A life that is beautiful, blissful and glorious//


    #melody #wod
    @fromwitchpen @the_frozenn_heart @inked_selenophile

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    14 Jan, 2021
    2nd Editor's choice ����

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    Mothers are precious
    so each and every mom deserves
    all the love, happiness and blessings.


  • zoya_charmz 5d

    14 Jan, 2021

  • zoya_charmz 1w


  • zoya_charmz 1w

    As the blue sky fades, our inner feelings
    change, still we hope to P A I N T it again
    with our collection of colors and brushes.

    We get ditched, feel pain, still hope to be
    L O V E D and search for the countless
    happiness to embrace us again.

    So many losses we face, still we keep trying
    more and more to R E P L E N I S H ourselves
    and treasure the golden key.

    Sometimes we feel we look so aged, still
    we try to B E A U T I F Y ourselves wearing
    that sea-shell necklace and earrings.

    We assume ourselves like hopeless beings,
    still we strive to D I S C O V E R the passion
    and handle it with effortless grace.

    But still...

    We call ourselves the failures for we are
    unaware of the N E C T A R growing inside
    us purifying all the filthy trance.


    #gracec #grace #genuinereaders
    @the_frozenn_heart @fromwitchpen @writersbay

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    11th January, 2021

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    We call ourselves the failures for we are
    unaware of the nectar growing inside
    us purifying all the filthy trance.


  • zoya_charmz 2w

    Butterflies would kiss me
    if you wouldn't there...


  • zoya_charmz 2w

    Add flavours to life and enjoy every drinks.

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    And at the end of the day, I console myself,
    it's okay to feel weak because life is
    meant to be bitter and tougher,
    so we just need to smoothen
    it and add on flavours
    to balance with the
    beautiful nature.

  • zoya_charmz 3w

    Thank you for all the love and your daily challenges. Wish you a very Happy New Year. Lots of love and hugs �� @writersbay

    Thanks for the like�� @writersnetwork

    31st December, 2020

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    And The Journey Continues

    With the passage of time,
    we just pile up our energy
    and bloom in a magnificent way.
    The colors of Universe influence
    us and we start painting our life
    like a miraculous Rainbowland.
    We adore and admire each other
    and the path of love fills with
    unbounded joy.
    The skies shower its blessings
    and the Stars join the Moon
    to sing an euphoric song.
    Our love and laughter brings
    melody and sheer beauty of
    every smiles.
    Even if sadness persist in some
    parts of life, our unending strives
    make us reach our own miles.
    We start to explore and enhance
    our every steps.
    We dare to dream, grow, and success
    designs a way to our doorsteps.
    Every metaphorical clouds holds a sign.
    Every year teaches us the scriptures
    and values of life.
    Let's promise to live and love with
    heart and mind.
    Holding everyone together we'll surely
    own a celebrated life with a zestful end.


  • zoya_charmz 3w

    She is like an abundance of charm
    The gleam in her eyes speaks
    And her soul spreads the
    fragrance of love. ��
    She is the beautiful
    soulmate of Moon
    known as Moonie��


    It has been only a few months and you became one
    of my soul-sister. Your presence, love and light fills this beautiful place like a beautiful home��
    I hope you would be a happy soul forever.
    May this coming year brings you love, happiness
    and prosperity. Study hard to achieve your goals.
    And yes keep writing, keep inspiring ����
    You're one of the most beautiful writer.
    You inspire me soo much. ��
    And yes I would be always by your side
    And would be your sister forever ��
    Happy Birthday to you My Moon-lover girl��
    May God bless you ����
    Loveee you Zynuuu��
    Yours Zoya di...

    @inked_selenophile @mooniememer

    P.s- The Moon-wish is inspired by you.
    I know Moon is your darling, so penned down
    for you but not as good as yours.
    So please bear it. ��

    31st Dec, 2020
    Thank you for the like.. ❤️ @writersnetwork

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  • zoya_charmz 3w

    @fromwitchpen break up hua he, esa mat soch tu ��

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    I let my innocent soul breathe the
    words you uttered ages ago.


  • zoya_charmz 3w

    Aware of this Worldly crisis
    I dipped my soul in the dense emotions.